Ameobi, Gutierrez, Enrique, S.Taylor fit to face Mackems, Carroll still doubtful.

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Shola: Fully fit for return on Sunday.
Shola: Fully fit for return on Sunday.
As Newcastle prepare for Sunday’s derby against Sunderland, Magpie’s manager, Alan Pardew, has reassured fans that Mackem nemesis, Shola Ameobi, along with winger, Jonas Gutierrez, left back, Jose Enrique and centre back, Steven Taylor, will all be fully fit for the game.

Shola has been sidelined with an ankle injury for the last two games while Gutierrez, Enrique and Taylor all missed the previous game against Stevenage. Vintage centre back, Sol Campbell, should also be fully recovered from a virus and available for selection.

Pardew told local newspaper, The Journal:

“The injury news is looking positive for us and we should have some important players back.

“Shola Ameobi should be fit now, Jonas will be fine and Jose Enrique should be available too.

“It will be a boost to have Shola back. He is going to train on Friday and that is what we are working towards at the moment – although there is a couple of days’ work to be done there.”

As previous reported, long term casualty, Dan Gosling wil also be available for selection, having played around 70 minutes of a behind closed doors match against Hibernian yesterday, his first game for the Magpies since his signing from Everton last July.

However, talisman striker, Andy Carroll will still be a doubt for Sunday’s important game. The Number 9 has been in Dubai recovering from a thigh strain which has seen hims miss Newcastle’s last two games. He returned to Tyneside on Sunday, but the club are still unsure as to whether he has recovered enough for a return to the Newcastle front line. Midfielder, Cheik Tiote will also be out through suspensin after losing his F.A. appeal for a sending off in he Magpies’ F.A. Cup defeat to Stevenage.

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62 Responses

  1. Im praying for Carroll to be fit, I fear we will have little cutting edge without him, especially if Pardew continues with this long ball tactic that didn’t work in the cup.

  2. 6 goals in 4 games against the scum, Shola is useless most the time but he’s a geordie and he knows the games to pick it up for!

    Btw have you all seen this video? Best video I’ve ever seen, gets a bit emotional though!.

  3. @MikeAshleysWallet

    Lacking cutting edge? Did you see what happened to West Ham?

    The Stevenage game was down to bad selection choices – Pardew has since admitted he should have rested the players that had played over the Xmas period.

    Best, Loven and Shola are fully fit. Gosling and Guthrie are fit enough to feature – Have some faith! We must have the most fickle fans in the league – Before the Stevenage game everybody was praising the team mostly Loven and Best, now there saying we cant win without Carroll…. Shame on the fans!

  4. He ain’t going to continue with the same tactics that he used in the cup! He probably didnt want to play it on the ground as the pitch was shit, it has no impact on what tactics he will play again a PL team. Its like saying “I hope he plays the continues with the same tactics as when we beat WH 5-0”! Each game is different

  5. @JS thats why I qualified that statement with “especially if he continues with the same tactics used in the cup”!
    Yes we were good against West Ham but we were also playing against a completely demoralised team that look certs for the drop!
    I want us to keep the ball on the deck same as most fans do but IF Pardew plays long ball tactics then we MUST have Carroll up front as nobody can hold the ball up as well as he can! Shola sometimes does that job well but you never know what you’re gonna get with him.
    And nobody is saying we can’t win without Carroll, we won our first 2 games after he was injured!

  6. @MikeAshleysWallet

    Demoralised team – They had just lifed themselves out of the relegation zone after a 4 game unbeaten run. If they had beaten us they would have gone above us!

    At the end of the day Pardew has Won 3 lost 2 in the League. In the loss against city we completley outplayed them. Alan’s tactics have worked so far so i would be happy whatever he chooses!

  7. I just hope they realise the importance of this game. Most will but will the likes of Leon Best and Wayne Routledege if they are picked?

    Form goes completely out the window with this, last time we beat them 5-1, hadnt we just had a mauling from Arsenal in the cup?

