How do you think this transfer window will go for Newcastle United?

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How do you think we'll do in the this transfer window?
How do you think we'll do in the this transfer window?
Well, it’s that time again, when thoughts turn from matters on the pitch, to gossip and speculation on who might be joining, and leaving, the club.

So far, there has been much speculation on whether major players such as Joey Barton and Jose Enrique will renew their vows for several more years, or even leave for pastures new. On the other hand, the club have already made one new signing in the shape of French-Tunisian youngster, Mehdi Abeid, and Shane Ferguson has just signed a new five year deal at the club. Meanwhile, manager, Alan Pardew, has claimed to have several irons in the fire regarding the aquisition of new players. On this subject, the usually reticent supremo said:

“We’ve given a player a deadline this week, so that’ll be interesting,”

“We are pitching for a striker that we bid for – that’s been reported. We’re hopeful on that but we’ll have to wait and see. There’s no real feedback from the club on that. And we’re pitching for another couple of players.

“If I was a Newcastle fan, we’re making the right noises on that front. I’m sure the fans are disappointed about the Joey Barton situation but we are trying to take the club forward by signing players.”

Those players were rumoured to be Kevin Gameiro of French Ligue 1 side, Lorient, Former Swansea player (now free agent) Darren Pratley, and even a return by Charles ‘Insomnia’ N’Zogbia has also been mooted. However there would be some very stiff competition for one of Ligue 1’s star players of last season, and he is thought to be already in discussions with Champion’s League club, Valencia. Meanwhile, Pratley is also heavily linked with Bolton and N’Zogbia’s manager at Wigan, Roberto Martinez, has said that he would only entertaing offers for N’Zogbia from a Champion’s League clubs. There is also the fact that Wigan’s owner, Dave Whelan, is a sworn enemy of Newcastle owner, Mike Ashley since Ashley reported him to The Office of Fair Trading for price fixing. But I digress.

Getting back on track, Cheock Tiote’s Ivory Coast teammate, Gervinho, has also been a name which has been bandied around, as has Toulouse full back. Cheikh M’Bengue, as a possible replacement for Enrique.

There has also been much discussion on the player hunting prowess of the club’s current Chief Scout, Graham Carr, who was brought into the club by previous manager, Chris Hughton, in February of last year. Signings such as Cheick Tiote and Hatem Ben Arfa since he joined have seemed to be astute purchases by the club, so will Carr be unearthing more players like them to move Newcastle United forward?

There will be much water flowing under the transfer speculation bridge, and possibly quite a few in and outs from the current playing squad at Newcastle United before next year’s Premiership season begins, so I ask you in our latest poll:

How do you think the current transfer window will go for Newcastle United?

Of course, you can always leave your comments too!


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32 Responses

  1. “I’m sure the fans are disappointed about the Joey Barton situation …” – Alan Pardew.

    This is a key statement to me. Why does the club (Mike Ashley) choose to not renew the contract of Joey when it is clear that the manager and the fans want to keep him, when he is widely regarded as the player of the season, and when he is a central figure in the great morale and spirit of the team? Such an owner appears to either hold onto grudges – which is daft – or else doesn’t really give a damn about NUFC and is only interested in making a financial profit. Either way, it does not bode well in my view for the transfer season because it speaks volumes about his enthusiasm for the footballing success of the club, and the knock-on effect and motivation to keep its best players.

  2. Barton ahd ahd a half a good season when Carroll was here. He’s nearly 30, got an appalling fitness and suspension record, owes us at least 3 seasons, arguably stops good players coming here, made us pay a signing off fee to city etc,etc.

    He was offered a good deal and is on huge money at the moment. We’ve allowed way too much sentiment in the past and Willie McKay is absolute scum.

    I’m no Ashley fan, but on this one fair play why pay fortunes to someone who would be 33 when you can invest in younger, fitter players with some resale value

  3. Spot on Paul.Pardew again is having to backtack and explain the Barton situation at the end of the season.Not that long ago he was very bullish in the media about keeping the best players and building on the success.This is like groundhog day after Ashley humiliated him over the sale of AC.I think they will keep us dangling over potential good signings all summer.I’d be surprised if we get more than one quality signing and a few out of contract or championship level players plus 1 or 2 for the future.Thats going to be set against the loss of Enrique and who knows which other established players

  4. isnt it a case joey’s stalling is he wants a longer contract, probably he takes a pay cut so wants a longer contract to compensate. eg 2 years @ 60k per week, cuts to 30k per so wants 4 yrs. if thats the case i dont blame the lad tbh

  5. Even if you forget about enrique and barton, the sad fact is we will not be signing these big name players that the press are banding about. Now even if we did, they are only signed to make a profit, for instance ben arfa… If he has a great 3 months at the start of next season they will not fight tooth and nail to keep him, he will go. Tiote was not signed on a 6 year deal to stay here for 6 years, it was just to insure and increase his value. IF these players go to a man utd or chelsea, i get it and well done to them, but when an aston villa for instance is showing more ambition it hurts.

