United held by Manchester! Match report, highlights and post match interviews.

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Hernandez fails to get past Krul.
Hernandez fails to get past Krul.
Well what a great game which ever way you look at it!

It was pretty much excitement from the kick off. Newcastle had to start with Tim Krul replacing the injured Steve Harper in goal, but also welcomed back Cheik Tiote from his two game suspension. Steven Ireland started on the bench and Danny Guthrie had a start in central midfield.

Within 2 minutes of kick off, Rooney out burned Tiote down our right and slotted a square centre to the on rushing Hernandez. It looked like he was in, as he got to the ball first, but Krul dived bravely at his feet to make a great stop to christen his fresh gloves. That was perhaps a sign that Newcastle were gonna get stuck right into this fixture.

Almost immediately Newcastle’s midfield started to get a grip on the play, creating chance after chance. Albeit nothing that was as clear cut as we would have liked. Barton found himself with the ball in a great position after some good play but couldn’t find the finsh it deserved.

We then had a whole host of corners and it must be said that Man U’s defence looked decidedly rattled on a number of occasions. Jonas was making a right nuisance of himself and drawing fouls galore. He went on one mazy run, dribbling round 3 Manchester players only for his shot to be blocked by a fourth in the shape of Smalling for yet another corner. Jose Enrique was also in marauding mode, linking up well with team mates all over the place.

At this point Newcastle were in control of the game and really pressuring the champions elect. Ameobi was getting a bit of ‘extra attention’ from their back four and popped up at the back post to connect with a great Joey Barton cross field ball. Unfortunately he could only just get it on target from what had become a very tight angle.

We won a few free kicks in decent places around their box, but alas, Joey Barton couldn’t find the killer ball with any of them. By the time we approached the half hour point, it had been all Toon. Man U were still dangerous on the break and Rooney fluffed his lines with only Krul to beat when put in over the top of our defense. They had a couple of other half chances where they looked too tense in front of goal.

As the clock ticked down towards half time, Tiote had a straight 25 yarder comfortably saved by Van Der Saar. But there was still time for probably Newcastle’s best and most clear cut chance of a pulsating first half. It fell directly on to Peter Lovenkrands head from a diagonal cross from the right. It cleared a leaping Ameobi and a Man U defender and it looked like Lovenkrands wasn’t really expecting it to make it through to him and put it wide.

Half time: 0 – 0.

The second half started a little differently with Man U attacking from the get go. Winning a series of corners and putting us under some constant early pressure. It must be said though that Newcastle as a team, and particularly our defence, kept their cool and got through the pressure without too much in the way of scares. We started to get back into the game again and played some controlled football.

By this point it was a cut and thrust game, with end to end entertainment. Wave after wave of attack and counter attack, with neither team really carving out a clear cut opening. You could tell that they were aware of our threat and tried to man handle Ameobi out of the game. They continued their clampdown on Jonas too.

As we edged towards the hour mark, Lovenkrands won the ball out right in the final third and cut into the box. He was surrounded by two or three Man U defenders as he made his way across the front of their box trying to create an opening. In came the leg of Anderson taking Lovenkrands legs away. It looked like a ‘nailed on’ penalty to everyone, including the usually anti Toon commentators. The ref inextricably decided to give nothing as he stood with a Toon player down on the ground next to him and another fouled in the box.

What followed was a rash of yellow cards as the game entered it’s scrappiest phase for a few minutes. It was obvious that the effort put in by both teams was starting to slow things down and stretch the game out.

Next came the substitutions. On came Steven Ireland for a tiring Lovenkrands and within 2 minutes of his arrival he had his first shot on goal in a Toon shirt. A great trap and early shot that was just off target. He did show some nice touches in his 20 minutes on the pitch. Meanwhile, Ryan Giggs had a great opportunity when they carved a good chance from some quick opportunist play, only to stab wide.

We were now in the tense final minutes and with 4 minutes of overtime it was all hands to the pump. Man U were trying to turn the screw and find a late winner but Newcastle were still worrying them on the break. As the clock ticked down the final minute of added time it looked like Ranger (on for Ameobi) was in, but he had the ball taken just off his toe at the last second.

