Can youngster emulate Gazza’s glory?

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Up for the cup?
Up for the cup?
It’s 25 years since Paul Gascoigne led the Newcastle United youth side to cup success over Watford, running out 4-1 winners on the day. The side included the likes of Ian Bogie, Gary Kelly, Brian Tinnion, Kevin Scott, Jeff Wrightson, Paul Stephenson, and Joe Allon, all of whom went on to play for the first team. That success followed almost 25 years on from the only other previous FA Youth Cup win 1962, when we beat Wolves 2-1.

And the current ‘kids of the future’, are on course to carry on the pattern after defeating Crystal Palace 4-1 at St James’ last night. With home advantage for the first time on the competition, the youngsters proved to be the better side on the night and the crucial goals came from Conor Newton, Samuel Adjei, Phil Airey and Sammy Ameobi. At the other end, Jak Alnwick kept his side on course for a two-legged Semi- Final against either Fulham or Aston Villa, with a crucial penalty save.

Newcastle took the lead after 24 minutes and an otherwise even affair, Conor Newton getting the faintest of touches from Samuel Adjei’s free-kick, and only belatedly being accredited with the goal. It was the provider who turned finisher, when Adjei made it 2-0 only three minutes later, picking up a loose ball and lifting a lovely lob over the stranded keeper.

Just before the break, the visitors were back in it, as Goldsmith tucked away a penalty with confidence that belied the nerves he must have felt, having been brilliantly denied by Alnwick from the spot, only moments earlier.

Looking more determined and focused after the break, Newcastle made it 3-1 not long into the second half, when Airey converted a great cross from Dummett. And when James Tavernier set up Sammy Ameobi, to make it 4-2, it was all but over as the hosts began to pass the visitors off the park. Palaces’ second goal was scant consolation for their hard work, when Sekajja lobbed Alniwick to reduce the deficit.

So with a two-legged Semi-Final between them and a Cup Final date, current skipper Jeff Henderson will no doubt be hoping for the chance to become the latest young Magpie to lift a trophy. There are a number of promising youngsters in the side, and we can only hope as many of them break through to the first team, as the Class of ’85 did. There may not be a Gazza amongst them, in terms of abilitly, but if any of them lifts that cup in a black and white shirt, you can bet your life they’ll feel just as good as a young Mr Gascoigne did, all those years ago.

Us – Jak Alnwick, James Tavernier, Paul Dummett, Greg McDermott, Jeff Henderson, Stephen Folan, Sammy Ameobi, Brad Inman, Phil Airey, Conor Newton, Samuel Adjei (Patrick Nzuzi 86).

Subs – Ben Robinson, Aaron Spear, Liam Henderson, Dan Taylor.

Crystal Palace – Charlie Mann, Kieran Kenlock, Matthew Parsons, Alex Wynter, Jerry Nnamani, Jack Holland, Jonathan Williams, Joe Goldsmith (Rhys Williamson Murrell 81), Wilfred Zaha, Ibra Sekajja, Jack Randall (Kyle De Silva 90+1).

Subs – Jake Caprice, Ross Fitzsimmons, Malakai Field.

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33 Responses

  1. It’s great the kids are doing so well and some of the names are becoming familiar (despite never having seen them play). You were there BBM? How promising are they?Adjei, Inman and Tavernier in particular. And another question no one seems capable of answering. Where’s Vuckic? How bad is this injury? Career threatening? Anyone know?

  2. Alright lads, just listening to this Pompey press conference. SSN mentioned that they’ll obviously be docked 9 points for going into Admin, however there’s also a chance of them being docked points at the start of the championship season should they be relegated, lol. I doubt they’re laughing at us anymore!

  3. georgio – As far as I know the Vuckic injury is not career threatening, he has just suffered a set-back.

    A shame really as this could have been the season to give him a chance to break-through.

  4. aye pretty peeved about the whole vuckic thing, despite never having seen the kid play, on word of mouth alone I reckon he’s easily our most exciting youngster. Would love it if he stepped up to fill that creative midfield position we’ve craved since emre left and forced a few seniors out the side!

