Nile up the swanny?

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Nile Ranger no longer required at Newcastle United.
Shown the exit?
It seems that Nile Ranger is surplus to requirements at Newcastle United.

According to a fistful of press reports, Nile Ranger is being shown the exit at St James’ Park as he does not figure in Alan Pardew’s future plans.

To be honest, he never really got properly started at Newcastle. He was used mainly as a substitute striker and goals seemed to elude him.

His tally of 3 goals in 58 games doesn’t really tell the whole story because for a lot of those he won’t have been on the pitch for 90 minutes (and was probably only on as a late sub for most) but it’s still not a particularly good set of stats for a striker.

Ranger showed some promise and seemed to be able to hold the ball up well, but he scored very few goals.

The 21 year-old was often criticised for poor time-keeping and not being disciplined enough and of course he recently attracted some bad press by posing with a (allegedly fake) gun at a party, after which a photograph of the pose – taken by one of his so-called friends – found its way into the public domain.

There is, however, no suggestion that any of these off-the-pitch incidences are responsible for him leaving. The Sunday Sun simply states that he’s been told he can leave the club this summer, although there is no official confirmation of this from the club yet.

Ranger had signed a new 5-year contract last season but it’s now thought he’ll be available for around the £1m mark with Bolton and QPR allegedly interested in the player.

It’s disappointing from the point of view that Ranger has been hailed as an ‘upcoming gem’ and ‘future number 9’ in the past – and recently Alan Pardew said he had “huge potential” – but it seems that won’t be the case now. At least not for Newcastle United.

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47 Responses

  1. Well if true it moves Airey closer to the first team , i can’t say i am that bothered if it is true and he does leave .

  2. something serious must have happened because to toast the guy completely could cost Newcastle dearly in the future…
    There again, as a club we can only tolerate so much…

    Pity really…

  3. Of course, its mainly the Sunday Sun so its most likely rubbish. Notice there are no quotes or anything to substansiate thier story at all!

  4. Well cannot say the lad hasn’t been given chances and he also needs to grow up all this Gangster 1st crap

  5. hes a complete gonk forever in town and taking the p*ss of everyone who lives in the toon good riddence

  6. Nile is not in the first team plans next year so Alan pardew is loaning him out to get the games

  7. jesus christ pardew we have 35 million to spend and we are getting rid of players , we have bought a midfield player thats it no strikers whitch we really do need 2 30 years old rejects are no good at newcastle and we have to reply on our youth players. we just let danny graham go we could of got him for 4 million good move id say but no you dont spend any money and you said and i quote ” this transfer window is going to be a big one”

  8. Thats what we do, we bring players on then when there good enough we sell them on to our rivals.MONEY,MONEY, Casinos need funding.

  9. danny jesus christ give it a chance….we will no on strikers this week…so if it is the same this time next week..then have a go…but if these strikers turn us down..dont bleme the club or pardew..

  10. everyone seems to be moaning that we havent signed anyone yet. WTF! the season has just ended all players are on holiday as well as people at the club. the bloody transfer window isnt even open yet. calm ya passions. how many clubs have signed anyone yet? none thats how many! show some faith in AP and judge him on what he has/hasnt done on august 31st not 2 weeks after the season has ended

  11. @9.. if the strikers turn us down dont go and blame pardew etc…??? you kidding right? of course we will blame them man. they have had sh1t loads of money in bank since january ffs and all our deals could and should have been in place long before now. They could be going for players they know they wont get for all we know (an old ashley fav trick), just so they can say, hey lads.. at least we tried. Like they did with zogs at 1 minute to midnight on last day of jan window after selling AC to liverpool. They knew they would not get him, thats why they tried. Hey.. they can go and offer 75 million quid for Messi now and 75 million for Ronaldo too. Not get them and then wait til the window is closed and say hey lads… we did try to bring in messi and ronaldo.. its not our fault we have no others brought in… oh well, i guess we will just have to bank that 50 million we should have spent on players. Look on the bright side though.. we have shipped out loads so our wage bill is even smaller so we can spunk even more awaY in casinos.

  12. APT@10……you got it in one mate, this is the Anti Pardew/Ashley brigade….there are blokes on here who ONLY WINGE….

    Who the flock HAS signed anybody FFS….?…

  13. Billy the Fish@12…if that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before someone lamps him one…

  14. craig chisholm says:
    “ like toonsys site?? why?”

    Because its full of dicks who cannot think for themselves so they follow the company line :)

    PS There is no truth in the rumour that Toonsy is on Fatmans’s payroll :)

  15. Munich mag says
    “There again as a club, we can only tolerate so much”!
    Ermmm, tolerate what ? and who the f**k appointed you spokesman for the rest of us?
    Perhaps you should F**k off back to Toonsy`s blog, as you and he apparently have more in common.
    Apparently some of our players get to throw glasses in peoples faces and get away with it, others pose for photo`s (Ireland & Ranger) and the roof comes in, double standards ?

