Hughton defends Kádár’s slow puppy training as defensive hunt gains urgency.

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Kádár: Still developing says Hughton.
Kádár: Still developing says Hughton.
In the wake of the hunt for defensive reinforcements in the January transfer window, Chris Hughton has gave an insight into his policy for gradual development of the squad’s younger players, especially the defenders.

Speaking about 19 year old Hungarian centre / left back, Tamás Kádár, who has started just five matches in all competitions so far this season, Hughton explained:

“He’s young and a player we see as a developing player,”

“It’s a tough league this one and we’re talking about a young player in a position that’s generally what you call a man’s position.

“You see a lot of good, tough centre-halves in this division, and we feel the development we’re giving him is right for him.

“He has ability, there’s no doubt about that. If we felt he was ready and the finished article, he’d have played more games, but we feel our approach is the right one, particularly given the position he plays.”

In Kádár’s fifth start, he faced a fairly hairy situation when seemingly visually impaired referee, James Linington, gave a penalty against him for a fairly innocuous challenge on Baggie hitman, Roman Bednar. It looked for a moment, it looked like he could even be facing a red card, but he was eventually spared with just a yellow.

Meanwhile, after the Matthew Kilgallon overtures, the cheeky James Perch bid, and now the news that the transfer of Portsmouth giant, Mike Williamson, has descended into contractual chaos, Kadar is still the first cab off the rank if either Fabricio Collocini or Steven Taylor come a cropper. With news that Steven Taylor may be out for some time with a knee injury, Kádár could well be looking at the prospect of much more first team action in the near future.

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43 Responses

  1. Come on, lets kick of the day with a bit of positivity for once, I am becoming tired with the constant negativity that surrounds so many of the bloggers on this site.
    Worky, BBM etc keep up the good work as I much prefer this blog to eds.
    Looking forward to the match on Wednesday……..

  2. how the hell are we going to get decent players in to keep us in the prem with a wage cap of 30g plus the 50% tax comes in this year,no decent pro will come and we will go straight back down…the sooner ashley is gone the better this club will be,im all for a wage cap but 30g please.

  3. TGS,

    On a personal level – Never am. On a NUFC level – Call it what you want but I’m just sounding out the warning bell.

    There’s an ice berg ahead mate.

  4. Stuart79 says:
    January 24, 2010 at 10:48 am
    I see you’re still harrasing poor old Ed batty?

    He’ll be having therapy soon..
    <<<< who me never :lol:

  5. Stu,
    You may well be right, I think we look jaded and lack pace and creativity in the midfield.
    It is the managers responsibility to identify this and freshen things up, both Smith and Nolan have been invisible in recent weeks.

  6. and as for a decent midfeilder who can put crosses in we have needed 1 of them since zogs left which most fans on here wanted him too go and were happy with r taylor

  7. The Espresso is reporting on a wage ceiling of £30K imposed by Ashley on new signings and saying that that will really hamper our progress in the summer. I don’t see how – surely the wage cap on new signings only applies if you actually intend to sign somebody?

  8. We’ve needed pace and creativity in the side since August – Why are people only saying it now we’ve won only 1 in 8?

    People say we’ve got a big enough squad, we’ve been lucky with injuries and it’s all bolloxs!

    The squad is thin, our slow players are looking slower, but you cannot blame them as they’ve played nearly every game.

    Alot of teams have over run us in midfield and I think it will get worse the more tired the players are.

  9. As for the wage ceiling,

    Joke! We will be turning over in excess of £100m and having a ceiling of just £30k per week would enable us to attract average PL players.

    We will need good PL players who are established if were to stay up.

    Although lets not run before we can walk – I would like us to get to the promised land first.

  10. Martin Taylor would be a good signing he is a good strong defender and a local lad too , so would have no problems adapting to life in the north east . he has enough expirence at this level to do a job , rather him than williamson but wont come because Ashley wont part with the sort of money it would take to get him .As for vaughan , same again would like him but ashley just aint going to pay the 2.5 m it would take to get him here , if he was going to spend that sort of money then beckford would already be here .

  11. Stu – Im delighted with where we are in the league, but I still don’t think we’ll go up automatically. Call it is pessimism or negativity or whatever!

    I think Newcastle have always had a problem with complacency. We get a chance to go miles clear, and then blow it. The squads gets a day off when most others don’t, and they come back looking worse. I don’t know what it is, but something is niggling me.

    For what its worth, i’ve never said we will go up, just that we are in a good league position.

    Palace will tell all. If we beat them on Wednesday then it may springboard us, if its another draw then i think its play-offs for us at best.