  5. shame it’ll never happen though eh? Still, if we’ve held on to him in 3 years time I reckon he could be a starter

  6. Thanks Toonsy – by the way where did you hear that? It is a real pity because apart from the obvious talent it seems Hughton was taking him very seriously as a first team option. Whether he’ll get the same chance in the Prem, who knows. Players like him are becoming a real rarity in modern football i.e. there’s no bloody playmakers appearing anywhere anymore. Every team used to have one or two and now I can only think of Modric and Arshavin in the EPL. Maybe Benayoun sometimes. This emphasis on pace, power and athletiscism is ruining what used to be a beautiful game.

  7. Yeah Giorgio, you got that right.
    Seems to be players like Lampert or Gerrard are more in vouge than say a Beardsley or Beneyoun, who in my “very umble” opinion, are/were a pleasure to watch.
    Power and pace over subtlety and skill, ah well, to each his own.

  8. gerogio, I was just talking to someone last night about that. There’s just no room for a gazza, beardsley or frank pingle any more.

  9. It’s feckin ‘Pingel’ ya hoodlum… ;)

    georgio – nah, second-hand news last night but of the three you mentioned, all promising from the little I’ve seen of them in ressies and youth games this season.

  10. bbm – you disguised that well. Here’s me thinking you trawl the country watching every toon game. I once remember daft old Ed describing Inman as our own Kaka! Not bad eyes from San Francisco . . .

  11. georgio – if I had the freedom and money, I’d be there like a shot pal.

    I’ve got six first team games in a row coming up though, so first-hand authentic reports all the way for those.

  12. I’m delighted for the younguns, and I can’t get my head around why more people don’t go to these (usually very open and enjoyable) matches. Go support them! It’s good, cheap footie!

    My only concern about their success is that so many fans just don’t get how big a gulf it is between being a cup-winning teenager and a player capable of delivering a performance against seasoned pros. Even my personal favourite, Kaz, looked like a total sprog against some defences when he was given a chance.

    They’re teenagers. Imagine going up against the likes of Smith, Colo and Williamson at 17. You’d get outsmarted, out-muscled and outplayed until your confidence was shot.

    So can we please avoid shouting at CH to use these guys until they are genuinely good enough? Yes, one of them may be a Rooney and be able to hack it in their teens – but it’s highly unlikely!

  13. Ah . . . freedom and money. Reminds me of Seasick Steve’s title – “I had nothing when I started and i’ve still got most of it left”

  14. bbm – six home games? Rub that in, why don’t you. I’ve done 1 in 2 seasons! Doing ok for home games, though – looks like I’ll make at least 3 this year, maybe more. Not bad for a supporter living 350 miles away.

    Plymouth on Satda 17th April, btw – local lodgings and beer guidance available!

    (No donuts… promise)

  15. Thought Ed. was @ No.Carolina, 3000mi. closer, but still good eyes.
    Yeah Whumpie You got that right, men against boys, believe me there is a big difference and it`s the first thing comes to mind when i here the constant call to play the “Young Guns”
    Yeah if we are three or four up give em an outing, they gotta learn, but no starts please, only under extremus !

  16. I think a slow introduction is the key. Realistically you coeuld give 1 youth player a start and it shouldn’t have much of an effect on the team. Put too many in and you get what happened at Peterborough in the Carling Cup.

    You can always get the DVD form there shop to remind yourselves!

  17. Whumps – nah, every home game but got a few away games coming up. Will definitely bear in mind for Plymouth and QPR.

  18. Roy Cropper says:
    February 26, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    “i’ve lost my link for doocey’s site – can someone remind me what it is ?


    There’s always a link to it in the links section of this site Roy. It’s under “NUFC Links”.

  19. Interestingly, we may be able to get a video stream tomorrow. Just noticed that our match is being broadcast overseas so it looks quite promising.

  20. Toonsy im still here mate ;) I had to pay the car insurance so I have been flat out with work this week.

  21. Nice to know you missed me mate :) .
    BBM or anyone else what do you’s think of young Phil Airey I seem to hear a lot of good stuff about him ?

  22. cornish as follows:

    arsenal – win

    newcastle – win

    wayne bridge to get a card on sunday for a tackle on john terry

    pays a – no need for the lottery if this one cops – 40/1 ish

    – & for less confrontational , that may very well wear tartan undercrackers among us – by taking out the wayne bridge bet – the double still pays for a decent night out @ 5/2

    shop around for the best prices.

  23. Sounds good to me, I might add Burnley to beat Pompey on to that, considering they will probably rest every player worth any money