Newcastle to double Carroll’s wages? Maybe!

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Andy Carroll, Newcastle United
£60,000 a week?
Newcastle United are allegedly going to double Andy Carroll’s wages to make sure he stays at the club.

Warning Will Robinson! The story comes from the News of the World, which is somewhere between Viz and The Beano in terms of reliable, factual information, so treat it with extreme caution.

On the back of Alan Pardew’s “I will says this one more time – Andy Carroll is not for sale” statement in response to alleged interest in the player from Spurs, it now seems that the club are prepared to double Andy Carroll’s wages in order to fend off interest from a brace of Manchesters.

This would apparently take the player’s wages from £30,000 a week to £60,000 a week and help to stop Carroll from being tempted by Manchester City and Manchester United, who are both – allegedly – interested in acquiring Carroll’s services.

There are no quotes from the player, the club or even nameless ‘sources inside the club’, so the chances of this being true are probably close to nil. Having said that, I suppose it’s reasonable to expect a club to have to increase the wages of a desirable player and £60,000 a week or more isn’t an unusual wage for a highly-rated striker.

It would of course call into question the maximum weekly wage caps the club has supposedly set for players, although I have personally never really believed that in the first place. I don’t think it has ever been about specific wage caps as such, but more about a sensible intent to stop paying over the odds for players who either underperform or spend all their time queuing up outside the doctor’s office.

I’m usually interested in players wages just so that I can decide whether I think they’re worth it or not, but I don’t subscribe to the ‘we pay their wages’ philosophy. We, the fans, do, indirectly, pay them in part I suppose – along with sponsors, TV companies and other sources of club income – but we don’t ‘pay their wages’ any more than we pay the wages of the check-out desk operator at Tesco. Which is to say that we give the ‘company’ some money in return for an end product. From Tesco the end product is a trolley full of shopping and from our football club the end product is entertainment on a Saturday afternoon and an appropriate degree of expectation in terms of success. How the wages are allocated is an internal matter.

Yet we are of course entitled to voice an opinion and if we know a player’s wage we’re entitled to pass our personal judgement as to whether we think they’re worth it or not. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t support the ‘we pay their wages so we can tell the club what to pay them’ philosophy.

Anyway, I’ve soapboxed a bit there, so I’ll climb down off it and have some breakfast instead.

As to the story about Andy Carroll’s wage doubling, it’s probably twaddle anyway.

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31 Responses

  1. The club seem to be stumbling towards a professional approach to managing its affairs and wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something in Carroll’s contract that triggers rises in his wages as a matter of course……… I hope!

  2. just pay them the going rate….same with tiote…..barton’s just accepted a pay-cut apparently…..

  3. We have to keep players like Carroll, Barton, Tiote and Enrique for a long long time! Give them new contracts offers that they can agree with! Give them what they are worth!

  4. Can’t see it to be honest. Why the rush?

    He has just signed a five year deal. He is good, but £60,000 a week good? After only 19 PL games? Hmmmm.

    Plenty of time for a pay rise.

  5. More ‘shot in the dark’ stirring from ‘out of the loop’ snoozepapers, with a nice line in guessing ‘what happens next’?

    Off this topic,
    but, on the media one.
    Wonder if andy gay & the hairy palmed one will be sacked by sly sports for their sexist outburst, just like Rodney Marsh was for his Tsunami faux pas or Big (medium, as i now call him) Ron for his racist one?
    Scum, get shot.

  6. If it is true that the club are bumping up Carroll’s wages then it is good news for all the younger players and all those at the academy that if they apply themselves and work hard they will be rewarded financially – please take note Nile.

  7. Why do I get the feeling that Ashley’s m8’s at News of the World are setting us up, for a Carroll sale in such a way that no blame falls on Mike Ashley when he is sold!

    This is the same paper that Ashley used to spread lies about Keegan beinga ‘Loony Toon’ saying his transfer targets were Beckham, Frank Lampard, Henry etc.! all so that he could present a lie that would get the fans to turn against Kevin Keegan and get off Ashley’s back.

    This story of Newcastle willing to DOUBLE Carroll’s wages to £60,000 a week smells to me like Ashley & Co. are setting the fans up to hate and blame Andy Carroll because they are going to sell him this January/Summer!

    Instead of Ashley being the one to blame and taking flack from the fans for selling our best player, it will be Andy Carroll who is the fall guy taking all the blame. This due to an unscrupulous owner who has preivous.

    This situation wreaks of Ashley regime making James Milners transfer request public knowledge, this wreaks of Ashley regime making Michael Owen contract offer public knowledge, all in order to turn the fans against the players and back Mike Ashley. Both Owen & Milner & their agents were understanably unhappy about this and made it known.

    Milner was happy to stay and was not for sale according to Keegan! He just wanted to be on par wages with N’Zogbia who just signed a new contract which was not unreasonable at the time. Owen was happy to see out his contract and see where we ended the season.


    It appears Ashley isn’t ambitious enough to move NUFC forward in the right direction, when he seems willing to sell our better players when the first good offer comes in, Milner, N’Zogbia, Shay. DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF WE LOSE A BIG NAME IN THIS TRANSFER WINDOW OR IN THE SUMMER!

  8. Conjecture…speculation…disinformation…mischief…lazy journalism?

    Saying that like, they’ve problies got all of SJP’s phones tapped !

    What gets me…why DOUBLE? Why not just report Increase?

    Smells of BS.

  9. I’m sure if AC didn’t wanna be sold, he’d have any amount of opportunities to tell us, via any media, repeatedly.
    & i’m pretty sure fans would rather believe the man himself, over a Ashley manipulated paper.
    So i think y’misinfo falls down right there man.

    Although, we do ALL believe EVERYTHING we read/hear etc.

  10. Conjecture…speculation…disinformation…mischief…lazy journalism?

    Yup. That’s the News o the Screws alright

  11. stephen ireland coming to the toon this week?? another center midfielder into the fold if it happens,already strong in that area so guessing we are not in for a winger

  12. Big FAT NA to ireland.
    What a waste of proper cash he would be.
    Not saying he doesn’t need a change & we seem to be the club that helps wayward footballers mend their ways atm eg. Barton.
    But, a big risk, for big money where ireland is concerned.
    We need some pace, not a problem child.

  13. looks likely to be a loan deal tho option of buying him,yes be a good way to mend like you said so could go either way with him but has a real short time of proving himself

  14. BTW Clint, that Prince model seems to be the foreign policy of most nations these days…;0)

    Regime change agencies…geopolitics. MA’s not that clever…?

  15. Lol ! Good crack…

    Ashley looks Machievellian when read from the outside, but that’s ‘cos we’re trying to impose reason onto clueless u-turns?

  16. “The story comes from the News of the World, which is somewhere between Viz and The Beano in terms of reliable, factual information”

    That’s a terrible slur on The Viz and The Beano, Hugh.