Fiorentina friendly announced for August 6th at St James’ Park.

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Fiorentina crest
Fiorentina: A stiff test for the lads.
Newcastle United have announced a friendly match against Italian Serie A side, Fiorentina. The match will be played at St James’ Park on Saturday, 6th August with kick off at 3PM.

So far, Newcastle had previously announced two friendly games against Darlington at the Darlington Arena (15th July), and Leeds at Elland Road (31st July). Between these fixtures, the club will be on a three match tour of the United States where the Magpies will face Sporting Kansas City (July 20), Orlando City (July 23) and Columbus Crew (July 26).

The Fiorentina game is the first home friendly to be announced, and of course, the side from Florence should provide the stiffest test so far of the Magpies’ pre season fixtures, and should give us a good look at how the new signings fare against quality opposition. Last year, they finished ninth in Italy’s Serie A under Serbian manager, Siniša Mihajlović, and their squad features players such as World Cup winning Italian international, Alberto Gilardino.

The one and only previous meeting between the two sides was in the final of the 1972/3 Anglo Italian Cup in Florence, which Joe Harvey’s Magpie team won 2-1, with a goal from SkySport’s very own David Craig along with a home goal from Fiorentina keeper, Superchi. Here’s hoping for a repeat of that at our place 38 years on!

The club say that ticket details for the game will be announced shortly.

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53 Responses

  1. Was talking about still deciding on a number for Ben Arfa, that “If we show Barton the success then he may stay”. Also that someone will step up for being a leader and he has a few things in mind for who he may choose. He also said he wants the team to get better at possession and getting the ball back when we lose it: aka Barcelona.

    Nothing about Zog’s, Sturridge or Eding as of yet.

  2. No agreement on Erding yet he just said. Now he talking about huge fees not just transfer fees reguarding about spending that Carroll money. Aka bullshit.

  3. Phisix,
    thanx mate, keep it coming if that’s not taking the piss.

  4. Ooh a fan asking about if unknown players we have signed won’t be flops. Good question.

    Carr watched Cabaye 10 times and Pardwho 3 times. Said Pardwho has a lot of loyal staff at West ham who keep him informed about Ba and that he watched him, but he will need to be watched. Says Ba is also a “leader”

    Also, Carr has watched Marvaux has been watched for 2 years and supposed want’s to become a success.

  5. Hah, Pardwho just said he thinks there is no differance between the Premiership and the top French league, just the Prem has a faster tempo.

  6. No problem, I got nowt to do anyway. So far so good. Everything sounding good but that may be just because he has a silver tongue.

  7. Aye,
    but ya’ never knar!
    If we can get the 2 strikers in, we should be sweet.
    Has he mentioned anyone leaving yet?

  8. Say’s he is choosing between Harper and Krul for number 1 keeper. Also says he probably won’t have all 3 keepers at the club by the start of the new season. Sounds like a loan for one of them.

  9. No one yet, except he was talking about Enrique wanting champions league football as he reaches the end of his career, and he was 28. Thought he was 25? So from that it seems it is still 50-50 on Enrique.

    Also says Nolan did not want to stay unless he got a 5 year contract after a fan kicking off about losing him.

  10. Also believes our squad is stronger than last season already. Interesting. Especially when we add a striker and whatever else he has up his Wizards sleeve.

  11. Says the no 9 shirt may be given to someone different to Shearer and Caroll, but he will give it to someone.

  12. Aye,
    Jose’s 25, maybe he wants CL by 28?

    Aye, it’s obvious Nolan wanted more years than he was offered, that’s why he left so quick, he knew he wouldn’t get it & neither should he.

  13. Couldn’t get much different Shearer/you know who.
    There’s only one Shearer, ‘whatever’ about that other gadjie. We defo don’t need a lump up top.

  14. Wants us to challenge for the cups and top 10 and then push on the season after this one.

    Says last season we lacked creative flair and it worried him. Said we have more pace and creativity now but wants to add it as well as making the defence solid.

  15. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 4, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    “Aye, it’s obvious Nolan wanted more years than he was offered”

    How many years was he offered Clint?

  16. Sounds like Ba or the new striker may receive it. Also nothing on Jonas or Best leaving.

    That is the end of it now. Everything he has said has been to improving the team and how we play. So with a few new players and a good pre-season we should be hitting the top 10.

  17. Phisix,

    Thanx a lot mate, very kind of you to give us a blow by blow account.


  18. why doesn’t he do himself a massive favour,and keep his mouth shut?,the stupid f**k could be setting himself up for a massive fall.

  19. There was more to each segment, but as he kept waffling I keep zoning out a bit. You can catch the interview and questions via the BBC IPlayer I think later.

  20. No problems happy to keep you guys updated. Looking forward to the pre-season games now and the Arsenal game. I just hope the new players gel fast.

  21. We should defo have more creativity & pace next time round, first time for a while too.
    A no. 9 + whatever else will be good.

  22. Also while talking about the £35 million he said: “When you sign someone like Ba and Marveaux there are huge fees involved – we’ve spent more than fans realise”

    That does not sound good. Sound’s like he may be justifying not spending much of that money.

    I am also thinking that after his good talk about Ben Arfa, he may make Benny the new number 9 shirt.

  23. Aye,
    well there are fees/money spent when signing players, it’s not always seen when there’s no actual fee.
    HBA as No.9 could be interesting like.

  24. As we said earlier, 9 is just a number. How about given Krul or Harper the number 9 shirt, that should confuse the opposition. Perhaps do a lucky dip by the players for the other numbers. Putting silly names on the shirts as well. Pards could be “The Mouth” Ashleys could be………………?

  25. Top Ten ??? FFS thats what we did this season. Ambition is a fine thing shame Pardwho doesnt have any :(

    Fees involved include £2m for Ba’s “signing on” allegedly but not quite £35m so there’s still money available but no will to spend it ?

  26. Andy,
    so should the club gan aboot bragging how much they have to spend while watching the prices rise?
    Like FFS used to, like a divvy get?

    Or is it more astute to play ones cards close to ones chest, do some proper scouting?

    I know which approach i prefer.

  27. What a puppet.
    Mike just shoves his fist up partridges arse and pops the words into his mouth…..the spin that comes out of sports direct united is just cringe worthy.

    Partridge you grateful little prick….Man Up or Do one.

  28. Gut feeling…..Jose deffo off said that when the contract crap started,barton off,collo possibly,in some injury prone freebies,foreign kids,possibly a 1m signing from a championship side.

  29. Lads, I’ve just transcribed some of that Alan Pardew interview for ‘Total Sport’ today and put it up as a ‘blog. I’ll do the rest later…

  30. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 4, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    “Nice one worky.”

    Clint, Hell is listening to Alan Partridge over and over again! ;-)

  31. AndyMac says:
    July 4, 2011 at 9:13 pm
    Top Ten ??? FFS thats what we did this season. Ambition is a fine thing shame Pardwho doesnt have any

    What top 10 did we finish in this season? We were 12th in the final table. Consistent top half finishes are the next step, then moving up to try and challenge for the Europa League after that.

    Pardew is being rightly conservative and realistic. We’re highly unlikely to be qualifying for european football next season, so the target this season should be to establish ourselves as a top half club again. Lets not forget that this time last year, the club’s remit was purely to stay in the premiership. The next step is to improve on that of course, and that step is a top half finish, and to be there consistently.

    Which club could realistically expect better than a top half finish the season after promotion?

    What is it that people are expecting that a top half finish isn’t good enough? European qualification? I reckon thats a leap too far just now. Sure we’d all love to see it happen, but if that’s what some supporters expect, then there’s gonna be a few disappointed people in 10 months…