    Mike ashley will run this club as a business, and try to reduce expenditure (spelt wrong?) until he can off load the club (its more attractive that way) In my opinion the club is still very much up for sale, he will snap the hands off somebody if they make an offer that is close to the figure he will pluck out of thin air.

    Pardew is getting alot of stick but like ive said before, it does not matter who the manager is, the same rules will apply. My critism of pardew earlier relates to his ability, sorry lack of ability to shut the f**k up. He has done well on the pitch, he is danger of messing this all up by keep contradicting himself and alienating the fans (although he has already done that with many of us)

    We will get players in this summer, but not the big names we would like.

  6. Besides not having won a major trophy for decades… the quintessential hallmark of NUFC is the unwavering (and fanatical!) passion of the Toon Army which is known and respected throughout the footballing world. For most human beings it is an endearing quality that can be utterly infectious. Kevin Keegan was smitten by it, Chris Hughton – despite his quiet and dignified manner – exuded it, and Alan Pardew aspires to it. Why oh why should we be lumbered with an owner and a managing director who haven’t got a drop of it between them and who appear to offer nothing but disdain in response? They could be utterly loved by the most devoted fans in the game if only they’d open their hearts a little more and close their wallets a little less.

  7. i hope we get these players this summer..

    Darren Pratley
    Charles N’Zogbia
    Kevin Gameiro
    Daniel Sturridge
    Sebastian Bassong/Matt Upson

  8. Sorry dan Upson? I’m 56 and 5′ 8″ and I would make a better centre back than Upson

  9. Have to agree with Mick here. Upson is like Stevey Taylor only without the positives – he makes his own mistakes.

  10. Paul@6 Just read your post ,It brought a tear to my eye.They should drag you in pre match next season.

  11. We should be looking at selling or loaning Smith, Shola, Ranger, Guthrie and Xisco to teams that were just relegated. I think there are players like Dj Campbell, Charlie Adam, Demba Ba, Seb L, Hitzlesperger all of which could do a job for us up front and in the middle of the park.

  12. This transfer window will go much the same as all the previous ones under this c0ck owner.
    Sell players to buy players,
    Ashley makes a profit.
    End of.

    Oh yes, nearly 4got. We keep renewing our season tkts, regardless and the c0ck keeps on laughing.

  13. Hi Mick G @ 10.

    I’d come.

    I am not a Geordie but I’ve followed the Toon for the past 40 years, and the reason why I love the Toon so much is because of that infectious passion and the good-heartedness, humour and spirit of the Geordie people. It is second to none. And bloody Ashley and Llambas should have a much greater realization and appreciation of it because it is infectious and could (and should) ignite that club to be outstanding. The fans know it, Barton and Nolan know it, indeed most of the squad probably know it, but until those loons upstairs know it they will continue to inflame us with idiotic statements such as we shouldn’t have ridiculed Carroll when he came back, and some of the utterly daft, cack-handed, cloak in dagger moves they have so far made. The only reason we are back in the Premiership is because of the attitude – and passion – of Chris Hughton and a core group of players who understand what the Geordie nation is really all about.

  14. Thump says:
    May 28, 2011 at 12:20 am
    Then consider yourself an adopted Geordie, Paul – you’re exactly the kind of fan we need!

    Thanks Thump! I’ll treasure that.

  15. Gameiro Gervinho Sturridge The Zog yes please. Makes good business sense to me, use the money we’ll save in Barton’s wages to fund Enrique’s contract. We owe Barton nothing, most teams would have shown him the door well before now. Having said that I wouldn’t sell him (unless we got a silly offer) and let him see out his contract.

  16. Fook off MA your boring me now.
    Take your puppets with you and shut the door on the way out.

  17. On a more serious note if we can sign any of Gameiro, Gervinho, Sturridge or bring back the Zog on the Tyne, then they will be fantastic coup’s for the Toon. I think we need to give some credit to Ashley ( yes you read that right) after all he is a business man. Atleast he is making a stand against over-aged, over-rated and over-paid players. Also he is attempting to bring in the type of players that get the Toon to their feet. I’ll take the English owner with his plan, after all Sports Direct hasn’t done too bad under his guidance. Come on the Toon


  19. I have to say I am not a fan of Ashley but I have learnt to respect what he is doing. Our finances were as bad as Gordon Browns, we are certainly steady now, we just finished a season with some respect and I have faith in a manager and a scouting system that brought us Arfa and Tiote during the last break. We will not be big spenders going forward and we can’t attract big names without first regaining our might and status, it’s a repair job that will take a number of years but surely do you not think we are heading in the right direction? We are learning to walk again, I would rather not try and run to fall flat on our arses again. It’s a different footballing world to our recent glory days.