There was still chance for the last bit of controversy to be squeezed out of what had been a rousing affair when Hernandez wriggled into the Toon box after some quick interchanges. As he came towards Danny Simpson, who stuck out an inviting leg, Hernandez decided to take him up on the invite and went down. The whistle went and 50 thousand breaths were held. To his credit, referee, Lee Probert, had blown up for a simulation and rightly so. Handing a yellow to Hernandez for his last gasp attempt at drama.

The final whistle blew and it was a point apiece. A very well earned one at that. One that most hadn’t bargained for. It also gave us a point that takes us to 40 for the season so far and back to 9th place in the league, above Villa on goal difference.

Every player put another proper shift in and deserves full credit for the performance level achieved.

It’s really difficult to call MotM but i’d go with Tiote in his comeback game. But no one disgraced themselves and all deserve praise.

A massive shout has to go out to the SJP crowd who showed what a proper Premiership game atmosphere should be like – Amazing, crackling atmosphere.

Full time: 0 – 0.

Great game, great performance, great point!

Howay the Lads!

Teams and stats.

Newcastle United: Tim Krul, Fabricio Coloccini, MIke Williamson, Danny Simpson, Sanchez Jose Enrique,  Joey Barton, Cheick Tiote, Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierez, Shola Ameobi (Nile Ranger – 73), Peter Lovenkrands (Stephen Ireland – 70).

Subs: Ole Soderberg, Ryan Taylor, Steven Taylor, James Perch, Stephen Ireland, Shefki Kuqi, Nile Ranger.

Manchester United: Edwin van der Saar, John O’Shea, Patrice Evra, Chris Smalling, Nemania Vidic, Ryan Giggs, Michael Carrick,  Anderson (Antonio Valencia – 71),  Nani (Michael Owen – 81), Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez.

Subs: Tomasz Kuszczak, Jonny Evans, Fabio da Silva, Ji-Sung Park, Darron Gibson, Michael Owen, Antonio Valencia.

Referee:  Lee Probert.

Yellow cards: Michael Carrick (45+1),  Tiote (65), Williamson (77), Hernandez (90+1).

Match highlights and post match interviews.

Match highlights of what was an very good game overall for a 0-0 draw.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, congratulates hais players on what he describes as an “outstanding” performance in the opening thity minutes. Acknowledging that Manchester United had the better of the second half generally, he also congratulates his lads’ for defending “superbly and heroically at times”. He also comments that Lovenkrands had a “definite penalty”, which I’m sure many fans would agree with!

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41 Responses

  1. Worky,
    ta mate,
    you spoiled my fun by the slight changing of the title.
    It was a little football press/fan dig at people using the term ‘United’ to mean them, when they are, in fact, 2 teams in manchester, therefore, not actually ‘United.

    So, for those who care:

    ‘United held by Manchester’!


  2. Good summary CLiNT and not far away from the way I heard it on 5 Live (I refuse to get Sky!) and yes, I agree with you that Newcastle United were indeed held by Manchester rather than the other way round as most of the Man U leaning media would see it!

    Since I’m grizzling, it really gets up my nose when Man United are referred to as ‘United’ and in the case of last night when we were referred to as Newcastle (dis-united presumably!


  3. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 20, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    ta mate,
    you spoiled my fun by the slight changing of the title.”

    I’ve changed it back, Clint. Sorry about that.

  4. Lesh,
    that’s why i like you then,
    i refuse to get sly sports too.


    Right on brother.
    One ‘True United’!

    Howay the Lads!

  5. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 20, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    “when they are, in fact, 2 teams in manchester, therefore, not actually ‘United.”

    Aren’t they actually in Salford too? Which is like Gatesheed to Manchester’s Newcastle.

  6. Cracking report Clint. I watched this in 3D on my new lardie da tv. Although I ended up with a headache from the 3d, it was worth it. One of the most entertaining 0-0 I’ve seen in a long time.
    Both sides played their part.
    However that nob phelan didn’t have a good word for us. Apparently we did what we had to do and that was to contain manure and stop them playing. Sorry? Did he actually watch the game. This guy is typical manure. Thinks that no one can compete with them on level terms.

  7. Ay Worky @7, Man U’s in Salford and Citeh ain’t but the parallel you draw with Tyneside is that Newcastle upon Tyne is a city and Gateshead (fondly known as ‘Soap City’) aspires to be one.

    Mind you, Gateshead Libraries showed foresight some years ago when they printed carrier bags with ‘Gateshead City Libraries’ on ’em. I kid you not.

