Is Pardew after The Entertainers Mk II?

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David Ginola, Newcastle United Entertainers Mk I
More like Ginola perhaps?
Alan Pardew wants to recruit flair players to Newcastle United to get ‘bums off seats’.

Alan Pardew has previously expressed his desire to bring more ‘flair players’ into the team and he seems to be continuing in that vein with his recent comments. Pardew said:

Next year the most important thing is that we improve.

The period that I’ve been here has been fantastic with the size of our squad we’ve had.

We need some offensive players. One or two players that Newcastle have always had, gets bums off seats players, that little moment that lifts you.

Players like Beardsley, Gascoigne and Waddle but they’re expensive and difficult to purchase.

We’re competing with Champions League clubs to get those sorts of players.

Hopefully we can get one or two of those in and keep the basis of the squad we’ve got here who have been brilliant.

Securing the good players we’ve got here isn’t easy either, we need a squad big enough to attack one of the cups.

This year though we didn’t have a squad big enough, in the modern game you must have 20-22 quality players.

However, previously mentioned on this ‘blog, our squad isn’t actually that small so the key bit is the “20-22 quality players” and without a doubt strength in depth is no bad thing.

What I wanted to pick up on though was Pardew’s intimation about bringing in good players to watch. Does he perhaps see ‘The Entertainers Mk II’ in the making?

Kevin Keegan gave us the original ‘Entertainers’ of course and it was a whole lot of fun, yet we didn’t win a thing. So what I’m asking you guys is how important the match-day entertainment rates in comparison to accumulating trophies for the cabinet?

It’s hypothetical of course because in the best of all situations we’d both entertain and win trophies but, going back to Keegan’s 90’s squad, many have suggested that if we hadn’t entertained so much – and possibly played shut-out in a few games instead of looking for goals – we might have lifted some trophies.

I can tell you my take on this. A trophy is a badge of success and we haven’t had one for so long that I’d take one however we played. Only one though. Just to rubber stamp some success. Overall, I’d rather be entertained on match-day than watch boring, defensive football, even if it’s at the risk of trophies.

As I said, it’s largely hypothetical (as both should be attainable), but what do you think – trophies or entertainment as a priority?

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36 Responses

  1. In my opinion and this is just an opinion, I’d rather pay for the entertainment, I’d happily pay to watch Arsenal every week, even though they haven’t won anything for a while now.. I work all week and use that har earned money to wtahc the match at a weekend, at least I’d enjoy it!

  2. seb bassong really wants to leave spurs worth a cheeky bid when the transfer window opens??

  3. next season i want the FA cup & i want to be entertained – but with an owner that wouldn’t part with his own shit if didn’t stink then it aint gonna happen.

  4. Im all for bringing in exciting, entertaining players. Those sorts of players score goals anyway. Look at the likes of Benny and N’Zog.

  5. I want both, but I’ll take whichever we get, provided we get at least one of these two things.

  6. Entertainers, my god. Why can’t we be winners instead. There is nothing as great as a trophy.

    Last time we were entertainers we sure gave all the ManU and Liverpool fans a good old laugh and quite a few chuckles from the rest of the league as we blew away all our title pretensions.

    However, I understand where Pardew is coming from. We do need players that can individually change a game.

  7. nine times out of ten,it’s teams with a good defence that win trophies.i’m all for attacking players,but i’d love us to be watertight at the back.i’m sick and tired of pundits highlighting our defensive frailties,over the years.lets get it right at the back,then we can address our lack of creativity in the middle of the park.

  8. Oh, ok, so when we were 2nd in the table and in the champions league, playing defensive boring football under Liverpools current manager, was that ok?

    I seem to remember at the time people were saying it’s not the way NUFC should be playing, we would rather have entertaing football, rather than win something.
    Ludicrious statements such as losing 4-3 everyweek rather than 1-0 it to the title were spouted.

    It would be nice to be another ManU or Barcelona, but that takes time and a lot of money. If we were to 1-0 it all the way to the league title or have a boring 1-0 FA Cup final win that was the worse match ever shown on TV, I’d be more than happy with that.

    Of course I’d rather see smart, attacking football, but contained with a solid defence please.

    Trojan – If anything I’d say our defending is currently miles better than anything we’ve ever had in current times, it’s our attack that is suffering.
    The only defender that I’ve personally watched at SJP who was better than anything we currently have is Woodgate. He was absolutely brilliant. Our defence was transformed when he played. Pity he was so crocked and just as well we had a crook in charge at the time who sold him off to Real Madrid for mega money while he was injured. I guess they got their own back with Owen.