  16. AndyMac….congratulations on joining up so many long words mate… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;-) ;-) ;-)

  17. Chuck….what on earth or you babbling on about…?

    If you are going to “quote” from my posts, please use the complete post, not just parts of it, otherwise sensible blokes posting on here will come to the complete wrong conclusion about my toon stance…when it is in fact down to you misquoting me.

  18. @munich mag.. .why not… thats simple mate… toonsys site is not a blog is it? its a kinda of stepford wives blog. in other words as long as you go on, say nice things about ashley and always agree with toonsy you will be ok. Thats not my idea of a blog at all. if you daont like ashley, fair enough, if you do.. thats also fair enough. Point is, in order for the blog to be a bog you have to allow everyone freedom of speach even if it dont agree with your own. i went on toonsys blog yesterday or day before and my comments were deleted by him just cos it did not conform to his way of thinking. so in conclusion.. the guy is a pr1ck.

  19. Munich Mag says:

    “AndyMac….congratulations on joining up so many long words mate”

    They’re not really long words now are they MM but maybe they are for you ? :)

  20. However the point of this thread was to discuss the Ranger meister and I cannot help but feel other so called forwards could have gone before him but then again Besty was “on fire” with 6 goals from 12 appearances and Lovey bagged 7 so they obviously should start next season :)

  21. Craig Chisholm…you’re entitled to your opinion mate, no problem. If a blog moderator deletes or edits well meaning or non-offensive posts, then that’s a pity.

    To respond to your original question as to why I like Toonsy’s blog…basically because I can react with like minded toon fans, not AntiPardew bashers who just troll out the same old boring stuff.

    P.S. Why did you post on toonsy’s blog yesterday mate, did you have a “Stepford Wives” moment ? :lol: :lol: :lol: ;-) ;-)

  22. Dont rate no danger ranger at all so shall not be shedding a tear if he goes. This though is speculation, with no confirmation from the club…abit like abeid, cabaye, gervinho, gameiro all rumour so far, the only real news is barton not being offered a contract. Its early days, i would imagine by this time next week there will be something real to comment/be happy or pissed off about :-)

  23. Craig Chisolm says… long as you go on and say nice things about Ashley and always agree with Toonsy you will be ok!
    Hey Craig you and i dont always agree, but gotta say pal you hit the nail on the head there and Stepford Wives Chat room is hilarious !

  24. Chucky….is this all getting too tricky for you mate…? Did you not see my question to you at 22 kindly asking you to post my complete response, and not to misquote me and come to your own incorrect conclusions ?

  25. Back to serious shit here !
    I recently posted a statement about what i see taking place at the club, as we speak.
    I stated that there appears to be a cull taking place, of what may be considered overly compensated players,along with those who don`t appear to be playing to expectations.

    A new direction so to speak, of now when following a season of EPL profit, plus the AC money and possibly even more dosh brought in from the sale of the likes of Joey
    (no contract offered) Nolan(contract neg. cancelled) Enrique (Izaguirre targeted)
    Rumors of both Jonas and Enrique heading to Pool, apparently theres a new center forward there that need people to hoof the ball up to him and no better men!

    Then there was the rumor of Hangeland possibly coming, could that mean Colocinni may also be on his way, hey it`s a last opportunity to make a few bob of these guys
    and we are all aware of Ashleys retailing instincts.

    Could it be instead of buying youthful players, for the future, none who have really worked out other than N`Zogbia.
    It has now become buy quality at a fairly young age, say mid twenties and under, then sell as they become stars a few years down the road ?
    Again Ashleys retailing moxie.

    We, UNFC have started the transfer process very early, having a lot to accomplish and following the number of midfielders we appear to be chasing, can only mean a real overhaul.
    Well you heard it from me first, lets see how it works out ?

    The dosh brought in plus getting rid of

  26. Munich Mag
    You still here, thought you were heading for the Stepford Wives chat room ?

  27. MM.. i saw his title of that blog on newsnow and thought it was decent one to join in, so i did, posted two comments that were totally footy related, not slgging ashely down (for once) but did not agree with toonsy take so lo and behold… posts deleted. this one does get a bit anti ashely but there are as many pros probalby. i would say htats a fair representation though of how divided the fat knacker has us all. There is only one reason to say nice one ashley- that would be based on off field finances. I prefer to look at us from a footballing stand point as i am a fan not an accountant and i think he has dragged us to hell and back and ripped the footballing heart out of nufc.
    Only my view though fella of course.. i dare say toonsy would say otherwsie!! ha ha

  28. Thanks for reverting to stereotype Chucky. When you cannot clearly communicate your point you “deftly” revert to sarcasm.