    Ho hum

  8. Big fat sam (Allardyce) was a disgrace as a Sky presenter not a good word to be said. The sour grapes were obvious. Anyway it didn’t spoil the pure delight at matching the so called champions elect. Outstanding displays from all but thought Danny Guthrie played exceptionally well.

  9. lesh says:
    April 20, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    “that Newcastle upon Tyne is a city and Gateshead (fondly known as ‘Soap City’) aspires to be one.”

    Aye Lesh. I kind of meant in the sense that Gatesheed is a huge town that is centreless sprawl which has no real focus, because it is tacked on to a slightly larger city.

  10. tonanti says:
    April 20, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    “Big fat sam (Allardyce) was a disgrace as a Sky presenter not a good word to be said.”

    I was mildly amused by his references to “Williams” and “Cudecini” in the Newcastle defence. As a commentator, he’s well on top of his game! :-)

  11. Micky Toon says:
    April 20, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Good to see you on here again, Micky!

    How’s things with the new job, and life in general?

  12. worky,
    my sentiments exactly mate.
    A town/city has to have one team to be United.
    That therefore disallows manchester & sheffield.

  13. Let’s just hope the phrase Newcastlegateshead (sic) doesn’t catch on much more. I cringe when I hear that. They are two separate entities.

  14. Micky,
    ta mate.

    Oooo! look at ya’ wi’ ya’ posh tv.

    Enjoy mate.
    I’m sure the heedaches will recede mate.


  15. tonanti,
    good shout on Guthrie, he did well & didn’t look out of place.
    I think AP picked the correct team last night.


    BFS will always be bitter, he looks like a bulldog chowin’ a wasp anyway, so he might as well be bitter.

    Tricky micky owen can bite me too.

  16. Micky,
    phelan is a right tw@ too.
    they don’t like it up ’em, do they?

    Let’s just hope that the gooners take up our great offer we sent their way the neet.

  17. I just realized that you changed the title back.

    Thanx mate.

    My amorous outburst stands.


  18. Things are really hectic right now. I had a son born on the 4th, so I’m hoping to live my dreams through him and he will be the new Newcastle #9 in 2021!
    Two kids is more than double the effort.
    New job is madness. I knew I had a challenge on my hands before I took it, but its bigger than they let on!

    All in all knackered and have about 2minutes spare to myself each day!

  19. Ah, the joys of local rivalries!

    Best be careful otherwise we’ll all be pi$$ing each other off… well most

    Mickytoon, if we do become NewcastleGateshead (heaven forefend), how do we cope with two football teams? We’ve got to keep the distance between the two!

    Although that shouldn’t be a problem for those on the north banks of the Tyne, because Newcastle is a proper city not a micky-mouse one like Blunderland!

  20. Micky,

    Whey hey!

    I’ll be there at the end of summer, with bairn II half way now.
    Slightly worried that 2 is like 2.7 like, it’s what i’ve been told before, but was hoping it wasn’t in fact true, drat!

    All the best with the new job marra.
    Get stuck in.
    At least the new tv helps, hey?

  21. Micky,
    i was expecting my first daughter to become the first female Newcastle no. 9 like, so me first.


  22. Micky Toon says:
    April 20, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    “Things are really hectic right now. I had a son born on the 4th, so I’m hoping to live my dreams through him and he will be the new Newcastle #9 in 2021!”

    When he’s ten?!

    Nee pressure then, Micky! :-)

  23. My towns better than your town, nah na nahna !
    C`mon folks how parochial can y`all get ?
    It`s Newcastle United, meaning just that, a united tyneside area regardless of whether its a Newcastle suburb (cause face it no one actually lives in the Toon itsel, well hardly anyone)a pit village or market town, same thing. !
    Watched the game on my lap top, good game, have to say the side gave their all and gave a spirited performance.
    It`s a game we could, with a bit of luck have won.
    As for the calls, i believe “we was robbed” Chicharito defo dived and IMO deserved a card (make him think in future) but the ref just did`nt have the cojones to call the Anderson foul, too bad, wouldda loved to have beaten Manchester.
    Every point at this stage of the season is welcome and obviously it`s still a mathematical toss up as far as who`s going to take the championship and who will be relegated, making for a bit more parity.
    I would like to see the PL even more competitive, with at least ten sides fighting it out for the league, gets old watching the same sides win silverware year after year.
    Hopefully there will be a series of big shakeups with most clubs improving, the way things look i believe it`s going to be an interesting summer window.

