Injury curse strikes Magpies again

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Mike Williamson.
Will miss the close season.
Newcastle United have been hit, once again, with injury woes, with both Mike Williamson and Hatem Ben Arfa both being ruled out of contention for the final three games.

Word has it that Mike Williamson, the centre back who has played most games for Newcastle this season, managed to break his arm in training.

As unfortunate as it may be for Mike Williamson, the world of football is never about one player and operates with a one door closing, another opening. This now gives Steven Taylor a chance over three games, as well as James Perch to show why they should be regulars in the Newcastle XI. It could also give some of the youngsters a chance to earn their stripes and potentially make a cameo or two once we are mathematically safe.

Speaking to BBC Newcastle, Alan Pardew said today:

“He’s done it in the gym this morning, there’s a slight weakness in that arm, which he has hurt before, so unfortunately, that has been the issue. He’ll be touch and go for the start of pre-season, so he’s definitely out.

“It’s a freak injury and unfortunate for the big fella and he is going to miss now the end part of the season.

“Obviously, he is disappointed. He wanted to finish the season with us.”

Pardew, surprisingly, had some positive words to say about Perch as he spoke to BBC Newcastle and also touched upon Steven Taylor’s situation:

“He [Perch] signed a new contract here, we’ve worked hard on his training programme and changed a couple of things which I think will help him.

“Now he’s got an opportunity and needs to take it. He was unfortunate because he was playing well at centre-half, but when he came back after injury Williamson and Colo were our strongest area of the team.

“Steven had opportunities in different positions, at right-back for example, but now that he has an opportunity in his best position to show that he should be a starter for next year.”

Perch, who holds the dubious record of picking up 5 yellow cards in the opening 5 games of a season, has hardly been an inspiration at Newcastle and I’m sure we’re unanimous in saying that we’d rather not see him in the starting XI, although when he made a late appearance at Villa Park, he looked a different player. As is with Ryan Taylor, he is simply not a defender and simply does not look comfortable, making silly mistakes and giving away free kicks in dangerous areas, yet in the centre of the pitch, he has shown that he actually has an eye for a pass!

Of course, the good news doesn’t end there as Hatem Ben Arfa has also been ruled out of making a late season cameo as he has reportedly traveled back to France with an undisclosed injury. Hardly has me shaking with excitement, however I do believe this could be a blessing in disguise.

He will now have an extended break in which he can focus fully on getting himself back to full fitness, ready to start the new season in style, and hopefully we’ll see more of those wonder goals.

Speaking of a possibility of Hatem coming back for one of the last 3 games, an unusually coy Alan Pardew said:

“We think that’s probably not going to happen now. He’s had a little setback.

“That’s what happens when you come back from that sort of injury, so I think that’s unlikely.”

The great Newcastle club have been plagued with injuries and it certainly raises some questions as to the ability of some of the staff employed by the club. Whatever causes these problems needs to be ironed out, because with a squad as thin as ours, we simply can not risk any more injuries.

Get well soon, to both Hatem and Mike.

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23 Responses

  1. would rather have staylor in cb anyway,willo seems to have gone backwards under pardew,as has almost every other player,except best.

    really concerend that we are going down this season

    we are far from safe

  2. “He’s done it in the gym this morning, there’s a slight weakness in that arm, which he has hurt before, so unfortunately, that has been the issue. He’ll be touch and go for the start of pre-season, so he’s definitely out.

    “It’s a freak injury and unfortunate for the big fella and he is going to miss now the end part of the season.

    Pushing players to breaking point when there’s a known issue is at least part of the reason why we’ve been losing so many players to injury since the start of the year.

  3. There`s a mathematical possibility we could still go down
    and the way we are playing at present does`nt instill much confidence.
    A win at Brum. would i believe ensure our survival, but at this stage of the season, there`s the likelyhood of some surprises, with every club scrambling for those elusive points,that could mean the difference between survival and access to the riches of the PL.
    On the subject of Williamson, I believe my opinion has been made clear.
    Just dont rate the guy, believe even Perch is better.
    S.Taylor is the natural choice with Colo. they know each others game and Taylor is a much more aware and talented player than Williamson.
    Why you may ask, tends to make poor positional choices, ball watches (same thing) and though it has improved, his early season distribution was woefull, when tackling, goes down a lot leaving it impossible to recover, hey! a litany, yet i could`nt believe it when people praised him.
    And for Pardew to prefer him to Taylor, well lets not get into Pardew.

  4. since hoots left the club has gone way downhill

    team spirit is non existant compared to what we had

    if we still had hoots i believe we would have been safe

    as it stands,with pardew,we are looking likely to go into final day needing a result v a resurgant west brom.

    oh to have an owner who isnt runiing us like a sunday market stall owner. retail and football are two entirely different genres fat man,to think you can run them paralell is just daft

    but thats our lot im afraid

    possibly the worst manager in nufc history?

  5. saltysellars11 says:
    May 5, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    “possibly the worst manager in nufc history?”

    Don’t know about that Salty, but our best manager ever was the Selection Committee of 1892-1929.

