Who is your Newcastle United player of the season? Vote!

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Who is your Newcastle United player of the season?
Who is your Newcastle United player of the season?
Well it’s that time of the year again, with only two games to go until the end of the Premiership season.

We will neither be relegated nor qualify for Europen competition, and look set to be comfortable somewhere in the middle in what has proved to be one of the most competitive seasons in Premier League history.

Anyway, now is the time when we at NUFC Blog.org ask you to vote for your Newcastle United ‘Player of the Year’. As in last year’s poll, only players who have made more than 10 appearences (inc substitute appearences) in all competitions have been included. This means that players such as Sol Campbell and Hatem Ben Arfa will miss out, but Nile Ranger, who only started four games but appered as a substitute in no less than 23 so far will be included. That’s the rules though, and we must draw a line in the sand somewhere!

There are 19 players who are eligible, which is one more than last year’s poll, which was eventually won by Jose Enrique with 28% of 1856 votes.

The players are:


Steve Harper
Tim Krul


Fabricio Coloccini
Jose Enrique
Mike Williamson
Danny Simpson
James Perch
Steven Taylor


Kevin Nolan
Joey Barton
Jonas Gutierrez
Cheick Tiote
Wayne Routledge
Alan Smith


Andy Carroll (now departed)
Peter Lovenkrands
Shola Ameobi
Nile Ranger
Leon Best.

I will not pass comment on any of the players, as I’m sure that you’ve all seen more than enough to make up your own minds!

Please vote in our poll below, and leave your thoughts in the comments on who you think has been our best player this season, and why.


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64 Responses

  1. cheick tiote player of the season for newcastle and signing of the season in the premier league! barton collocini enrique and nolan have all had very good seasons at nufc aswell just hope we can hang onto them

  2. I reckon without our two Scoucers we are a team without leadership, I voted for Joey reluctantly as i believe Nolan deserves an equal share.
    There`s something lacking in the side with either one missing, like a Man U. without Keane or a Leeds without Billy Bremner., someone who demands more from the side through example.
    Joey has more pace and possibly overall ability, but Nolan makes better use of his skills, what is it over ten goals, hey !
    Be happy to see both sign new contracts.

  3. chuck says:
    May 10, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    “Nolan makes better use of his skills, what is it over ten goals, hey !”

    Top goalscorer so far with 12, Chuck.

    Curiously, I don’t see many votes so far for our second highest goalscorer, Andy Carroll, and he scored all of his before February.

    I wonder why that could be?

  4. I voted for Perch for the lol’s, but it seems at lot of people had the same idea. Anyway, I can’t choose between Barton and Tiote, but I would go to Tiote just for that goal.

  5. I’m sorry but I fail to see the logic so far of Joey B being voted man of the season.
    9 yellow cards and 5 goals aint great really. Plus the thug antics against pooferson. It really doesn’t say much for the remainder of the squad does it.
    Same goes for Tiote, 1 (super)goal and 14 yellows is piss poor quality for man of season.
    Looks like Perch has to get it , just for the comedy factor :lol:

  6. I had too think long and hard on this one between coloccini and Barton , i have gone for coloccini

  7. Eh! think it`s time to put the AC thing behind us.
    Sure most of us were pi**ed off but so were the Man. U.
    fans and the Barca. fans when Real Madrid poached there best players, all part of the game.
    Actually i thought it was an offer that could`nt be refused, i believe a lot of Newcastle fans had a similar opinion, thirty five big ones, i was stunned !
    In fact everyone got what they wanted, Pool, NUFC, Carroll, everyone but those who still believe players have loyalty to clubs, as opposed to making big $$$$`s. bills.

  8. Well done to all the morons who chose James Perch.

    You’d probably choose Andy Carroll to be ur best man at ur marriage.

    He’d tell you he’d always be ur best mate and how much he loved and respected you but the next day he’d be off sha**ing ur scouse missus.

  9. Forgive me, I mistakenly thought it was a serious poll, I.ll go for Alan Smith, he hasn’t put an ankle wrong.

  10. Fran the man
    Must have been sore on the rear end and kinda hard to see sitting on a terrace step.

  11. i voted for barton. he’s probably won us more games than anyone else with his assists, 8 of them was for carrol. at the start of the season i through he had a great partnership with tiote in CM, they were fit to boss midfield and control the games. and he’s done a good enough job at RW but i think he’s more effective in CM and more effective than nolan there. nolan done alright to but its barton for me

  12. “In fact everyone got what they wanted, Pool, NUFC, Carroll”

    Not sure we got what we wanted nor what Carroll did either ?