  8. @JS

    I agree with what you say. Are we going to end up like liverpool relying on Stevie G to pull them along, doing the same to Carroll. The lads only 21 fans are putting too much reliance and pressure on the lad. Hes not the only player we have got or have had that is any good!

  9. We seem to have a team that scores for fun or gets beaten although no one has really trashed us in the EPL and there have been a few games we could easily have won. ManC springs to mind home and away.

    So the glass half empty brigade should have a bit more faith we are doing ok. 4 wins and we are safe (should be anyway)

    From what he is saying it sounds like Shola will start, although imo Best would be a better choice.

    Just as a matter of interest has anyone seen Shola in training cos his ability and technique in games always looks bereft to me. Can’t help thinking any other forward would have scored his goals (and more) just by being on the pitch. I Don’t think I’m being to hard or negative either.

  10. Please do not start smitty, he looked terrible against stevanage. Dont think he completed a single pass. Constantly gave the ball away in midfield. Would rather start guthrie there and bring gosling on as a sub if the game is too much for him. God i wish tiote wasnt suspended….hwtl

  11. I know lads, guthrie hasnt looked himself this year but he was joey barton last year. Think injuries have nagged him this season. Apparently he is healthy now and played sublime yesterday. He is an excelent passer and think he would be better as a defensive/holding midfielder then smitty. Ill shoot myself if smitty starts…lol

  12. @andymac, nice sentiments, terrible job on the photoshop (not that i could do any better though)

  13. My Team for Sunday:

    Simpson Saylor Colo Jose

    Routledge Barton Nolan Jonas
    Shola Carroll(Best)

  14. Sgt, was he actually on the pitch, apart from his yellow card I can’t remember him getting a mention.

  15. my team


    simp tayls colo enrique


    barton nolan jonas

    shola carroll (best if out)

  16. Anyone else think Danny Simpson is pants or is it just me? I would play Steven Taylor at right back with Williamson and Colo at centre back. Simpson is dodgy.

  17. Wouldn’t be surprised if Lovenkrands starts with Shola otherwise I reckon Matty’s team is the probable one.

  18. I reckon simpson is getting stronger the more he plays. He seems to learn from his mistakes and was rightly furious at Williamson for the last stevenage goal.
    It’s a shame he has no one to learn from in that position though, we could do with a proper defensive coach like Calderwood for assistant manager.

  19. I actually quite like Simpson to be honest. There is an obvious difference in class compared to Jose but that is the case with most fullbacks when being compared to him! Simpson can put in a decent cross now and again and isn’t terrible at defending. This is his first real run in the PL as well dont forget, give him a year or two (like Jose) and he will become an experienced fullback in my opinion.

  20. I like simps, he is suspect at times with the ball but has great deliveries in the box and links up well with barton going forward. Gets in trouble sometimes coming back on d but he is still young and adjusting to prem league. He will get better but right now he is holding his own at rb….

  21. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need cover for our fullbacks, a winger, and a striker. Understand he can play leftback but he is old and we have jose. The lad would only leave man ure to play every game and with jose thats not gonna happen

  22. I would hate to sign Wes Brown to be honest, he has been at Utd for ages so will be similar to Smith in that he will come with a high wage. He is not the type of “developing” player that we should be looking out for. We have Colo and Saylor who have a combination of international and top flight experience with willo and Kadar waiting in the wings. If we sign another CB it needs to be a young one for the future imo

  23. Don’t forget Shane Ferguson, don’t know if he can play right side but can’t see why not. Didn’t want WB last time it was mooted. Rather see Carr back (joke, almost) he is doing ok at Brum.

  24. Fergy is young grumpy and def dont wanna give him his first prem start against the scum. The game would be way too much for him….

  25. Where does it say Steven Taylor is fit? I want him to be available, prefer him to Williamson, but everything I have read is saying he is out.