  20. how are we going to do…hummmmm……..everything hinges on jose doesnt it. Not joey. cos if joey goes but jose signs nolan will be happy as will the other guys such as jonas. then if jonas is happy then colo is happy.
    However, with joey already doomed due to his fued with cashley, if jose goes all the above will also inevitably go. This will leave us bolloxed. If they have any sense at all……and perhaps they do, they will give jose a 90k a week contract and make it so impossible for him to go that he stays. Jose is the key to everything…he goes we will start to fall appart as a team. He stays we will build and have a happy ship.
    Dont get me wrong, i love joey and think he is ‘tip top’, we can bring in otehrs without buying to replace him though. really we can. ben arfa, gosling, tiote, guthrie, vukic etc. I say if we dont want joey then let him go now for free, put his money to jose and give jose the big pay packet for nufc. It woudl involve no further outlay.
    We also need to get shot of Alean Smith, he has a year left so we have to offer him at least 50% of his salary for the year just to leave. The lad is knackered god bless him. Love his spirt, really i do, but his legs dont match his heart anymore. He is done for.

  21. 20…..the scouting system did not bring us tiote as many keep saying. Dave McClaren rang up CH and told him to come and buy him… so we did. Arfa, yes. Its only one player though isnt it.
    Also, pardew has no respect as a manager from many of us as he lies too much. He needs to stop loving the sound of his own trumpet in the press all the time. I do prefer his style of play to that of CH though.

  22. Can you set up a stay logged on for phone browsing?
    Sick of typing my email address.

    On topic-I expect little in this window apart from cheap players from lower divisions and relagated clubs as well as a gamble on a few foreigners also on the cheap.

    If we get some real quality in great but I am more concerned about who will be leaving.
    I certainly won’t be refeshing newsnow every 5 mins for the duration of this window.

  23. yep jase…….i am pretty much sure that is how it will pan out. i see us in a relegation fight all season long which we may or may not survive.

  24. Yup same old same old.
    Not reading any threads about potential signings until they have signed sealed delivered.

  25. i,m afraid MA has no intention of loving the club for its football or giving the fans what they deserve, he,s even stated he wants to run the club the same way as arsenal (ie buissness)so i would,nt expect any big money signings £15m etc unless he thinks he can sell on for 30, lets just hope i,m wrong and we get a couple of big names in (we can always dream eh lol), i,d love to see sturridge come in and another striker plus a good creative midfielder (or maybe ben arfa will play that role)and a lb for enrique coz he,s not hanging round for long , maybe hargreaves in on a free and pay as you play deal oh and get rid of smith ameobi(bambi on ice) xisco perch oh and pardew (MA,s puppet)

  26. Craig chisolm
    Could you describe the differing styles of football between that of CH & AP ? as i`m curious ?

    Look i`m not a beancounter but to give Enrique ninety grand a week is madness, sure the guy`s a decent RB, but there are others equally as good (Izaguirre), we can exist without him.

    I have always thought Upson was a decent player, but he`s not coming here, why ?
    Well apart from bringing in Campbell last season, there appears there`s a rigid business plan at the club,one which does`nt allow for anyone over say twenty seven
    being signed.
    That and a targeting of free agents, plus a reluctance to pay wages considered the going rate at other clubs.
    It`s always been my belief that veteran players, bring a stability to sides, that only experience provides and can fill that role for one two or three seasons as backup or platoon players.
    Hey Mat. Upson could be an excellent fill in on our less than abundant back line.

    As for the BIG names being bandied around, don`t set yourself up for a letdown!

  27. craig chisholm says:
    May 28, 2011 at 4:29 am

    “20…..the scouting system did not bring us tiote as many keep saying. Dave McClaren rang up CH and told him to come and buy him…”

    Craig, Both Hughton and Carr had been watching him closely for a long while before he joined the club. When they were aware he was available, neither of them needed any persuading that he would be a good addition to the team, especially as Butt was in his twilight.

  28. steve says:
    May 28, 2011 at 9:47 am

    “i,m afraid MA has no intention of loving the club for its football or giving the fans what they deserve, he,s even stated he wants to run the club the same way as arsenal (ie buissness)”

    You think that it would be a bad thing to run the club along similar lines to Arsenal Steve? Or would you prefer to go back to the Shepherd way, ie ridiculous contracts for trophy has beens who wouldn’t have given a second thought to playing for the club when they were in their full pomp, not to mention directors awarding themselves hugely inflated salaries while the club floundered under a mountain of leveraged debt?

    Personally, I think that Ashley has made some monumentally stupid decisions which have undoubtedly damaged the club even further, but I would much rather it be run along similar lines to Arsenal than the way it has been run under previous owners and Chairmen.