    One thing’s for sure the Fatman got what he wanted while he managed to hoodwink so many fans into believing it was all Carroll’s fault :) But those that know football also know the Fatman is a congenital liar (quoting Worky).

    Phuck the Fatman and phuck his halfwit management team !!!!

  13. @ comment 8 beardsleys boots

    how can you say tiote is piss poor quality for man of the season?????

    what the hell do you want????

    yes the yellow cards are an issue of his game he needs to clear up but for 3.5 million he has ran the show playing mainly on his own in centre mid with nolan pushing forward constatly he mops up with ease like a poor mans essien allowing time and space in the middle of the park for others to create in what at times is a very average team! what did you expect this season?

    look on the positves man or you will never be happy with the toon!

  14. I think Tiote has been mint this season he wins all the tackles, i dont care when he fouls them players they shouldnt get in his way. However saying that no-one can deny that james perchaldinio doesnt deserve the award. This is why hughton rightfully got the sack for dropping him!

  15. MTM says:
    May 10, 2011 at 8:34 pm (Edit)

    you’re all so thick you haven’t noticed the invasion from RTG and the sarcastic comments


    Noticed but ignored.

    We’re used to mackems (understandably) taking more of an interest in our club than theirs by now.

  16. Dug – never said I was unhappy with Tiote, but just with those stats he is NOT worthy of player of the season. How many games has he missed thru suspension?

    Its difficult, to choose as tbh they are all mediocre really. But I think for all round season long performance it should be Collo.

  17. I`m beginning to think perhaps Tiote may be tapped up, as he is certainly improving by the the game and it has`nt gone unnoticed.
    Yeah i know he has accumulated a bunch of cards (13 or so) but he is a quick study, having learned quickly what his role is (win balls and start the counter attack)
    He sure covers a lot of ground and puts the body on people.
    But what has impressed me is he now looks for the pass that could open the defense, not just getting rid of the ball as he did, when he first arrived.
    Hey i watched Essien against Man. U. what happened to him ? guys a shadow of his former self.
    So what we have here is a guy who could be better than Essien, once he learns you dont have to put your opponent in the stands every tackle.

  18. chuck says:
    May 10, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    “Hey i watched Essien against Man. U. what happened to him ? guys a shadow of his former self.”

    Most of the Chelsea team just had an awful first half in that one Chuck.

  19. GeordieDan says:
    May 10, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    “Well done to all the morons who chose James Perch.”

    They were Mackems, Dan. There’s no need to insult morons like that!

  20. Maybe the mackems wish that Perch was was one of their players , after all they are used to watching crap .

  21. Worky>

    Aye, it’s a shame the scum don’t have a decent team to discuss on their own blogs and have to resort to slithering round our sites talkin’ bollox eh.

  22. Can you please stop spamming this vote Dan? All becuase you dont seem to like Perch doesn’t mean many of us ”millions” of us Toon fans don’t. TOON TOON.

  23. Wow Francis,your comment crawled back under the rock with the rest of you. :)

  24. lualua says:
    May 10, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    “Are people having a laugh James Perch!!! lol lol lol lol”

    Just the usual infantile crap you get from the slums of Wearside, lualua.

  25. Perch is the salt of the earth. I hope he breaks into the team next season, perhaps in a more advanced role.

  26. how can perch be best he’s crap
    Definately Enrique I’m not usually big headed bout newcastle players but he’s possibly been best lb in the prem this season dint knowany better than him, hence why he’s leaving

  27. @Phollhousego Ashley Cole, Evra, Baines and Perch are all better than him fella.

  28. Infanticide for the infantile.

    Perch is still better than most of the mackems team(?).


  29. Has to be Nolan ,

    When was the last time we had a midfielder who has been CONSISTENT , AND he has scored 12 goals , I’m sorry but Barton is not nearly as creative I beleive as Wor Kevin NOLAN,
    Perch is good but is this voting rigged? are his family voting ?? No sorry perchy but should be NOLAN !!

  30. collicini must be in with a shout,the lads never injured,and rarely lets anyone down.
    tiote is also up there,but blotted his copy book with some needless bookings.

  31. Tiote hands down. U can’t really blame him for all the yellow cards, he runs so hard over the 90 minutes covers every blade of grass of course he is going to be inaccurate with a couple of his challenges. If the rest of the team showed the same work ethic and ran just as hard as tiote then not only would he have halved that yellow card total but we would but we would be up there with the cream of this league.


