Liverpool wants our entire left side whilst we target Swansea midfielder (+ videos)

Posted on May 27th, 2011 | 26 Comments |

Liverpool after Newcastle's Gutierrez and Enrique?
Buy one get one free?
Liverpool want to take both Jonas Gutierrez and Jose Enrique from Newcastle United now and the Toon targets a Swansea midfielder.

As Clint said in his recent article, silly season is upon us and transfer speculation is becoming as common as a common thing

Having allegedly had their insulting £4m bid for Jose Enrique turned down, Liverpool are now apparently planning a swoop for both Jose and Jonas as a job lot, which just goes to show how well-recognised their mutual understanding on the left of the pitch is.

Allegedly a fee of £20m-£22m would be enough to tempt Newcastle.

What are we now? A feeder club for Liverpool? Losing Enrique is bad enough and, whilst losing players is part and parcel of football, I must admit I’m not too keen on the idea of losing our entire left side. I think we need to keep some continuity in the key areas of the pitch or it will make for a very difficult season of readjustment during 2011/2012.

In terms of possible incoming players, the usual speculation surrounds our alleged interest in Seb Larsson, who also interests Stoke, Blackburn and the Mackems. We seem to have been connected to the player since Ethelred The Unready was on the throne and nothing has happened yet, so all we can do is wait and see.

We have also apparently all but got the signature of Swansea’s Darren Pratley. Bolton were allegedly after the player too but we have apparently offered the 26 year-old midfielder a four year contract with better terms to secure his services.

Just in case there’s any truth in this Darren Pratley speculation, here’s a couple of videos of him in action. The first is a goal scored from inside his own half:

The second is the goal that finishes off arch-rivals Cardiff:

Usual disclaimers apply: all, some or none of this may be true. We know Liverpool are interested in Enrique and I can certainly see them being interested in Jonas too given how well the pair link up, but it’s still just speculation at this stage.

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26 Responses

  1. No way do we want jonas he is not good enough Enrique is ok but prefer conctero from benfica

  2. sell em all and be done with it. the only good thing is that once they are all gone at least we will not have to worry about the transfer window ever again. Tiote going to spurs they say now too hahahahaha…

  3. This is a load of crap! Liverpool have too much class to bother with Jonas… I think Marvaoux has sorted out the wing with possibly another key winger signing…

  4. Hope you guys dont mind me posting, but obviously us poolians have a bit of interest at the moment.

    Jonas…. uhhhhh…. you can keep him.

    He’s a good player, sometimes he looks great, but too often he is found too light and too slack.

    We still want Enrique though, we’ll give you £2.50 and a season ticket to the reserves? haha but seriously he’s class. I think £10m will be a steal for us, £14-15 will be closer to what we’ll end up paying.

    Hope you don’t get rid of Tiote, he’s a great player. Filthy as, but so talented. Whats the deal with Routledge aswell? He seems like he’s got mountains of talent but, much like Walcott, just doesnt seem to be realising his potential…

  5. The Liverpool supporters slagging off Jonas can go and do so on their own blogs. Toon fans are better than that.

  6. Enrique wont go to ‘pool on the cheap.
    If yous want him you will have to pay way over the top, just like the Carroll deal.
    Then yous can get on his back when he gives the ball away in his own half, or crosses the ball to the far corner flag.
    He’s not that great, so if yous want to pay over the odds (again) and he wants to go, then you are welcome to him.

  7. How can someone use the words ‘class’ & Cessepool in the same sentence… lol

    So Jonas is shyte he, funny that, I mean how many Toon games have you watch to come up with that conclusion???

    Which moron said that Tiote is a dirty player? probably the same moron who think Gerrard is a saint probably… yes he has a few yellow cards but if you actually see who those yellow cards are against, then you’ll see 90% of them are against the sort of players who fall over when the wind blows the wrong way… he’s a fantastic player, playing against a bunch of diving gets & match officials who’re too happy to throw cards about like there confetti…

    As for this blog, I don’t think Jonas will go, he’s pleading to Jose to stay, so why would he want to go & if Cessepool do actually convince both of them to leave, I think you’re talk a figure of around £25m+ im cash, no coupons or exchanges, cold hard cash is the only way we do business these days… so good luck with that.. :)_

  8. BB…….i feel your pain at jose going mate but leets be honest, jose is class, we all know it nad just cos he is now leaving us i will not say otherwise. He plays well and looks great in our team so imagine how good he will be in a real tema with real funding and real manager. I tihnk he is way better than evra, i have watched evra alot and i think he is a lightweight compared to jose. i hope he goes to manure instead, really i do. i dont think liverpool or a big enough step up from us at this present time, really i dont.
    @4….routledge is oof to qpr for 1.5 million and will no doubt score the winning goal against us in that game!

  9. CC @ 9 manure would most likely have the coaches to put right his few mistakes too.
    Just not sure if they will stump up the stupid money that cesspool will lol.

