The SPL is pants so we’ll have Forster back, says Pardew

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Fraser Forster returns back to Newcastle from Celtic.
Not a shoo-in though
Forster returns to Newcastle United and Pardew has a swipe at Scotland.

Fraser Forster is set to return to Newcastle after spending the season in the SPL on loan to Celtic. Pardew took the opportunity to engage in a little Scottish league bashing whilst commenting upon Forster’s return:

I think he’s coming back to a completely different level of football, I’ll tell you that now.

We have watched that division and watched him all year. We’ve been very disappointed with the quality of the games, other than the occasional Rangers versus Celtic game.

And even some of those have been poor, if I’m honest. He is coming to a completely different level of football.

Fraser is not a shoo-in, none of them are.

It’s going to be a case of, ‘come on then, who’s the hungriest, who has had a summer, who’s actually really taken care of what they’re doing over the summer?’.

Who is putting in front of me, ‘I’m ready, I can be the man’. Hopefully, that challenge will go right up to the day we kick off.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon wanted to keep Forster on beyond the summer and the player himself seemed to indicated a desire to want to stay there in his last interview. It seems, however, that Forster might just be part of Pardew’s plans for the future.

Forster has had a good season between the posts, breaking the club’s shut-out record, but – if Pardew’s comments are anything to go by – that doesn’t overly impress our manager due to the general standard of the SPL.

Certainly with Harper now 36 years-old, Pardew may see Forster and Krul becoming his #1 and #2 (in whatever order) over the coming seasons, although no doubt Harper would argue that, as a goalie, he still has a few years of professional football left in him.

I think it’s a good idea for Pardew to get a look at Forster, assuming the player isn’t absolutely desperate to stay at Celtic, in which case there is probably little to be gained by forcing a player to be somewhere he definitely doesn’t want to be.

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18 Responses

  1. I don’t know exactly how much Forster has come forward since his time at Celtic, but Krul is still making too many mistakes to take over from Harper quite yet, and as a goalkeeper, he still has a few years left in him yet.

  2. He’s had a couple of interesting seasons ‘old’ Fraser.
    Helped promote norwich last season, almost won the league with celtic this, good experience for the lad.

  3. worky,
    i agree mate.
    Bad slip just before their first yesterday & static for the last one too.

  4. More importantly, what are we going to do about Iceland?

    I’m off the the Greek Isles at the end of next month and I divvent want their pesky volcanoes upsetting my flight plans.

    If they don’t get a grip on their volcanoes we should invade.

  5. No matter what pards says, Harper will still be no 1 next season i think. He just wants too see out of krul and forster who is better/more willing. Think forster should get a chance if celtic dont have him. The more I watch krul, the more i dont like him to be honest! He has had alot of games this season, he has not improved in my opinion.

    Anyway, heres hoping we get a new right back and left back if jose goes. Obviously we need some attacking players but we have conceded too many again this year, most coming from the right hand side.

  6. No confirmation i think clint, but dont report on rumours and made up fairytail stories…thats ed harrisons job :-)

  7. jimbob,
    how many points have we given up in the dying minutes, yet again?
    Cut that out & we coulda…



  8. Yeah i know! But remember what we spoke about a few days ago! I was upset bout everything going our way results wise, then BAM! Would have been nice having 9th, but oh well. Stupid defending, enrique was on cloud liverpool for the last goal, not sure what cloud simpson is usually on :-)

  9. who sits in the gallagate end at st james??? i was there yesterday and there were a group of lads there absolutely pi**ed swearing on teln people 2 f*** off and there were loads of kids around!! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!! they were very close 2 getin a gud hiding off a few lads

  10. Army(alreet mate)
    that sucks mate.

    Some people have nee style mate.

    Pity the day was spoilt like.

    At least we were never in trouble, onwards & upwards for next season.

    Howay the Lads!

  11. The assistant for celtic is quoted in the telegraph saying he does not agree with pardew about scottish football and that celtic have internationals that would walk into newcastles team :-)

  12. Actually not just celtic players, the spl has internationals that would walk in to our team

  13. If Enrique`s on his bike, we should get a few bob to-gether and chuck in Forster for Izaguirre, yeah they probably dont want to let him go, but no one in the SPL is making money soh!
    And while were about it, how`s about putting in a bid for Bassong, wants outta Spurs desperately.
    We really have to pay attention to both our defenders and those up front, as midfielders are plentyfull and we have almost enough already.