  26. As far as I know Wes Brown is a RB/CB. Some comments linking him to Jose’s LB position.

    I agree though, Man Utd has beens aren’t my cup of tea either

  27. Dunno. Ever since the West Brom home game last year I’ve had my doubts about Simpson. He’s good going forward but defensively he over-commits in the middle of the pitch and doesn’t close down in the final third. If an opposition left-winger has any semblance of pace or trickery, he backs off and backs off sometimes as far as his own six-yard box, allowing them all the time in the world to cross, shoot or pick a pass.

  28. Simpson is good enough. Having seen the other options (mainly James Perch) he is the best right back at the club. Some may say Steven Taylor should play there but I would play him at centre back when fit.

  29. Fake Cheik, I agree, but surely Willie Donachie can teach him a thing or 2 about being a full back now he is in the first team setup. I think we will see a big improvement from Simpson as the year goes on. He is a decent lad as well which counts for a lot as far as I am concerned.

  30. Just picking up on this story regarding Steve Bruce playing a song at the end of the games should they win……didn’t he have a cry about us doing it and say we had ‘no class’ ???

    Sounds like he is a big fat muppet looking hypocrite if you ask me…

  31. Aye, wonder what song he has in mind? I’d suggest ‘Pis*ing in the Wind’ by Badly Drawn Boy.

  32. Beatski says:

    “@andymac, nice sentiments, terrible job on the photoshop (not that i could do any better though)”

    Sorry beatski will try harder next time :)

    Tis all I could do in 5 minutes but the original one on shiteseats was even worse !!!

  33. Moreno – Agreed. I don’t doubt the lads desire and he seems a nice guy and what I think are his weaknesses can definitely be worked on. Only problem is his lack of closing down can be fatal at times and needs to be eradicated soon. I hope he can do it because otherwise he looks a decent player (probably the second best crosser in the squad after Barton).

  34. I don’t know if its just me, but do all of our managers seem to big up and focus unfairly on our more distinctly average players? A perfect example being this interview. Yes it will be a boost having Shola back, but I think we would all agree its more of a boost having Enrique, yet you don’t hear Pardew mentioning him. Its similar with smith, Taylor and to an extent Perch – praising him for, in my opinion, very expected if not under par performances. It frustrates me, as I feel when players such as Jonas, Enrique and Coloccini have some very good performances they receive very little praise and recognition.

  35. ”(probably the second best crosser in the squad after Barton).”

    That is an extremely worrying quote !!!

    Guthrie was apparantly meticulous in his set pieces against Hibs, hope he has picked his form up as I have been gutted at his performances this season.

  36. Worrying but true unfortunately.

    I had high hopes for Guthrie this season and I think some people have been too harsh on him. They seem to have forgotten that he was the reason behind our fantastic home form in the second half of last season. I’d like to see him get a chance in the absence of Smith.

  37. I think we saw last season that Guthrie needs a run of games in the middle to be of use. He’s consistently useless out wide, but when he did get his mojo going in the middle he was unspectacular but very effective, with loads of assists.
    Sounds like he did the same last night.
    He has had some stinkers this season, but the ability is still there… somewhere. I’d not be too concerned if he was played in a DM role on Sunday; he can tackle and place good passes, which is what we need rather than a Smith-style banzai loon.

  38. Also, I think Guthrie will be better than the other options at setting up attacks on the break. He can time a pass well, and with Nolan, Routledge, Jonas and Barton to go at he’d set up some good opportunities.
    But there’s no way he or anyone else will be able to break up attacks like Tiote. I suspect our back 4 are in for a rough time whoever comes in for him.

  39. Simpson has stepped up well – he’s never gonna be a Jose but better than Babayaro or Carr, especially on the little money he’s on.

    Colo could replace Tiote as DM if Stayls is back, though Pardew would probably prefer him at the back. Anything but Smith really – hopefully Guthrie to start with Gosling backup

  40. GeordioCubano says:
    January 13, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    “Simpson has stepped up well – he’s never gonna be a Jose”

    They once said that Jose would never be a Jose though, Geordio. ;-)

  41. Geordiecubano,

    Genius! Play Collo DM if Taylor is back. Problem solved end of debate! He is assured in possession and tries to pass it out. That’s a great call in my opinion!