  9. Micky @9, would it be worth reminding folk that Dalglish was at the helm when we beat Barcelona 3-2 in the Champs League. And that was a cracking match to watch – Tino’s hat-trick…… of happy days.

  10. Micky @9

    ‘Pity he was so crocked and just as well we had a crook in charge at the time who sold him off to Real Madrid for mega money while he was injured. I guess they got their own back with Owen.’

    I hope we steer clear of Bemba Ba, he’s failed medicals all over the place and certainly not the type for us given our injury record. I think Defoe could be one to avoid aswell. No doubt Spurs will want a rediculous amount for a player who’s career has peaked perhaps. A small striker, 28, injury problems and 4 goals this season. Have to look beyond the ‘name’ and think is he worth it. Robbie Keane is another that I think we did well to avoid paying silly money to. Sol Campbell anyone!

  11. Micky Toon i think Philipe Albert would give our current crop of defenders a good run for their money as well .

  12. mickytoon,our defending definatley better,i would just like to see a permanent partner for collicini.i dont think williamson or taylor,are the answer long term.
    i would like to see us sign breda hangerlaand,even though he had an off night against the bindippers.

  13. I reckon Nathan Dyer would be worth a punt, fast skilfull and works his socks off for Swansea.

    I wonder how Jimmy Scoular or John McGrath would do in the EPL as it is now, Jimmy in particular would probably get a sackfull of cards of both colours in a season.

    From the previous thread I remember the McKeag years, constant full houses plenty of income but we used to sell more than we bought. Having said that we did splash out on some decent players from time to time. Wyn Davies and Ivor Allchurch spring to mind for example.

  14. bang on worky,pardew is in no way conducive to the club moving forward,another ricket from our esteemed owner,in appointing him.i know in some quarters,people think this is an anti pardew board,and alan should be given a fair it really worth it though?.
    when it comes down to it,he really doesn’t cut the muster imo.

  15. i remember the mckeag era,when we were supposed to have a boycott,we were still pulling crowds of 25,000,with 10,000 off the gate.we are like great britain,here at newcastle in that respect,”we are hopeless at revolution”.

  16. workyticket says:
    May 20, 2011 at 6:45 pm
    “but what do you think – trophies or entertainment as a priority?”

    A good manager would be my first priority.

    Luckily we may have found one then…

    TROJAN – Ever thought about giving him a chance? Is it not time we decided to choose a manager and stick with him? Although he’s like most managers, if you want a good team, you need good players and they don’t come cheap very often.

  17. I reckon we have given the football world plenty of entertainment both on and off the pitch over the last 30+ years. Time for some trophies!!

  18. Stuart says:

    “TROJAN – Ever thought about giving him a chance? Is it not time we decided to choose a manager and stick with him? Although he’s like most managers, if you want a good team, you need good players and they don’t come cheap very often”

    We’ve had this conversation on .com havent we Stu ? Pardwho’s record is no better than JFK’s and we all know what we thought about him ??????

    Manager Games Won Drew Lost

    Kinnear 20 5 8 7
    Shearer 8 1 2 5
    Hughton 16 5 4 7
    Pardew 21 6 8 7

  19. we have had ‘good managers’ and where has it got us? all i want is a f***ing trophy, birmingham, portsmouth, leicester, blackburn even forest and sheff wednesday all have won the league cup since 1990.

    Its totally mental anybody would say change of manager is a priority, even if we did change pardew, the new manager would still probably not be good enough and who would come here and work under ashley??? I hope pardew does well, i dont want him to fail, he can only work with the tools he is given.

    Stability please, it can bring success, unless some rich fella spunks billions into us :-)

  20. AndyMac says:
    May 20, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    “Manager Games Won Drew Lost

    Kinnear 20 5 8 7
    Shearer 8 1 2 5
    Hughton 16 5 4 7
    Pardew 21 6 8 7”

    Andy, I cant remember Kinnear and Shearer, but for Hughton and Pardew it is actually:

    Hughton: Games 19, wins 7, draws 4, losses 8, win % 36.84.

    Pardew: Games 22, wins 6, draws 8, losses 9, win % 27.27.

  21. Jimbob says:
    May 20, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    “and who would come here and work under ashley???”

    That’s the real tragedy, Jimbob. We are stuck with the desperados now.

