Liverpool v Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews.

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Match highlights. I will endeavour to update these with longer and better ones when they are available.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, regrets Newcastle’s lack of “je ne sais quoi” in the box, and feels that Barton’s missed chance, and Liverpool’s penalty were turning points in the game.

Liverpool mamager, Kenny Dalglish, felt that Newcastle put his team under some pressure in the latter part of the first half, but that his side deserved the comfortable victory overall.

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9 Responses

  1. Hugh de Payen says:
    May 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    “Pants, really.”

    Hugh, looking on the bright side, I thought that we were were ok for the last twenty minutes of the first half.

  2. Awfull game, two poor sides, cant wait for this season to end (at this rate will we avoid the drop)
    Both sides lacked any spark or tactical plan that could be detected.
    Both Shola and Loveman were pathetic as were their replacements and i have yet to figure why Enrique was subbed ?
    Of our two scoucers, one went missing the other could`nt cross a ball to save his life.
    Jonas and Enrique (as well as the rest) seemed as if they were safe and already on summer vacation.
    Our fantastic buy “Tiote the great” now i know why he cost three and a half mill only.
    When is this guy gonna wise up and stop collecting
    cards ?
    Pardew and Carver are gonna have to work with this guy,
    this shit cant continue.
    Again Williamson was awful, i just dont get it when poeple praise this guy ?
    He was responsible for two of the three goals.
    Do we have a defensive coach at the club ?
    Ball watching ,loosing his man, out of position, he`s a mediocre player and i dont get it when we have in Taylor a competent partner for Collo.
    Yes I realize he had a poor game last outing, he lacks match practice and to continually play Williamson, says something about Pardew .
    As for the bench, there are clubs in this league, who can field better reserve sides, we in turn simply have NO reserves.
    We gotta spend some money Ash !

  3. Nowt to play for? Nowt? I think the FD or MD of the company would seé £800k a position as nowt!

  4. Like Chuckles said these were 2 poor sides in a poor game. That, however, was not a penalty. It was neither in the box nor on the pitch as far as I could see – mind you I’m not used to supping at lunchtime so anything I saw could be imaginary. Hey ho, roll on next season – can’t wait for the fixtures to come out so we can all try and work out which fixtures will be moved by SKY et al!

  5. is it true fat ash is only giveing 20 mil from the sale of carol carnt see us geting good players to improve the team for next season we will be fighting the drop to days perfomance just shows we are no ware good enough ashley must go get some one in that can spend big and get rid of pardew before we are a laughing stock

  6. Scousers only scored one goal and that after we,d had the stuffin knocked out. Krul had the first one easily covered before the spakey b4st4rd got a deflection and the seccond was as previously mentioned,not even on the field of play. having watched it several times, the tw4t was going down b4 he got touched. Cheatin b4st4rds. ! ! !Although it was two bad teams playing out time,we were quite unlucky

  7. yes two bad teams but the toon wouldont have scored if they were still playing one good performance against the mancs then back to normal just not good enough carnt see there been any difference next season as players will go and not have the funds to replace them will end up with has beens or championship players