Can Pardew bring the ‘Entertainers’ back to St James’ Park? [Poll]

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Pardew: Can he bring the entertainment back to SJP?
Pardew: Can he bring the entertainment back to SJP?
Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has been speaking in a rare interview of his plans for the new season, saying that he wants to set up the team to be more “exciting”. The usually reticent supremo also added that new signings such as Demba Ba, Sylvain Marveaux and Yohan Cabaye will give his side a “renewed hunger for the forth-coming campaign”.

On bringing a little excitement back to Newcastle United’s style of play Pardew said:

“I am hoping to deliver a side that looks a little bit different, and our style will change a little bit too.

“I am hoping we have a really exciting season – and that is how the team will be set up, to be exciting.

“I can’t wait to start and be around the city and the club again.”

He then expressed delight on how well his new squad is taking shape and gushed about his five new players (including Ben Arfa and Gosling) adding:

“I am really pleased with the way the squad is taking shape. I’m excited.

“You could say we have got five new players who we didn’t have last year.

“We have obviously lost Kevin Nolan, but we have gained Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba, Sylvain Marveaux – and then there is Hatem Ben Arfa and Dan Gosling.

“Hatem could be the best signing if he stays fit all year, and we are looking forward to seeing what Dan can do as well.

“Cabaye is a ball-manoeuvrer, someone who can work the ball and make a pass that has an incisiveness to it,”

“He can unlock the door, and comes to us full of confidence on the back of winning the league and cup double with Lille.

“Ba is an out-and-out goalscorer, a winner, and will certainly give everything he’s got. I expect him to get between 15 and 25 goals this year.

“Marveaux has impressed and, because of his contract situation, he didn’t play a lot last season, but that means he comes to us fresh. We think there is a lot to come from him.”

It is somewhat bemusing why Pardew said that Marveaux missed most of last season though his “contract situation”. He missed the majority of last season through injuring his groin, then coming back and injuring it again, but I digress.

The main point of his piece though is to ask what YOU think.

Do you think that Alan Pardew can put back something of the dashing, exciting, ‘Cavalier’ style that we enjoyed in the ‘nineties back into the team?

Leave a comment and / or vote in our poll!


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53 Responses

  1. i think so but its goin to be different to old entertainer. i just hope we can keep that dominance that we had last season and then we can become a real force

  2. Great to see the entertainers again just hope it’s not the old Kevin Keegan tactic of long as we score more goals than them etc. The defence we have now, I can’t personally can’t see that happening but with the quality in midfield we have now and maybe just maybe 1 more good striker we are going to have a good season. Alley le toon!!!!

  3. I have just seen this years table, we are level on points with manu in 10th us in 11 th , if we dont play another game we are in a better position than last year ..only problem is its 0 points from 0 games , but we look good alphabetically !

    Re New signing , I think toon fans need to wear red and white hooped shirts, garlic string round ooor necks, black false moustaches , and berets, and instead of drinking broon doon the big market , glasses of vin rooge at the pig and whistle , Jean Pierre ! Mek all oor signings reet at yem !!

    Up the frogs legs …I mean Toon Army !!!

  4. I think pards can bring back the entertainment. I am just a bit worried about our defence and what happens if ba gets injured??

  5. Thought we already were?……if you like being entertained by clowns, puppets and a roly poly ring master that is!

  6. Alastair says:
    July 1, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Great to see the entertainers again just hope it’s not the old Kevin Keegan tactic of long as we score more goals than them etc….

    aye i’d rather sit through a re-run of the royal wedding than have to suffer that again.

    actually ali bongo – what you really need to realise is that you’ll probably never witness such brill footy played by the black & whites again – well not as long as that hole in your ring piece points doon to the floor anyway.

    worky with regards to your question about pardew – under normal circumstances i would say this club is far too big for him to manage – he just aint good enough! – & when you add – toot & ploot – into the equation then it will become impossible for the poor thing.

    i would have thought he’s gonna be taken a very nice & long holiday over the festive season funded by the – hush money – he’ll get paid.

  7. I’m amazed to see more yes votes in the poll, especially after reading so many negative comments about the management. I voted for not sure, although I live in hope. Lots of goals in games would be great so long as we score one more than them every time!!

  8. I don’t think we’ll see Keegan’s Entertainers and that style but I think we’ll definitely see nice, attacking, carpet football with a defensive line that can defend. Like Roy said: “more goals than you” is just not a good way to live.

  9. As long as Ashley continues to micro manage this club and hires people like Llambias and Pardew, then this club will never be anything but another mid league mediocrity.