  22. Hairs to be split WT :)

    They are as bad as each other and neither of them deserve to be in the hot seat at NUFC !!!!

    As for Jimbob

    Have you ever stopped to think how many shlte managers we’ve employed who have been sacked early into their careers at SJP.

    The answer is not to wait for a shlte manager, like Pardwho, to suddenly come good after ten years in the job – the real task is to ensure we never employ half witted, journeymen, cluless managers in the first place.

  23. Andymac, whats your point? I have thought about the many managers who have been employed at the club, we have never had stability, apart from robson. Look at david moyes at everton, he has had very bad run of results and loss of form in previous seasons, results in which he would have been sacked if it was at newcastle, due to impatience of certain fans and stupid board room, but no matter what they always stick with him and look where they end up towards the end of most seasons. Pardew is no david moyes but even if he was what difference would it make, sometimes no matter how f**king well we do, its never enough for some.

    No the answer is not hope shit manager comes good but it is all we have at this moment and all we will get with this owner. We have to just deal with it, and get behind the team

  24. jimbob,
    y’wasting ya’ time mate.

    For the record, i think you have it bang on, there is NO POINT in just chopping & changing managers/players/owners or phucking tea ladies for that matter.
    TEAMS are creatures of habit, they are built, this shit takes time.
    & time is more than a few months or even a couple of seasons.

    The bleating & pissing & moaning & rank impatience is way beyond a joke & before anyone chirps up with ‘i’ve waited 40/50 odd years, or whatever, i very much doubt it. Cos those that moan, constantly, always moan & can’t even wait for an egg to boil. We want it all & we want it now, on a silver phucking platter.


    I thank you!


  25. Thankyou clint, Shit does indeed take time to build, your right, the ones that do piss and moan ALL THE TIME are probably the type who burn insects with magnifying glasses.

    Death, misery and pain too all :-)

  26. jimbob,
    basically, we have to give a manager, it’s almost at the point of any manager, some proper time to get their feet under the table, build a squad & have a decent crack at winning something or at least some relative success.
    SBR was indeed the last guy to have that chance & people still started moaning in his final season with us. The board at that time were a total disgrace for getting rid of that LEGEND of a man. After the great times he brought back to the Toon.
    Back then we were the first to break up the usual top 4, they shit themselves. He paved the way for the likes of spuds, everton, manc etc. He showed what could be done in a relatively short time, yea, he was an exceptional guy/coach/football brain, but if you give someone some decent time & that means fans staying off their back during that time, good shit can happen.
    In fact, it’s the only way!

  27. Yeah, some fans dont though do they, how many people stayed behind during the teams lap of honour in robsons last full season because we finished 5th? Granted it will be hard to reach the dizzy heights again with ashley as owner, I will never be convinced by him or any more lies from him and his twat mate lamearse, pardew who they have chosen needs time and money, its not his fault. one day ashley will be long gone and we, and newcastle will still be hear. This should be a learning curve to the fans who allways complain, I bet they wouldnt mind 5th now.

    we have a chance to finish in the top ten on sunday, I didnt think we would go down but top ten? We havent done that since roaders finish of 7th, and to do that after promotion is a job very well done. my hopes of investment this summer are low due to previous windows under ashley but there is no point thinking bout it until next season starts, I couldnt give a f**k who we buy as long as when they pull the black and white shirt on they give 100%, lack of ability I can forgive if the effort and commitment is there.

  28. jimbob,
    can’t argue with any of that mate, in fact it’s a very reasonable view.
    We support NUFC not the divs that have owned the club.
    It was unbelievable how fans treated SBR mate & it’s pointless to blame AP for taking a job in his field of work. All of the fans will never be happy all of the time, it’s just sad that we hardly ever are happy all together, even for the shortest time.
    It took quite a while for people to warm to CH, & i’m not sure that everyone got on board before he was gone. Although some would claim they did when they didn’t, just cos they dislike AP better.

    But like you say mate, when the owners/managers/coaches/players we have now are long gone, we’ll still be here.

    Howay the Lads!

  29. & yea, i, like you, just want players that wanna be here, wanna play for their club/manager/team mates & more importantly, US!


  30. Clint there were people who were horrified when CH was given the job, they all wanted shearer, like you say they claim to of always been behind CH because they dislike pardew more. :-)

  31. We’re a fickle bunch like, us football fans.

    Good craic jimbob,

    Reet, arm off to bed,
    later mate.