  42. Ok – a question. I know I rise to every bit of shola bait on here, but when I read comments like this is it any surprise!?@!?@£@$?@£

    Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    January 13, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Just as a matter of interest has anyone seen Shola in training cos his ability and technique in games always looks bereft to me. Can’t help thinking any other forward would have scored his goals (and more) just by being on the pitch. I Don’t think I’m being to hard or negative either.

    Shola has 7 goals this season and 4 assists, that’s more than Rooney or Torres- in less starts. The volley against the mackems was hardly a sitter. He came on when all hope seemed lost against wigan when we were 2-0 down – scored, set up the 2nd and got us a point. Scored a cracking 30 yarder against chelsea. That’s not to mention mature performances as a much needed outlet against arsenal, west ham and city away,, when he (should have) been given a stonewall penalty.

    Carroll’s tap in against chelsea? Oh divven’t tell me that was ‘opportunism’. Shola’s are dismissed as being something ‘any striker could score’. People actually bending laws of reason and perception in their attempts to slag him off. It’s depressing.

  43. boater says:
    January 13, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    “Shola’s are dismissed as being something ‘any striker could score’. People actually bending laws of reason and perception in their attempts to slag him off. It’s depressing.”

    I know what you mean, boater. I think some of it at least may be due to his “lazy”, unorthodox “horse falling down the stairs” style, where he seems to make most of his goals seem like a complete accident, even though they aren’t.

    Howay the Fenham Eusebio!

  44. Not to mention his penalty against the mackems. One of the best I’ve seen since Shearer retired. I don’t doubt his ability. I doubt his consistency. I’d still play him though, as him and Carroll are a handful.

  45. Please forget Guthrie he simply isn’t good enough and the same applies to Lovenkrands.
    Guthrie can do nothing but a half turn and pass sideways or back. He cannot even tackle. And Lovenkrands may make intelligent runs but cannot put the ball in the net.
    Five premier league goals in his career.

  46. I don’t think Guthrie is great but he is definitely better than Alan Smith. Lovenkrands provides a decent option because he is quick and makes runs in behind. None of our other strikers are like that.

  47. I will believe Ziani or anyone has signed when it is on the official site. :D I could start a rumour tonight on Twitter and it would be in the Daily Mail tomorrow.

  48. The issue surrounding who plays where would be easily resolved by Pardwho adopting a 3-5-2 (5-3-2) formation for Sunday.

    Makems will probably play 4-4-2 with Bent and Welbeck or Gyan up front. As the last time they played 4-3-3 at home they got stuffed by the Hammers in the Carling Cup and the last time they played 4-5-1 guess what happened :)

    So 4-4-2 against 3-5-2. We play two man for man marking defenders plus a sweeper with two wide defenders/wingbacks.

    The midfield three (with no Tiote :( ) should be more concerned with supplying balls for the front two so you could pick Barton, Nolan and Gosling plus two forwards from three (no Lovenkrands I’m afraid) so Shola, AC or Best (wash my mouth out with soap and water).

    The full/wing backs tuck in and generally defend but take the opportunity to move forward when the opportunity arises. However their key role is to prevent any Makem widemen from using the wings and supplying crosses.

    Starve their midfield and they’re going backwards :)

  49. Are people seriously considering Saylor is better at RB than DS?
    He doesn’t hold his position, wouldn’t bomb up the wing, can he cross?, ball watches & ball follows ’til he’s stood in the goalies way. :)
    The only decent idea would be to put up with him at CB while Colo plays DM, while Tiote’s out.

  50. why not play saylor as striker didnt he play as one when he was in his younger days or have i got my facts wrong :D

  51. Yoy know when I think back he has scored some great goals so perhaps I am being too hard on him, just wish he was a bit better with his control skills then he could be a class act.

    Right now someone tell me why I am wrong about Smith. :)