    Houghton was smart, allowed the two alpha males,Joey and Nolan plus Smith and Harper, to install a players group, who were the main ingredient in the successful promotion and brilliant season, where players often spoke of a to-getherness within the side.
    Resulting in a team which punched above it’s weight.

    Well you can say goodbye to that, though i thought for a while we may end up with a decent side, with quite a few commings and goings, which turned out to be two free agents,an 18 year old and a guy for under £5m.

    Not exactly what was promised and the recent statement by our manager we can expect two more, a left sided player and cant remember what else, dont pay much attention to him anyway.
    Does that mean Taylor and someone else ?

    Unless that someone else is pretty expensive, still does’nt add up to £35m ?
    Or have i got it wrong ?

  10. chuck the way you talking the window already shut why not wait see what team we have sept 1st

  11. Chuck @ 12

    ‘……….then this club will never be anything but another mid league mediocrity……’

    You forgot to add ‘as it always has been’

    Last trophy was over 40 years ago says it all.

  12. saying all this stuff about the entertainers making a come back would start to drag on wouldn’t it?? that was then and this is now the team can make a new era of football and make it into there style.

  13. right now i would say that i don’t really care about how entertaining we play.i’d much rather have us play staid boring football,grinding out results that ensure our safety primarily and a top half of the table league position

  14. Lol hey lads stop being so negative… In fact we may not have won the most glorious trophy (Championship winners). . . But with that we still won more sillverware than ArseNIL;-)

    I honestly do see the need for many players especially not expensive ones… I would like to see a 10mil striker and a fairly cheap lb (Naylor) then im satisfied… Rather pay off some of our debt so that in about 3 seasons we can really kick on and hopefully challenge for Premier league champion spot!!!

    But right now, we are looking strong and we already have a much stronger team than we did last few seasons. . . We just need that Super Striker alongside Ba and we will be a big force this season!!!

  15. Whilst Marvelous was injured for the majority of last season I’m sure he was fit for selection towards the end if the season but his club wouldn’t play him cis he wouldn’t sign a contract…I’m fairly sure that player said it himself….

  16. No chance. The man is a fool a liar and a chancer. If he was capable of playing entertaining football, he wouldn’t have been on the dole when we got lumbered with him and he wouldn’t have a record of sackings longer than Santa. Can’t wait till we sack him too.

  17. Overall since Pards came in, I’ve been 7/10 in happiness. I hope these new signings will gel, play attacking footy, and take my happiness to 11/10.

    The one thing all signings seem to have, including Abeid, is a willingness to take players on – rather than Joey B long crosses that hang up in the air and require someone of AC’s stature to convert, I’m hoping we’ll be running to the touch line and whipping low balls in for a short HBA type to slot away with gusto.

    Howay The Lads!

  18. no chance of this club moving forward under ashley,the way he wants to do it,will not work in the long run.
    it is real roy of the rovers pipe dream crap,rightly or wrongly football is about big money these days.ashley’s bargain basement,buy one get one free mentality is doomed to fail.he cannot keep gambling on cut price signings,i think he might be about to reap some heavy dose of karma upon himself.the way he’s started this window,mirrors the relegation season,he has a good chance of kicking himself square in the hydraulics,if he’s not careful.

  19. alan pardew talking about entertainers,why do we even listen to this man any more?,he has zero credibility.
    the man opens his mouth,and lets the wind blow his tongue around.he is setting himself up for one almighty fall.

  20. With Xisco apparently wanted back at Deportivo, and Best and Ranger for sale: I’d say the entertainers defo need goal scorers, as:

    Ba – unlikely to complete full season
    Shola – ” ”
    Airey – don’t know too much about him, seem to remember he playing a couple of cup matches and not scoring…??
    McLoven – can’t make the Danish Int scene, and while u cant fault his endevaour, he looked like he was struggling a bit last season to perform at TOP LEVEL.

    I’d say we need 2x strikers: be happy with Shane Long or Bangura Boys, and one SUPER STRIKER like sturri…well, to keep a foot in reality i’ll not finish his name – maybe Erding?

  21. No, trying to sign a newer breed of exciting players with pace maybe but the sqaud probably won’t have enough depth to sustain it – remember the club have said that Barton, Best, Ranger,Smith, Routledge,Nolan, Perch, Jonas can go or have gone as well as Enrique – agree with most but unless we get bodies in our already small sqaud is smaller and can you see it coping with a full season and all the injuries and suspensions etc?? It potentially could end up like the end of last season – square pegs filling round holes with kids on the bench – haway the lads!

