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Cheik Tiote, Newcastle United, gets a record 14 cards in a season.
Must avoid another card this season
Newcastle United midfielder Cheik Tiote goes into the record books, although it only gives Alan Pardew a headache.

It seems that Cheik Tiote’s yellow card for tripping Matt Derbyshire on Saturday has gained him a Premier League record. He joins Robbie Savage and Mark Hughes on 14 bookings for the season, which is apparently the record.

Were the McWhirter brothers still alive they’d no doubt be handing him some sort of trophy and John Noakes would pin a Blue Peter badge on him whilst slipping in elephant poo and shouting “get down Shep”.

As records go though, it’s probably one he could do without, particularly as it means another booking before the end of the season would mean he’d miss the first three games of next season.

This has all got Alan Pardew reaching for the aspirin because he now doesn’t know whether or not to risk the player against Chelsea next weekend:

I will have to consider it. He would miss three games at the beginning of next season and he is very important to the team,” said Pardew.

I have to look at Manchester United and Chelsea and our result at Chelsea could be critical. I have to do what is right for football and play my best team so I have a really tough call.

I have a commitment, not just to this club, to field my strongest team so it will be an emotional pull for me and the club. We will have to sit down and talk it through.

Pardew insists that Tiote is no Robbie Savage but nevertheless plans to try and reduce the number of bookings Tiote gets:

Robbie Savage retired today and is ironic Tiote has equalled his record but I don’t think he is like Robbie Savage. His tackling is usually well-timed but he is aggressive and he just needs to tone that down a little bit.

I thought he was so controlled today and the booking he got was so unlucky, really unlucky. But some of the other ones are things he has to concentrate on and I will look at all the bookings through the summer with him, all 14, and make him understand that four or five of those definitely shouldn’t be happening.

On the weekend Tiote was reflecting upon this season and figured it has gone fairly well, which is true, although he could probably do without so many yellow cards next season.

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16 Responses

  1. He will break the record at Chelsea and miss WBA and two games next year. Always a silly yellow, never a reckless tackle

  2. some of his yellow cards have been avoidable and sometimes i feel the refrees feel that the other ref has booked so i will do that too. they look for opprtunities to book him

  3. It’s part of his game. I don’t see any violent from his tackle but it’s the thing he pay for the team. We nee someone like this.

  4. newcastle have had more yellow cards than any PL club this season….73….maybe it’s not just tiote that needs a warning……..

  5. I thought Saturday’s booking was feeble from the ref – the tackle was nowt – no worse than a lot of what happened in that game or any other without repercussions.

  6. He & others in our team have been handed cards for phuck all this season.
    Maybe 60% were deserved of the ones i’ve seen brandished.
    Pathetic, when you consider some of the on field violence we’ve seen throughout the league that either didn’t garner a card & in some cases, didn’t even receive a free kick.
    Tiote has probably deserved about 7/8 of his cards. the rest have been weak as, & as a result of refs allowing his ‘ref made reputation’ preceding him in games.

  7. not sure clint. he was booked for a deliberate trip on saturday. think a few have been for shirt-pulling and stuff like that. gotta cut that side out. too many soft bookings. agree he’s hardly put in a nasty challenge..

  8. malchick,
    that’s my point mate, not a dirty tackle among ’em.
    & on sat it was what? 91st min, no need to book someone then, for a nothing challenge.

  9. Does any remember the card against liverpool, ithought he gave us advantage and then curiously booked tiote.

  10. 14 yellows not good enough, and he will get booked if he plays the next two games for sure. Its not right that you worry about playing a player because you know he will get booked. Wouldnt bother with him until next season now, shame

  11. Aye,
    no point in inviting disaster for the start of next season.
    Send him on his hols early.