Barton “truly grateful and humbled” to be fan’s player of the year.

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Joey Barton.
Barton: “Grateful and humbled” by fan's vote.
Newcastle United midfielder, Joey Barton has been tweeting again, writing that he was “truly honoured” to be voted ‘Player of the Year’ by Newcastle United fans.

While he was voted as player of the year on this blog, polling 515 out of 1634 votes (32%), there is a small chance that he may have been referring to a similar, but far less important poll on the website of Tyneside newspaper, the Evening Chronic.

In a touch of modesty that is becoming in the feisty midfield terrier, he added that he thought Cheick Tiote, Jose Enrique, Fabricio Collocini and finally, captain, Kevin Nolan, were more deserving of the award than him.

He wrote:

“Just heard the Newcastle fans have voted me there player of the year! Thanks am truly honoured. Toon army.”

Adding shortly after:

“Am truly grateful and humbled as I thought Nolan, Tiote, Enrique and Collocini were all outstanding and more deserving of the award than me”.

However, there has been recent speculation that Barton’s career at Newcastle may be shortlived. While originally, it was thought that the dispute was over the length of extension being offered, it has recently become apparent that Barton has not been offered any contract extension at all, and may even move on to another club in the close season.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew said of the situation in a recent interview:

“Unless it changes over the summer and there’s a bid in that the board, myself and Joey feel works for Joey, I think he will be here for the start of the season. The thing about contracts is, times change.

Tantalisingly, Pardew then suggested that an agreement on an extension might have been possible, saying:

“I’m not upset about it. I was more upset when we thought we had agreed and there was a change of heart. I knew it would be a problem to come back from that.”

Both Barton and his agent, Willie McKay, have expressed a wish for the player to see out his full contract at Newcastle United, with Mackay saying recently:

“He was happy to take a four-year deal and less money…”

Hinting at the rift with Ashley, he added later:

“The only reason Joey will stay at Newcastle [beyond next season], I think, is if there are new owners, to be perfectly honest.

“I have had a few calls from other clubs because of the news – everybody knows about the situation at the moment.

“I have had a few managers on asking what the situation is with Joey, but only if a top club came in, I think he would move on.

“He has set his mind up to stay at Newcastle next season because he loves it up there, he’s settled and he’s playing very, very well.”

Getting back to Barton, once again on his Twitter site, he also indicated that he hasn’t been offered any extension, tweeting:

“I can’t sign a contract if am not offered one?”

Adding in subsquent entries:

“I will tell all when the time is right, basically they want a younger, better, cheaper player…………cant blame Mike and Derek can you?

“I am an employee so have to be careful here. Everyone knows I’d love to stay, I get on with Pardew fine and are dressing room is 1st class..

And finally:

“If am not offered a new contract, my hands are tied. I will continue to do everything in my power to bring a trophy to St James next season”

We will look forward, no doubt, to when “the time is right”, and he tells all!

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14 Responses

  1. we need our backbone to stay for next season, lets not forget how long it took our current stars to settle e.g. collocini, enrique, nolan, barton, jonas. some of which were already playing in the premiership

  2. I would have to agree with Joey re player of the year, my vote went to Collocini. I’m not convinced about his own rating as the best English midfielder in the EPL either. He seemed to go missing in large chunks of games towards the latter end of the season. I would be happy to be proved wrong, but I have a feeling he is not going to be an automatic selection or first choice in the team next year.

    By the way what has happened on the Dong front, is he still a possible?

  3. Dont look good, when Pardew keeps his head down, you have to smell a rat.
    Especially when we just signed Joe`s replacement.
    Ah well Joey does`nt have to worry he`s got the hammer.
    He can accept a Transfer that`s good for him or he can sit out his sixty a week on the bench (save on wear and tear)
    But hate to see him go, guys in his prime and never played better.
    Sometimes you wonder what Ashley`s thinking about ?
    Kinda think it`s personal!

  4. plus we ended up playing hoofball towards the end of the season. Hope we start passing the ball about a bit better, like we did at times. Sometimes it was breath taking, I’d even say as good as arsenal at times, just not consistently tho, and the injuries knacked it all by the end.
    If we can improve on this, then Barca had better watch out. lol.

  5. TBF,
    it coulda went to either of the lads he mentioned too, but i think he does have a modest streak & he’s a good lad, hope he stays.

    Well done Joey!

    You’re appreciated here mate, try & get ya’ contract back on line man & get shot of that div you have as an agent. I know a canny lad down here in the smoke if y’need representation.

  6. Is there more to life than to listen to JB and his tweet,lets move on from this soap opera and concentrate on some of the more potential exciting things that are about to happen.

  7. Looks like it’s the end of the road for JB.
    Always backed him,top bloke who loves a good cigar and a scrap.

  8. He will be a bogey player for us if he leaves. Same for Carrol I believe. Still hoping he can sign a new contract.

  9. Hope he stays great player really coming on with his football good professional hope you stay JB and get contract you want.

  10. We need players with JB`s experience and commitment towards the toon. Look at Man Utd and Chelsea they mix it up with youth and experience Ashley, and they are the teams to model yourself on not Arsenal. What did Arsenal achieve last year? When the going got tough the youngsters bottled it!

  11. and JB was the man (IMO) who led the fightback against the Gooners with a mix of experience (Diaby’s sending off and winning the free kick which eventually ended up on Tiote’s left boot), determination (to win the ball against Diaby and half of the Arsenal team) and not a little skill.

    After AC departed he took on the challenge more than most and for that he deserves our praise and gratitude.

    oh and phuck the Fatman :)

  12. robert gill says:
    June 1, 2011 at 8:26 am

    “Look at Man Utd and Chelsea they mix it up with youth and experience Ashley, and they are the teams to model yourself on not Arsenal. What did Arsenal achieve last year? When the going got tough the youngsters bottled it!”

    Yes Robert, but I think it’s Arsenal’s financial model which appeals to Ashley.