  22. Arka

    you dont like entertaining football, you would rather watch staid boring football grinding out results that ensure our safety, preferably in the top ten ?

    Do you not realise that fooball is a game that people watch to be entertained, not bored by, thats the most ridiculess statement i have seen yet, on these blogs.

  23. Thump says:
    July 2, 2011 at 2:06 am

    “I think we’ll definitely see nice, attacking, carpet football with a defensive line that can defend.”

    Thump, have you ever watched any of Pardew’s previous teams? :-)

  24. Partridge is a Muppet.
    He has a dream job that nobody in a million years would offer him and he will tow the line and keep his Boss happy.
    Masterstroke by Mike Ashley he ha surrounded himself with a bunch of spineless minions and it will end in tears.
    The constant lies,the constant drivel,selling off prize assets that are replaced with cheap foreigners,injury prone freebies etc is just wrong.

    It feels like I am supporting a finance group or an accountancy firm’s sunday 11….it will never be entertaining to watch or support these crooks ripping the very heart and soul out of NUFC.

  25. That crap that Steve Stone was on about yesterday……AC Money my Arse.
    Your a minion Steve a spineless minion.

  26. Can Partridge bring Championship Football back to St James’ Park? [Poll]

  27. sirjasontoon,it’s not over yet,i wouldn’t put it past ashley to be crap enough of an owner,to deliver league one football.i can just picture the fat b*****d in his element as the ldv vans trophy is lifted.

  28. though it cannot be all bad,with our heavyweight of football management alan parnocchio,who has already lifted the ldv vans’s definatley something to aspire to,the pinnacle of ashley’s tenure lol.

  29. Haha T69
    We are selling players that are leaders and bringing in players that I can’t see taking a game by the scruff of the neck.
    I want flair players but you need a spine of hard men that get stuck in mix it up a bit and shake up the dressing room when the chips are down.

    We will end up with a a team full of yes men as well as management and training staff.

  30. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 2, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    “alan parnocchio,who has already lifted the ldv vans trophy.”

    Aye Trojan, but we Newcastle United fans can’t really mock too much about minor trophies, not until we win a major one that isn’t broadcast in black and white or filmed on Pathe newsreels anyway!

  31. aye your right worky,at least it would be a trophy.
    i just think that knob head ashley and his little side kick owl heed,would be foaming at the gash,as this would be success for them.such is the mentality of these cretins.

  32. i wonder if pardew has tried to put the bite,on any of the players wives yet?,if he hasn’t yet,it wont be long,with his sheer charisma and animal magnetism,what wag could say no lol.

  33. The players called him Vanilla at West Ham…said if he was a cornet he would lick himself
    Heh heh.
    Bet he is a right sex pest down the casino with Ashley.

  34. sirjasontoon says:
    July 2, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    “The players called him Vanilla at West Ham…said if he was a cornet he would lick himself
    Heh heh.”

    You should hear what Charlton fans call him SJT, though it’s probably a little too rude for a man of your delicate sensibiilties. :-)

  35. Remember his Rapist comments on match of the Day?

    Alan Pardew, the former Charlton Athletic manager, had been invited as a commentator on the BBC football programme Match of the Day 2 on Sunday night when the incident happened.
    Pardew, 47, stated that Chelsea. midfielder Michael Essien “absolutely rapes” Manchester City player Ched Evans during a midfield tussle.
    “He’s timed it perfectly” he said.
    “He’s a strong boy, he absolutely rapes him” he adds.


  36. sirjasontoon says:
    July 2, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Come on Worky give us a clue”

    I’ll try and dig out some comments on fan sites for you some time Jason. I did speak to one Charlton fan down here about him, though there aren’t many in my part of London. Even though it’s quite some time since he was sacked from there, I thought he was gannin’ to have a fit at one stage! If Charlton’s aim was to go from the Premiership to League One, he really did a great job there.

  37. Was a while ago…I had totally forgotten about it….funny footage though.

  38. Thump, I divven’t mind, just publish it when you like. I looked at it and thought it might take you a while to finish it anyway.

    Go ahead when it’s ready, and nice one! You’re being a brick while Hugh’s away.

  39. its funny that you lads talk about pardew loving him self…about 5 years ago i was on a tube in london and pardew got on and i thought ill get his autograph for the bairn and i kid you not, he was the biggest arsehole ever and i wanted to punch him square in the kisser parting shot was “alan cheers for being a fuking prick”…

  40. for me entertaining football is winning football so no I doubt Pardew can bring this