  10. Depite statements to the effect that we’ve done our homework on targets and a desire to get players in early, have the squad in place to allow for a full pre-season, this is going to turn out like other windows under Ashley.

    Why I say that? Because we’re apparently negotiating with Lifterpool over Jose, Jonas is rumoured to be on their radar (who isn’t!), Barton’s likley to be away, Nolan’s not commited yet.

    Why? Because we insist on pi$$ing about in negotations, bargaining instead of making realistic offers which we’re confident would be acceptable! Nzog’s a clear example in that according to the press, we’ve offered £5m for him instead of starting with a more realistic offer. Where’s that dead-cert Larssen?

    These negotiating games go on and on and on until we’re left with burger all and the last minute scramble begins.
    So much for having next season’s squad in place for pre-season.

    Why do we do this when other clubs can announce signings and do their busines early? It sure as hell beats me – anyone got the answer to that?

  11. Aye Toon69, cash is the answer but it’s no good at 23.59 on the last day of the window unless we’ve got equivalent quality to step in to the boots of leavers!

  12. lets be honest here…..we are looking like nothing more than a feeder club to any club with aspirations. We sell our best players every single time. if we have a good one come through the ranks we flog him. if we get a good bargin and his price inflates… lets flog him too. we will however keep the donkies that no one else wants. fuking joker of an owner. relegation fodder coming up!

  13. Phil Airey got the golden boot for the reserves, so expect to see him starting in the 1st team next season……

    ……….and sold in January :evil:

  14. 14……..exactly.. hey BB…… come you are not arguing with me today?? normally when i slate ashley (which is every chance) you play devils advocate.

  15. Craig Chisholm-I left a post for you on the last blog did u not see it? lol

  16. The main thing to remember here lads, is,
    this all comes via the me, me, media (whom have a history of Toon Hate), the transfer window isn’t even officially open yet & there’s a hell of a long way to go.
    Plenty of time for cardiac arrest, aneurism & stroke later.
    Haad thee pash!


  17. na i have not looked…. i hope you had a good pop..otherwise the world would seem right!! i bet you are starting to come around though eh….this window will go just like the rest but no, even worse. Last season when we went down we knew it would be a blood bath…whats his ecuse now… baring in mind we have done well.. he has banked 35 million in cash from AC sale and still wont look at any decent prospects and is happy to let his best players leave just because he wants to shaft the newcastle fanbase.

  18. New season kicks off 11 weeks tomorrow :shock:

    so 11 more weeks of this sh!t, oh the joy :(

  19. 17… well not exactly clint. i think that you may be clutching at straws there as clearly there are issues with jose and he has pulled on the stripes for the last time and bartons agent only releases what barton says yes to.. that beong the case, to say that unless ashley leaves then he wont stay is fair one to say its not media speculation. Then nolan defo said he wanted barton to stay and that it was vital we keep him as we cant afford to loose any more top players. Its also true that over two months ago Nolan said his deal was all in place and should be done within next two weeks…… whre is it. Its also true that jonas said it was vital that jose stays in order for him to be happy too. None of that is media speculation clint. Of course it may change but knowing ashley as we all do, i am sure any changes will not be for the better.. at least not on the pitch… where it is we are concerned. His bank roll yes.

  20. BB,
    Me second bairn is due in 11 weeks, thanx for reminding me.


  21. well yeah basically I am coming round to your way of thinking. Tho it pains me to have to agree with you, and I cant see any logic in it. But hey ho, time will tell.

  22. Craig,
    are you saying that there’s no ‘spin’ put on anything that the press say mate, they invented it, they are it.
    All i’m saying mate is, who knows what’ll happen?
    We might have a good idea of who’s gannen, but we don’t know who’s coming.
    It is the last chance to get top dollar for some of the ‘older’ players, Barton, Nolan, Jonas…Jose seemingly ‘wants’ to go, so nowt we can do there, but get the best price+.
    If we get rid of a slowish but good midfield & replace it with a new, young, quick, skillful one, i’m all for it. Obviously, it could just as easily go the way you are expressing, course it could. But it is way too early to tell for now.
    I’m defo not dissing ya’ pov mate, you could be right.
    I’m just seeing what gives for a while yet man.

  23. the main worry here is……ok to let maybe one of our big hitters go…. but you let them all go and who do you have left senior at the club, who has the dressing room and where is the heart and spirt? its all well and good getting shot of all our top top players who are either ar5sed off or are in their late 20’s but do we really think a bunch of green neck kids and one or two donkies will be able to pull it off without a joey or a nolan screaming at them and marshalling the outfield players?? nope i dont.

  24. I get ya’ Craig, & that’s a good point. But it’s still too early to say they’ll all leave.
    Harper, Colo, Saylor, Tiote are a few with enough off to captain a team.
    Plus we don’t know who’ll come in either.
    I think we should retain some of our experienced players, youth & experience is what works best imv.