  29. Oh by the way Hugh, why not just post the photo with the gun, as it could`nt be any worse than the one you did use.
    And it`s an article that shows your bias to-wards the kid, though couched in terms that appear reasonable.
    Could you not have said, the player was given various opportunities to prove himself, but failed to score and for a striker thats just not good enough.
    Poor timekeeping and a photo with a toy is sticking it too him.
    You guys in the UK are just so insensitive to racial issues it`s very parochial and you should wise up!

  30. cc@55…

    I agree with your sentiments entirely regarding what Ashley has done to the club mate. He made some bad mistakes which got the fans on his back, and rightly so.

    As you say, one of the only plusses that Ashley has delivered is on the financial side, and even that is open to be debate..the whole club was rocking somewhat before Ashley took over, and without Alan Shearers goals to paper over the cracks we would have been left even more bare…

    My angle is that we seem to be making moves into the transfer market, and the club is going through a transformation. We’ll have a better idea where the club will be by the time the start of the season comes round. If we are in a bad way then, and we haven’t signed players to strenghten the squad, then I’ll be the first to criticise the owner and management team…I won’t be alone there !

  31. Munich Mag.
    Who was it Oscar Wilde i believe, who stated (and he should know being a master of the art)
    That, “sarcasm is the highest form of wit”
    In which case i shall take your statement as a compliment !

  32. Chucky…you’re really good at this stuff aren’t you mate. I think the quote you’re looking for is “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”…

    I can understand it if Oscar Wilde is one of your roll models bud….Amstel time !!!

  33. chuck @ 36, I’m actually fairly neutral about Ranger. Frankly I couldn’t care less if he stays or goes, although I think it’s a shame he hasn’t lived up to the potential he was alleged to have.

  34. Don’t believe this for a second. He needs to be shipped out on loan for 6 months and then another club for the final 6 months (doesn’t give him a chance to settle down so he has no choice but to focus on his football).

    I reckon the lad has a lot of potential but he needs to sort his head out.

  35. Chuck posted stuff @ 31

    I go along with a lot of your theorising Chuck but should also add that the Fatman undoubtedly wants rid of troublemakers such as JB and KN (hence the no renewals) just as he disbanded the boys from Level 7.

    On the one hand it makes sense to root out the opposition and make sure they dont spread their “propaganda” about the place but on the other he runs a risk of players choosing to leave when the dressing room atmosphere turns sour and disaffected fans choosing to boycott or join the alternative club, AFC Newcastle ?

    No doubt he has done the maths and knows that an overwhelming majority will stick their hands in their pockets come next season while playing at the three monkeys.

  36. frankly i’m disappointed in ranger,if he’s supposed to be a gangster,why can’t he do us all a favour,and shoot alan pardew?.

  37. Andy mack
    Hey ! it`s been my premis concerning the two scoucers,
    They may wield a bit too much influence and don`t show the right amount of deference to-wards Ashley and i certainly believe some amount of it is personal.
    However it`s part of the “New Plan”
    which is Ashleys “Old Plan” buy cheap and sell high, the retailers mantra !

  38. It should be “up the Suwannee” Hugh, the Suwannee being a river which flows through the southern states of the United States.

    ps ‘bog standard’ should also be ‘box standard’ and ‘Dog’s bollocks’ should also be ‘box deluxe’, which came originally from the standard and deluxe grades of ‘Meccano’.

  39. ‘Up the swanny’ is okay. It has been accepted as an idiom of ‘up the Suwannee’ these days, although it did make my attempted wordplay with the Nile less obvious.

  40. I hope it’s not true. Although he scored few goals this term he did often look dangerous and his pace late on gave defenses seizures. A loan move to the Championship or League 1 would have done the lad a world of good. Nile is only 20, it would be a bit unfair to wash our hands of him so soon. The mischief he’s gotten into has paled in comparison to the antics of Barton and Carroll (yes, proven performers). Loan him out, let him mature, move Airey up the pecking order and see how they both progress.
    Right now it seems we are potentially losing players faster than we are acquiring replacements. Yes if we sign a striker or 2 everybody we have hypothetically drops down the pecking order. But that assumes who we sign is better than who we have. I’m not altogether convinced.

  41. Duh ! yeah we got the rivers pun Hugh.
    but the Suwannee being in Dixie, south of the Mason -Dickson line that is, could to certain sensitive folks be associated with the old term “sold down the river”, which was a euphemism for slaves being sold.
    Of course i would`nt say that was your intent by any means, but hey !