The next seven games are going to be massive.

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A crucial set of games awaits.
A crucial set of games awaits.
After the football wasteland that is a round of International friendlies, we can start thinking about ‘proper’ football again…Phew!

So, the next 6-7 games.

Next up is Blackburn away & Joey Barton has been quoted as saying that his little spat with Pederson is history, which personally I think is good to hear, as Joey would be stupid in the extreme to try & carry it on with so many important games coming up.

Then we’ve got Birmingham, also away, & rescheduled from the winter wonderland postponement. Unfortunetely for us they are on a bit of a run of form despite their relatively lowly league position. They have won three out of their last four games, drawing with Man City in the other one. They have also secured a League Cup final appearence in one of their two recent wins over West Ham.

The third game will see us come up against Bolton at home. Revenge is definitely required in this one after our dismal showing at their place earlier in the season. Which arguably did for Chris Hughton. Double revenge then?

For the fourth game it’s Everton, again at home. A tough game. Pity we don’t have Hatem Ben Arfa this time to kill ’em off as we did last time.

Next comes Stoke, away this time. A game we have go into having learned from our last encounter at SJP, where we let them back into the game & capitulated late on. They are a big, tough team & are hard to kill at home.

The sixth game we will be welcoming the lovely Wolves at SJP. After the pathetic ref on the day allowed Karl Henry to kick Barton from pillar to post last time in their lair, we’ll be expecting a bit better protection for the lads when this fixture rolls around.

Last, but not least, we will be meeting Aston Villa at Villa Park. A game which may bring bad memories back for some fans who were there during our relegation season. Yes, we killed them stone dead at SJP in the first game of this season, with “You know who” bagging a hat trick along with a brace from Nolan & a pile driver from Barton. A walkover, yes. But I’ll be expecting a different Villa by this point. I wonder if new loan signing, Steven Ireland, will:

a) Be allowed to play, &

b) Get to show what he’s made of against the “mother” club?

So, all in all, 6 or 7 eminently winnable games coming up, with a lot, if not everything at stake. Most, if not all of these clubs will also be fighting like boxers with a couple of rounds left of a bout, with a knockout required. Can the lads overcome injuries & adversity & come through these games with enough points to guarantee survival in their first year back in the Premier League? Will we buckle against ‘so called’ lesser teams, some of which turned us over last time we played then earlier in the season? Will we have learned from those defeats, especially galling were the games against some of these teams at home. Can we garner enough points to make survival a formality and allow for a more relaxed push up the league in the final few games? The next 6 or 7 games REALLY ARE KEY!

This where the real season begins.

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31 Responses

  1. Clint I think the rules state that loanees can’t play against there mother club,which some people might think is a blessing in disguise.

  2. Bee guy don’t think there was much “thinking” involved,but I do wish Kuqi the best ,he seems a decent bloke and a bit of a character.

  3. think it will take 43points to be safe this year as its a funny old year,i would take 5 points from the next 3games at this stage

  4. Our end is sold out but I have a spare ticket for Blackburn if anyone is desperate to see Kuqi’s debut on Saturday?

  5. Can’t wait for sat. Early weather reports suggest a clear sunny day. I’m hoping we can get our points back after fatty sham’s 3 bast##d points at SJP. But also so that we can pull back into relative safety and try for 3 points against Brum Brum for almost certain safety. If we can have an ‘arsenal 2nd half’ performance against either we will wallop them, I just hope we turn up. To go on a run of 3 wins again like we did at one point earlier in the season would be fantastic.

  6. DJG says:
    February 10, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    “I’m hoping we can get our points back after fatty sham’s 3 bast##d points at SJP.”

    It’s a new gadgie in charge now though, DJG. So there won’t be the extra little bit of pleasure from getting revenge on fat sham if we win.

  7. Manc says:
    February 10, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    Manc, you’ll get lots of ‘spam’ if you put your e.mail online as it will be harvested by spam bots. Just thought I’d let you know in case you didn’t already. I’ll take it down after a while if you want me to?

  8. Mick G,
    i thought it was only if it was wrote into the deal.
    Remember Lua Lua scoring against us for portsmouth?

  9. Shefki
    is a joke pawdew is a joke ashley is a complete tit ,
    and and penfold lambiarse is suc*ing off ashley

  10. Almost 5000 toon tickets sold for the Blackburn away game, immense. Been to Blackburn a couple of times, and it’s a great end for creating a great atmosphere, wor fans can play a big part with their support….(as always)…Hopefully we can bring home three points…it would be great.

  11. MickG@ 1 if it were the case that loanees couldn’t play against their old clubs, would the likes of kuqi ever get a game?

    Ps, I know he’s not a loanee.

  12. Keep thinking of the relegation season, we were not in a very different position then and who believed we would go down.
    Just three losses from a bottom place position, it`s a tight race, with no gimme games.
    Be happy with PL survival.
    With all the rumors about Tiote, El Toro and Jonas, hope Ashley realises we cant decimate the side by selling.
    In fact we should be looking to bring in more quality, that is if there`s any ambition to improve the side in order to reflect what should be at least a “twentieth wealthiest” club position following this season.

  13. chuck says:
    February 11, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    “Keep thinking of the relegation season, we were not in a very different position then and who believed we would go down.”

    I really don’t think that we’ll get relegated this time, Chuck. I did last time unfortunately after Kinnear had his hypertension incident.

  14. chuck, worky – in 08-09 we had 27 points from 25 games – but didn’t reach 31 points till we’d played 34 games!

  15. 4 more wins should see us safe and they will come , in the relegation season the players just did not believe or in some cases try . This squad has the belief the will and the skill to finish the season as a premiership team .

  16. magpie6699 says:
    February 11, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    “chuck, worky – in 08-09 we had 27 points from 25 games – but didn’t reach 31 points till we’d played 34 games!”

    Aye magpie, true. However we also had five changes of manager in that season too (including Hughton holding the fort twice), which was absolutely crucial in our downfall.

  17. chuck,
    do you really think that buying & selling players is all to do with ashley mate?
    He rubber stamps deals, effectively cos it’s his club, but i very much doubt he has much else to do with it.
    I know plenty will argue that point to furnish an their argument.
    & the bloke is the local bete noir, but i do expect a more reasoned approach from the likes of you chuck, you’re an intelligent lad.