  24. Alreet chuck,
    good assessment there mate.

    Although you say ‘a NY second’ & that’s fair enough in my book.
    Gotta have a bit of passion for where you’re from mate.
    Spread the love.

    Toon Toon.


  25. Reet,

    Krul 8, found out he was playing the day before & didn’t let us down. Made a great early brave save & grew in confidence from there. Distributed well & held up play when he had to.

    Simpson 7.5, played a great game too, didn’t do too much wrong against his old employers. Glad he wasn’t penalized at the end for the hernandez dive.

    Coloccini 8.5, top work by a top CB, totally solid.
    made one crucial interception that proved why he rocks.

    Enrique 8, More great work by Jose. Got all over the place linking up play while not shirking his defensive duties. Very calm & fast!

    Barton 8, He was instrumental in all the good work especially first half. Some great deliveries, good interplay with fellow MF’ers. Pity he couldn’t make one of his free kicks count.

    Tiote 9, Probably just shaded MotM for me. Great comeback game v manusa. Totally unphazsed, got stuck in, some great quick triangles, calmly taking pressure off the defence. Showed his worth to the team.

    Guthrie 8, What a game from the lad to come good in. Put in a great shift in didn’t let the game pass him by & filled in for Nolan admirably.

    Jonas 8, caused them all sorts of problems especially first half. One great mazy run & held the ball up well.
    Linked up well front to back.

    Ameobi 7.5, upset their defensive line to the point of taking a few hits. Got in some good positions & worried the goal a couple of times against the odds.

    Lovenkrands 7.5, Should’ve had a pen, should’ve had a goal, but wasn’t really expecting his best chance, but worked the line well.

    Ireland 7.5, only had 20 minutes on his debut but made a decent half chance with a quick attempt going just wide with an early shot. Looking forward to seeing more from him.

    Ranger 7, didn’t have too much time to impress. But he did add fresh legs & almost got in at the death. Good impact showing.

    Pardew 8, choose the right team & brought the subs on to freshen it up at the right time. His strategy worked well in not giving manusa time to settle & forced a game out of them.

    All in all a top performance that could’ve quite easily garner 2 more points with a bit more of the rub of the green.

  26. Eeek!
    Sorry BIG MIKE Williamson 8, great performance from the lad, rarely has he let the team down & he didn’t disappoint. Helped keep rooney & hernandez quiet throughout the game.

    I got distracted there a bit sorry Mike.

  27. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 20, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    “Sorry BIG MIKE Williamson 8, great performance from the lad, rarely has he let the team down & he didn’t disappoint.”

    The photo at the top of this piece, where Hernamdez looks like some kind of Babboon swinging through the trees. I seem to recall that Williamson could have done a little better to stop that chance from happening, but aye, he was canny enough I suppose.

  28. Barton’s interplay with those other mother f*ckers was awesome as you say Clint. Wait, what position does Joey play? :D

  29. Tripp,
    i was wondering if anyone would pick up on that?

    the CB’s both kept their atrikers pretty quiet though throughout.

  30. OMGosh!
    The manc’s actually think that they were refused a nailed on pen. Just goes to show how deluded they have become due to refs pandering to their every whim.

    What a sorry state of affairs english football finds it’s self in.

    If Lovenkrands was, say rooney being fouled in the same way at ot it would have been a pen no sweat.
    We must be the only team in the world that don’t get ‘homer’ refs.
    What is with that?

  31. “Krul 8, found out he was playing the day before & didn’t let us down. Made a great early brave save & grew in confidence from there. Distributed well & held up play when he had to”

    The more I see that save by Krul, bearing in mind how early it was in the game, the more I think he should have earned more plaudits for his contribution.

    1-0 down after two minutes and the floodgates could have opened plus we’d have struggled to equalise with the forwards we had on the pitch.

    All this talk of Forster edging Krul out is wishful thinking. Forster still has a long way to go to take on TK as No. 1 next season.

  32. Andy,

    Krul played a blinder & set some great foundations for the whole game with that save.

    When you consider we had our ‘second’ ‘keeper in, our Capt. out, & maybe our lightest strike force, manusa really didn’t take advantage, did they?
    Great clean sheet.