Blackpool v Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews.

Posted on April 23rd, 2011 | 47 Comments |

Match highlights of the game. I will endeavour to update these with longer ones when they are available.

Alan Pardew say that he is “satisfied” with a point under the circustances blaming tiredness after the performance against Manchester United on Tuesday evening for a certain “flatness” in the team. He also sings the praises of Blackpool’s “committed” performance, and uses the Arsene Wenger ‘I did not see the incident’ approach when quizzed about Danny Simpson’s handball penalty shout.

Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway seems very dischuffed at some of the refereeing decisions, expressing diappointment at missing out on what he feels were two or three penalties.

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47 Responses

  1. Well actually i thought that was a very honest assessment by Pardwho. And Holloway can be as bitter as he likes about penalty decisions not going his way, but he needs to remember the other ones that go his way.
    Also NUFC have played many games when we have been the better team and lost. Thats football. Its not always about how well you play, but about banging the ball in the net. Ok he’s been unlucky sometimes, tough shit move on and deal with it but stop whining like a baby ffs. No one feels sorry for you and you just sound pathetic.

  2. I thought Steve Bruce was a winging git but Holloway takes it to another level. Perhaps the ball did cross the line for their goal, but they shouldnt have had the free kick in the first place.
    Stroller, even having gone to longer studs, lived up to his name and should have done a lot, lot better. Just not up to this standard however good he has been. Both Barton and Nolan had very quiet games and perhaps we should have done better, but a point away from home was what was required at this stage of this season and should make us safe.
    It would be good if the Big lad was still knackered next week…..?

  3. anybody have the odds of chieck tiote getting another yellow card for Liverpool doesn’t seem to learn does he

  4. Yeah they looked far more interested in a fight than we were. I think we got a bit deflated when Stroller kept falling over every time he got close to their third of the pitch. Every time he won the ball he gave it away and if he did get it to Guti he did not run and try and get in the box he stood back and watched.

    I really do hope we can get some action going early on in the transfer window. Knowing we will have Ben Arfa and Gosling back for next season is like having two new players. But I do think we need to buy before we sell. Weve already sold and left ourselves short so lets get some heads in early and then the guys that know they have just been shuffled back to second or third choice will have more motivation to move.

    Smith, Xisco, Amoebi, Guthrie, RTaylor, STaylor can all be sold as they are just not up to standard. Ranger and some youngsters need to be loaned out. He is not ready for the Premier League yet.

  5. Tired is it ?
    Was`nt that the one he used after getting our asses kicked out of the cup that no body but Birmingham wanted to win, by a bottom league team.
    This guys either the dumbest donkey of a manager ever, or he`s got more chutzpah than is good for anyone.
    Hell i had to burst out laughing, when he showed concern for Blackpool, hoping they get to stay in the PL.
    Hey screw Blackpool i hope Newcastle stay in the PL cause we are still not mathematically safe.
    I mean what f***ing planet is this guy from ?

    And on another tack, what`s up with a side that could (if the ref had the cojones and called the Lover penalty) have beat Man U. but find it difficult against a plunging Blackpool
    And it aint over til it`s over, with some teams playing for twelve points and others fifteen.

  6. Chuckles, get your facts straight before you start blabbering.

    The cup ‘only Birmingham wanted to win’ was the Carling Cup in which we got beat by Arsenal. They are not a ‘bottom league team’.

  7. And we got knocked out of that cup way before Pardew even turned up at St James’ Park ;)

    4-0 at home was it?

  8. there’s no disguising the fact,we were utterly poor yesterday,if blackpool had of took their chances in the the second half,we could have been looking at a humiliation on the back pages,this morning.
    shola in the first half,gave another of his career defining performances,of which we have become accustomed to.when he beat the defender,and had a clear run into the box,then proceeded to monumentally mess it up,summed shola up.

  9. Apart from Krul the entire team was off their game yesterday and how Pardew can say we are safe when others can still catch us is worrying . If the players go into the last 4 games with that in their heads then we may not pick up another point , We still need a win against somebody as it stands now and after yesterdays performance it wont be at liverpool . I agree with the people on here that hope Shola is sold in the transfer window how he has stayed so long i will never figure out .

  10. “Least Successful Passes: Ameobi 19”

    Therein lies the problem. No real danger up front means we’re unbalanced as a team and when we get the ball forward there’s every chance it’ll come straight back.

    I saw Jonas run down several blind alleys and lose possession then we’re suddenly exposed down the left because invariably Jose is up in support and has to race back to defend.

    As I said yesterday, before the match, we needed to bung up the midfield as two strikers, who are as poor as the two we have, are a luxury no team can afford to carry.

    Let’s just hope HBA turns up soon :(

  11. anybody think we should sign up ireland after his recent performances or should we just forget about him all together

  12. nufc337 i think we should forget about him , not because he is a bad player but we are overloaded in midfield with Gosling ,HBA ,Nolan ,Barton ,Tiote , Jonas and Guthrie plus a couple of the kids we need to strengthen elsewhere first . Note i did not include R Taylor and Smith because i hope we sell them along with Perch , Xisco , Ameobi and maybe Lovenkrands if we buy 3 good quick strikers . This all depends on signing Enrique ,Barton and Nolan to longer deals of course .imo a right back a central defender and 3 forwards who can play through the centre and out wide is needed to push us on to the next level

  13. ‘And on another tack, what`s up with a side that could have beat Man U. but find it difficult against a plunging Blackpool’

    Man U was a home game against a team fighting for the title and Blackpool was against a team fighting for their lives in what they probably thought was one of their last winnable home games. A different challenge but not an easy one. blackpool can play some decent football aswell they arn’t a hopeless case. Although I do agree that we seem to up our level against the big teams.

  14. blackpool was always gonna be a tough game.
    We couldn’t beat ’em at heir place last season in the championship & they are fighting like f*** to survive this.
    They deserved their point, just like we did when we turned up to test ourselves v manusa last week.

  15. That said,
    it doesn’t bode well for blackpool if we can play that bad against ’em & they play at the top of their game & we still get a point away.

    Coulda easily lost that game, so i’ll take the point.

  16. It was another good point, the team that couldn’t get a point at Villa when it actually mattered should take notice.

  17. DJG,
    indeed mate.
    Although, it’s normal for a newly promoted team to be at the mercy of the f****** wind.
    I’ll be expecting a F*** load more consistency next season. We turn up for a big game, but just can’t seem to keep focused for the ‘lesser teams’, & pay the price.
    We coulda easily had 10-15 more points this season. We played too soft at home early season & a bit inconsistent all season.

  18. Would be nice to do the double on liverpoo like.
    & brum.

    We owe wba too.

    when was the last time we won at chelsea?

  19. Last time we were in the Prem I think. Ended 1-0 to us. Though I think they had the league wrapped up by then.

  20. I’m expecting us to lose to LPool and Chelsea so would take a draw if offered to us now! That leaves us needing a win against BHam or WBA, we should just about do a Jim Peters and stumble across the finishing line.

    Then on to the travails of next season, should we be optimists again or expect more of the same, probably the latter but I live in hope.

  21. Phisix,
    you’re on about the one when Bramble got a spectacular winner at SJP.
    My point was when was the last win we got at their place?
    I can’t remember.

  22. Grumpy,
    owt could happen v liverpoo & the chavs, we usually turn up for those kinda games.
    & f*** up the other type: brum,wba.


  23. Thats the trouble with this Newcastle side , turning it on in the games we don’t expect and fcuking it up against the likes of Blackpool . The Arsenal game sums us up , totally out played for the first half then all of a sudden put in a second half performance that will never be forgotten . Pardew claimed the other week that it was a lack of depth in the squad and that is true we are carrying some deadwood and need our first 11 on the pitch but i can’t help thinking that in some games the team are going onto the pitch expecting to roll the opposition over to easily .

  24. Axel
    Thats the difference between a good manager like Fergy and the middle of the road ones, they instill the players with the right attitude to games. Under CH and AP you got the impression sometimes our lot came onto the pitch expecting to give some of the lesser teams a thrashing. Trouble is the lesser teams are still pretty good EPL teams and don’t always want to be thrashed!!

    There has been a few times this season where we have been coasting for the last few minutes and came unstuck cos of it, poor management and team captaincy or what?

  25. Axel/Grumpy,

    but remember we are new again to this league & tbf we’ve done alreet.
    It’s just a pity our year in the champs has put us on the back foot a bit & we think we can easily beat the likes of stoke, blackpool, wigan, wolves, especially at home. Then we really get the bit between our teeth for the ‘big’ games, manusa, arse, liverpoo.
    We shoulda learned a lot this season.
    But mostly, we NEED continuity of management style/input.
    We MUST start well next term & stick with who ever the boss is, that in it’s self could be the making of this team.

  26. CLiNT i agree mate that we have done alreet , lets face it we were all saying at the start of the season survival was the only thing we should be aiming for . I totally agree that we need to stick with whoever is in charge or we will never be able to build on this and if people just listen to pardew and take in what he is saying and targeting for the transfer window then they should see that he wants a quick attacking side on the park next season . Thats what the supporters always want to see and he wants to give it , trouble is at the minute we do not have the strike force to produce that sort of football . I also don’t think its his fault that certain players only turn it on in the big games ,how many times has he give the team a half time blast because of lack of effort or tempo , thing is we also have a fair few players that will fight from the start Barton , Nolan , Tiote and that needs built on . This coming transfer window is going to be interesting and i see it as a massive stepping stone to bringing back the good times or not . I just hope Pardew is here this time next season because that means he is doing something right.

  27. Well said Axel, the more “captains” or leaders we can get in the team the better. I hope HBA also fills that type of role, after all he is a French international.

  28. MM,
    ta mate, it’s always better to be realistic/grown up about football, otherwise you’d kill yersel.

    that’s pretty much how i look at it too mate.
    We do need an injection of speed & guile, but i don’t think we’re too far away.
    We do have the basis of a good team & this season has kinda proved that. With a bit more focus, a few less suspensions & injuries we’d be flying now.
    But seeing as it’s our first season back, with everyone against us, we’ve done damn fine really, all things considered.
    Survival was key!

  29. MM,
    HBA could be the ‘killer move’ for us.
    Great buy!
    Glad we didn’t give up on the lad after his injury & because of the boss switch.
    Pity he couldn’t have played more games.

  30. The thing with HBA is we all saw after a couple of games that we had something special in house , just hope we don,t push him to quick and leave him out until pre season . There is no point in taking a risk with him in the last couple of games . The guy once fully fit and up and running will be a key player next season .

  31. Axel,
    aye, i’m glad we’ve pulled a few points together to not have to start ‘relying’ on him at this stage.
    Maybe he can have a little cameo v wba or something in front of the home crowd, just to let him suck up some of the atmos.

  32. CLiNT that would be nice , give him 15mins at the end he will get a standing ovation when he comes on and that would give the lad a lift .

  33. Axel,
    yea, the pressure is almost off now, so like you say,
    it would give him a lift.
    By then wba could well be safe too, they’ve also done well since woy took the reigns.

  34. I don’t have huge expectations, but I do expect our team to come out to play their hearts out. Blackpool seem to do it every game regardless of who the opposition is. If we did that in some of the matches will lost and drew, then we may have more points and less negativity about the team.

  35. Every team ‘seems’ to give everything Phisix, ’til you support them & watch ’em like a hawk, then you realize that it’s not really like that.

  36. worky/hugh/Thump,
    if one of you is about there’s ‘one in the pot’, if one of ya’ wants to ‘do the honours’, ta.
    I can’t email ya’ atm, me comps are in bits.


  37. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 25, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    if one of you is about there’s ‘one in the pot’,”

    Aye Clint, will get on to it.