  6. think for sheer thrills and a buzz about the city,
    gobsmacking football,
    the andy cole song,
    peter beardsley at white hart lane in last minute,
    philipe albert’s moustache,
    tino’s debut at smoggies
    leicester at home last day of 92/93
    etc etc
    king kev’s first time around managment is my vote for best ever

    will never feel that way again

    just thinking about walking thru leazes to sjp singing keegan wonderland or the andy cole song brings a tear to my eye and a bulge to my pants

    great days that il forever be gratefull to kk for,feel sorry for fans who never experienced that,coz itl never happen again

  7. For all those people going on about how we are “not mathematically safe” look at the below.

    We have a very good goal difference compared to ther teams so I haven’t taken that into account and where we finish on equal points our goal difference would be enough.

    Now let’s be honest, most of the results below just aren’t going to happen and in the worst scenario we’d finish 17th and safe on goal difference (provided we don’t go and lose 15-0 to Chelsea or something). I have not included results which don’t affect the relegation threatened teams.

    Birmingham beat NUFC
    Wigan beat A Villa
    Sunderland beat Bolton
    Blackpool beat Spurs
    West Ham beat Blackburn
    Wolves beat West Brom
    Blackburn beat Man U
    Blackpool beat Bolton
    Wolves beat Sunderland
    A Villa beat Arsenal
    Birmingham beat Fulham
    Chelsea beat NUFC
    West Ham beat Wigan
    A Villa beat Liverpool
    Blackpool beat Man U
    West Brom beat NUFC
    Wigan beat Stoke
    Birmingham beat Spurs
    West Ham beat Sunderland
    Wolves beat Blackburn

    17. NUFC 41 pts
    18. Blackburn 41 pts
    19. West Ham 41 pts
    20. Wigan 41 pts

    You turn any of those wins for lower teams into draws and we’re nowhere near relegation, even if we lose all 3 of our games. Do you honestly think the likes of Man U/Spurs/Arsenal/Liverpool are not going to get anything out of the games they’re involved in?

    So please would all the doom-mongers give it a rest and get behind the team. We’re going to be safe even if we lose all 3. A couple of draws (even one draw) or a win and we’re laughing.

  8. im going to be getting behind the team,always have always will. just cacking my pants judging by the way we have been playing for a long time now.

    really hope your right and we are safe.looking at your table there has actually made me feel a lot better tbh,our goal difference is good

    just cant see where next goal,never mind win,is coming from

  9. saltysellars11 says:
    May 5, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    “im going to be getting behind the team,always have always will. just cacking my pants judging by the way we have been playing for a long time now.”

    I’ve been cacking my pants since the 1970s salty because you never know what’s going to happen with Newcastle United. I was even cacking ’em when we were 12 points ahead of Manchester for the League title in 1996.

  10. me too worky,me too

    wouldnt it be sweet as a nut if fergie was to throw away a 15 point lead this season?

    if thats the case then our 12 point capitulation beats the s$$t out of them

    come on chelsea,do it for us

  11. Fumaca
    Yes the likelyhood of our going down is not what it was when we were in fact relegated.
    But of the teams presently below us, mathematically, only West Ham can not finish above us.

  12. Could it be that MA will not hire a trainer or coach that treats the squad like an asset rather than a group of cart horses to be flogged all up and down hill? Does he treat his Sports Direct employees that way too, just with mental abuse rather than physically ruining them?

    At this point one hads to wonder if HBA signed the 5 year deal as an insurance poliocy because there is real doubt in his and his agents mind as to his ever playing again?

    Dan Gosling has dropped off the radar as well. Guess we will not see him again, except on payday.

    Makes me wonder if that skinny runt from Villa just did not play his cards right to get a long term deal to tide him into his dotage.

    The big question is if NUFC will be able to field 11 men by the time of the West Brom game?

  13. We wont go down because the teams at the bottom are terrible and have a hard run-in.

    What amazes me is the anti-Pardew talk. I commented a month ago regarding Pardwho being usless & was told he had done a decent job, to which many agreed.

    Continue to play like we have we may struggle next season. Lets hope we get a cash injection because its uphill with Pardwho..

  14. How can people slate Pardew? And how can people not rate Williamson? Pards has come in and picked up from Hughton, the fans were annoyed, nobody wanted him, but credit to him, he came in and got on with it and got the players up for it. He hasnt got his players in yet so lets judge him next season. As for Williamson, he is positionally our best defender, him and Colo are great together and our best partnership. Tayls may be a local lad but it doesnt make him great, hes average, not so long ago he was on the verge of leaving, he has a lot to prove. He is to enthusiastic, gives away silly fouls and positional awareness is poor, he needs to be more composed. As for the doom and gloom on relegation, why not support the lads and cut the negativity? Some people

  15. Fumaca,
    like the design mate.

    Great bit of research there bud, good one.

  16. FlashJonas,
    you are absolutely spot bollock on Willo/Saylor mate.

    & fair enough on the rest of your post man.


  17. I’ve heard that they whip the players with sticks & lambgadj & pardoo hold ’em down while ashley tries to break their arms & legs, whilst trying to flog ’em to s’land for 10p.

    Honestly, pass it on!


  18. Worky, CLiNT – given the training injuries, including relapses – I wonder what really happened to Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele?