2011/2012 fixtures out – Toon up against Arsenal first

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2011/2012 Premier League fixtures out.
2011/2012 fixtures out
The Premier League fixture list for the 2011/2012 season is out and Newcastle United find themselves at home to Arsenal for the first game.

It’s only June but the announcement of the fixture list somehow seems to bring the new football season a little closer.

Due to some ludicrous copyright law that was set in place by some dinosaur in 1956, you can’t reproduce a ‘substantial part’ of the fixture list without paying DataCo a few hundred pounds and a ‘substantial part’ is considered to be more that one match. And, yes, DataCo have gone after fan sites in maintaining their copyright.

We can, however, link to people who’ve paid for the fixture list, so:

Newcastle’s full fixture list can be seen on the BBC here

The full Premier League fixture list can be seen on the BBC here.

Our second game’s an interesting one too!

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6 Responses

  1. Yeah, second game – great.

    Not sure if I can mention anything in case it forms a ‘list’.

    I hate away games on the last day though…

  2. Our 1st game will be moved for TV, the only other intersting games are Liverpool vs Dorty Makems and Spuds v Everton. Sunderland away will be a 12pm kick off, police advice, etc…

  3. Arsenal usually start really well most seasons, did they not bear everton 6-0 away at the start one year? Good start for us in a way. If we can get a good result and performance it will give us belief for the new season. Remember when we blew away villa, it showed us anything was possible!

    Get stuck into em again!

  4. The last prem season before Relegation was manure I think worky, so manure, west brom, manure, arsenal

  5. Aye Davey, it was.

    I think I’m more worried about how many of our starting xi will be here come the seasons start, or more importantly how many we’ll have brought in.