  12. 3 bacon , 2 sausage , 2 fried eggs , beans , mushrooms , tomatoes , 2 slices of bead/butter , a dollop of hp fruity brown & a sreaming pot of rosie lee…

    …..has just disappeared down the hatch – very tasty.

  13. Guys we are not top for nothing , ok we need a bit more creativity in midfield but hughton has so far set out a game plan to accomodate the players he has at his disposal . They have upto now done the job , It does alarm me how WBA did our midfield for pace but them forest and ourselves are imo too good for the rest of this division and if hughton plays Barton in CM when he is fit i think that will give us a quicker more creative midfield i would then maybe drop Nolan . OK he has scored goals but creative he is not and i am sure our strikers would get many more goals with more chances made .

  14. was watching the spurs/leeds game last night & i’m pleased big mike decided against offering the exra £500k that would have secured the services of beckford…..just can’t see that lad ever scoring in the prem – that’s if we get there of course.

    ….thank’s again mike.

  15. Yeah my thoughts exactly,everytime beckford plays against strong opposition he looks way out pf his depth and rarely scores :)

    I think he would have been perfect for us…and well worth a punt for less than 2m,heard he has signed a pre contract with Everton now though….not long to go, the disastrous window most expected looks to have materialised as per usual.

  16. komfort take your point,but at least leeds tryed to play att/football thats twice done it at m.u,i think axel,toonsy,both have points,i think the lads have done well through anger,from last season,not CH,i hate to say that wba,n/f play a lot better football than toon

  17. Just a case of waiting to see what assets Mike can strip over the next 5 days without replacements….can’t see us getting out of this mess ’til we get an owner with some vision and a hint of ambition though.

  18. On a positive? note, Taylors injury should at least ensure Colo stays. That would be the sensible thing for our owner to do!

    See ya Colo :(

  19. £30000a week,max wages if we get back to epl back to cc then i surpose if we get there in first place

  20. £30,000 a week is irrelavant. It’s Ashley’s limit but I doubt he will be here next season.

    If we go up, he’ll sell.

    If we don’t, he’ll cut and run not wanting to shoulder the burden again.

  21. icedog says:
    January 24, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    “£30000a week,max wages if we get back to epl back to cc then i surpose if we get there in first place”

    Icedog, that was just a silly, obviously made up story in the Express. It didn’t mean anything.

  22. hitman says:
    January 24, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    “worky have you proof it was a made up story……”

    Hitman, anyone with with the smallest scintilla of intelligence can tell that it’s utter tripe just by reading it. There is no attempt to substantiate the story at all, it’s just specious drivel.

  23. WORKY;i like the storey ash wanted AS 110%,true tends to come out from anywhere apart from SJP

  24. worky,i think there might be some truth in it like,it fits in well with the rest of what ashley has done at the club,i dont mind a wage cap but 30grand a week is not enough for when were back in the should be but its not..

  25. icedog says:
    January 24, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    “WORKY;i like the storey ash wanted AS 110%,true tends to come out from anywhere apart from SJP”

    Icedog, hitman, “like” is the keyword. You “like” the story because it confirms your prejudices and paints Ashley in a bad light, not because of it’s veracity or otherwise. That’s human psychology, which is a strange and wondrous thing. The media thrive on it. That incorrect story about Ashley and Llambias flying off for a gambling bender in Las Vegas was the same, and also the NUST lie that Ashley was making £7 million a month from the club, and numerous other stories which turned out to be completely untrue.

  26. Vaughn, another stupid rumour, theres no way Moyes will let him go.
    Komfort good luck to your arteries mate, I think they’ll need it.
    And what is the problem with CH there are a ton of youngsters playing in the top two leagues with no problems. I think we could improve our skill level and speed levels by given ours a chance. As I see it we don’t really have much to lose as most of the other promotion chasing teams seem to be better than us in these departments.
    Speaking of youngsters, Cambell is having a good game with Arsenal at the moment, theres nowt wrong with having oldies like him, we may rue the chance of getting Nobby as well

  27. icedog says:
    January 24, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “hitman; i think worky is becoming a ashley convert”

    I just think that honesty and integrity should override hatred, icedog.

  28. please tell me when ashley has been honest,has been proved to be lier,have never HATED anyone in my life,but i do hate the concept of liers

  29. icedog says:
    January 24, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    “please tell me when ashley has been honest,”

    Icedog, that’s a different issue. Even if Ashley were dishonest, which we could, no doubt, debate forever on individual points, it would still be wrong to constantly make up falsehoods about him, as that would make his accusers dishonest, which would be no different.

  30. worky;take your point m8,i will agree to dis agree,but this is what this good blog is about DEBATE,cheers