    We should have have had one of these voting systems where you have to input a random name that the computer generates to stop spamming.

    I can’t see any Mackem getting past that cos it involes typing a legit word out.

    Most mackems can only point and click while they have the mouse in their mouth… dribbling…

  33. teabs,i’m not critizing tiote,in any way,just pointing out the fact of the cards,is the only negative thing that some may have against him,to stop them giving him a vote.me personally i like players going into tackles,and not this ballet dancing crap,we get these days.

  34. Tiote, Nolan, Barton and Colo, in that order for me.

    I’ll probably get slated for this, but I think Perch would be a damn good right back if he could just iron the silly mistakes out of his game. He’s comparable to Steven Taylor. Same thing. Good defender, stupid mistakes. At least Taylor puts the ball in the other team’s net from time to time, I suppose.

  35. Agree with your comment Trojan @43 but he’s got to get his timing spot on thats all.

  36. Why on earth are people even mentioning Enrique in this pole? He has been woeful since Christmas. Rather than have his head elsewhere (Man U, l/pool) he should rememebr we put up with him being absolute b0ll0x for 18 months! Whilst still paying him 60k a week!

    Toss up between Colo and Barton for PoS. Maybe Nolan should get a shout for the goals (H & A) against the filth

  37. ReadyToGo mackem site are all being directed here to vote. Whatever keeps the retards happy!!!

  38. I am an Italian N.U.F.C support, I have been ever since Kevin Keegan work with Sky TV to create football in 1992.

    Living in Italy make very difficult to watch Newcastle play so my views on this subject are limited. One game I remember watching was our famous 6 – 0 destroy of Aston Villa. In that game James Perch was magnifico and it made me notice of him as a player. He has all the skills to be a Newcastle legend and for this reason he get my vote.

    I have been delighted with this season performance, first time back where we belong its been a good year, but I’m worried next season our best players will leave us like Andy Carroll did…

    Krul – Arsenal
    Collocini – AC Milan
    Enrique – Liverpool
    Perch – Barcelona
    Nolan – Everton
    Barton – Tottenham
    Tiote – Inter Milan
    Ameobi – Valencia

    Without these player we will never challenge for the league title. It was disappointing to see our closest rivals win another league title yet again last weekend when they beat Chelsea – it it incredible to think that they have won 18 league title since football invented in 1992.


    Frederico Tiale Mendredo

  39. for all the mackem lads and lasses coming on here,i would like to vote your first eleven as newcastle’s best players this season.
    if it wasn’t for your players generosity,in the derby games,well you would think you lot were playing for us,so thanks very much for the 4 points.

  40. ya sister is ya mother, ya father is ya brother , you all f–k each other the mackem family, da da dada.

  41. LittleThingEtc says:
    May 11, 2011 at 11:05 am


    We should have have had one of these voting systems where you have to input a random name that the computer generates to stop spamming.

    I can’t see any Mackem getting past that cos it involes typing a legit word out.

    Most mackems can only point and click while they have the mouse in their mouth… dribbling…”

    Doh! I should have thought of that LittleThingEtc!

  42. Thump says:
    May 12, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    “The sad thing is, they organised 1000+ fans to come and do this.

    Not sure how I feel about that.”

    Thump, There’s nothing better to do in that dump, that’s why all their footballers are always in Newcastle.

    In future, if you see any more comments from Mackem tramps, just unapprove them immediately.

  43. i am a sunlun supporta av supportid dem 4 evr lol n i post on ready to go sunlun forum n evry1 is cryin on it lmao i jst wnna say SAD MACKEMs n im relly a jawdee haha cheer up stevie bruce :)

  44. @alfonso
    In this season especially the start if the season he’s had a blinder and done us wonders you could be right with the likes of Ashley cole but he’s lost a lot of his magic these data but to say perch is as good as him means you are a nutter

  45. It would of Cheick Tiote but 14 yellows and a red is to much then there is Jose Enrique who played excellent for most of the season but he seems to have his head else where ??? then theres Fabricio Coloccini who was my joint close second with kevin nolon MY NUMBER ONE IS JOEY BARTON NOT JUST FOR HIS FOOTABALL SKILLS AND LEADERERSHIP BUT HE HAS COMPLETELY TURNED HIS LIFE AROUND ON AND OFF THE PITCH I STILL REMEMBER THE WOLVES GAMES EARLY IN THE SEASON WHEN HE GOT BATTERED AND NEVER REACTED AWESOME?? You have to think how good he would be had he not wasted years of his life drinking and fighting