Barton in new deal speculation – Carroll is NOT for sale

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Joey Barton and Andy Carroll, Newcastle United
The future of Newcastle?
Reports suggest that Joey Barton is soon to sign a new five and a half year contract with Newcastle United and Alan Pardew reiterates that Carroll is not for sale.

Apparently negotiations are underway to keep Joey Barton at Newcastle until (pretty much) the end of his playing career.

It is reported that Barton is prepared to take a £10,000/week wage drop to remain at Newcastle, which will drop him down to the £50,000/week that is allegedly the club’s maximum wage.

Barton has been in stunning form this season and has recently been making his case for an England recall. He has scored 3 times for us this season – including an absolute cracker against Stevenage in an otherwise disappointing game – and his passing has often been inch-perfect.

Beware though, some of these reports are coming from the red tops. Having said that, I can actually see the reports as having some truth in them.

Apparently West Ham and Aston Villa fancy signing Barton if his negotiations with Newcastle grind to a halt, although both those teams look to be in a lot more trouble than us this season and I can’t see Barton being particularly tempted to join either of them.

In addition, Alan Pardew has once again reiterated that Andy Carroll is not for sale.

Amidst speculation that Spurs are preparing a £30m bid for the player, Pardew said:

They can put together whatever they like. He is not for sale.

I am going to say it one last time, he is not for sale.

Harry Redknapp appears to have poured cold water on the speculation too, saying:

He’s a good player, he’s a handful, you’d like to have him in your team.

But we are nowhere near getting Andy Carroll. How much is he? You are talking £30 million to 40 million.

Hopefully that’s put the issue to bed, although I’ll still be relieved when the transfer window closes and Andy Carroll is still with us!

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16 Responses

  1. So the wage cap as gone from £25k thru £35k now to $50k a week as it lol lol lol

    Well if thats how much it’ll cost to keep him at the club, then it sounds fair enough to me, considering if he was too leave, it would probably cost us that or more to find someone to replace him & that the club would suffer as we did when he was banned for those 3 games.. we didn’t play well at all during that time & we need players like him, Nolan, Enrique signed up asafp…. :)

  2. I think if we can keep improving our squad, we can fight or even better than Tottenham within 2-3 years. I don’t see any reason why we should sell one of our best player to them. I really believe it.

  3. Regarding AC, it’s pretty pathetic that AP, the club and the player all have to keep saying the same thing. You still get people banging on about him on here when it’s pretty plan that he’s going nowhere. Please – an end to it now?

    I have no problem believing Barton will take a cut to stay; I think he’s genuinely found his spot here and knows he’d have to build from scratch anywhere else. He’s not daft (angry – yes, daft – no) so a few mil here and there is less important to him than the right environment to do his thing and keep his demons at bay.

    As for speculation on money – all made up, of course; nobody has a clue. I don’t think Ashley is so naive that he doesn’t have a realistic expectation of what he has to pay top players. But he’s no mug either and won’t try to compete with Citeh and co. He’ll bide his time and build slowly while the new rules take hold and the playing field levels. £200k/week deals just aren’t feasible any longer. Thank gawd/platini.

  4. think barton defo should take a pay cut if needs be,after all we have stuck by him though thick and thin, he has been outstanding this season and if he did move on (god forebid)it would only take a couple of dodgey performaces before the crowd would be on his back. STAY WHERE YA LOVED JOEY

  5. Right, not to get ahead of myself but I had a look into Euro qualification and i think this is how it works:
    Top 4– Champ League
    5th — UEFA
    That’s all set in stone.
    If the FA cup winners haven’t finished in the top 5, they get UEFA cup qualification, otherwise it goes to the runners up, if both have finished it in the top 5, it goes to 6th placed in the league.
    Likewise if the League cup winners havent already qualified, they take the place, HOWEVER, the runners up don’t get the place if the winners have already qualified, it goes to 7th place in the league.
    In addition to this, the team finishing below the league’s european qualifiers gets into the Inter Toto Cup.

    So… potentially, if Arsenal win the league cup, and two of the top five get to the final of the FA cup, we would only need to finish 8th for inter-toto.
    It’s really really doable isn’t it. I wouldn’t at all disappointed if it didnt happen, as i still maintain that survival is our aim, but it certainly is possible!

  6. Haha looks like Bent is on his way to Aston Villa, apparently he handed in a transfer request and a bid has been accepted. The rumoured fee seems a little bit high at £18M but English striker in the Jan window will always inflate prices. Wonder who they will replace him with, will leave them short upfront and will hopefully piss the other players off as well

  7. ST,
    admire y’spirit mate, & sweet if it happened, but i won’t be holding me breath like.

  8. divint blame bent if its true, who would want to play for that rabble, meant to have put requst in on friday, bloody hell they cannot hold onto there players and there right up the top end of the table, lets all laff at scumberland


    Comment from Guardian chalkboard:
    “Has Joey Barton’s game changed under Alan Pardew? Barton has impressed so far this season with his passing game and accurate crossing from wide areas, but yesterday against Sunderland he seemed intent on hitting long, hopeful balls for Leon Best and Shola Ameobi to challenge for. The chalkboard below shows his passing in this season’s two Tyne-Wear derbies. The top game, the 5-1 victory at St James’ Park, shows short, sideways passes and a 68% completion rate, while the bottom game, yesterday’s 1-1 draw at the Stadium of Light, sees long balls forward and just a 40% completion rate.”

    Would be interesting to get Barton’s view of this. Does he want to play hollywood balls really – or would he rather get it on the deck and do an arsenal ?

  10. Couldn’t have owt to do with Tiote not playing, could it?
    Barton’s first outlet is Tiote.

  11. Enrique is just as much off a priority to getting him signing a new contract as Barton, I love Enrique and I think he is the future of Newcastle and Spain in the LB position. I would not be suprised if he wrapped himself some serious interest, but he’s said that he would like to stay here for the rest of his career, let’s hope so. He has quickly become one of my favorite Newcastle players. Coloccini has been playing so well recently, I wonder if he would remain at this club even if he had to take a 30k wage drop? Gutierrez, I’m not sure, I’m pretty sure we’ll see him working a lot harder when we get HBA back.

    But Make sure we get Enrique under a 10 year contract or something then I’ll be happy.