Joey – It’s official, he’s the player fans love to hate.

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Barton: Public enemy #1?
Barton: Public enemy #1?
Joey Barton, Newcastle United’s very own Enfant Terrible, was today announced to be literally top of the league. How come? you may ask. Isn’t he still injured?

Unfortunately the league in question has nothing to do with recent form, goals scored or assists made. Somewhat predictably it holds no honour either.
talkSPORT magazine decided to ask it’s readers, ‘Who is the player fans most love to hate’. With plenty of other contenders who have experienced the contempt and vitriol of fans up and down the country, talkSPORT readers believe that Merseyside’s finest, our very own scouse firebrand, should romp home the outright winner. Yes, the firey, unpredictable, off his head, midfield maestro; or thuggish, agressive lout; take your pick dependent on how you view him, Joseph Barton has beaten a string of other players to the not so illustrious title.

According to the survey published in today’s talkSPORT Magazine, Barton tops the poll, with Gary Neville second and Blackburn’s El-Hadji Diouf in third spot.

The Players Fans Most Love to Hate in full.

1. Joey Barton

2. Gary Neville

3. El-Hadji Diouf

4. Jen Lehmann

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

6. Ashley Cole

7. Didier Drogba

8. Craig Bellamy

9. Thierry Henry

10. Robbie Savage

11. Lee Bowyer

12. Pascal Chimbonda

So some strong contenders in amongst that bunch, but With controversy following Barton from club to club do you think he deserves to top this league or do you have someone more worthy of consideration? Can this particular leopard ever change his spots or is he on course to play the pantomine villain forever?

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23 Responses

  1. He isn’t playing anymore but Roy Keane should be still topping that list as far as I’m concerned…

  2. i dunno about you but i get quite reviled about the fact that he is in a black and white shirt . There are players who are long dead , milburn , gallacher etc… who wore the shirt with pride and played with honour , all he has done is brought dishonour to our badge !

    I’m sorry lads if anyone thinks different its just the way I feel , Isaw the video of him fighting in Liverpool town centre …He’s a nee gud………………..S…L….A…G !!

  3. I agree with you nzed… he certain is an embarressment to himself and unfortunately everyone and thing he is associated with.. good player but an absolute meat head

  4. And right off beam………

    What’s all the craic about Tiger Woods?   So, he’s played around?  

    So what…… that’s what he’s paid to do innit?

  5. Joey Barton was already  injured when he was back in Liverpool fighting so he was not due to play for the toon.

  6. SpartanChris says:
    December 3, 2009 at 9:13 am
    Joey Barton was already  injured when he was back in Liverpool fighting so he was not due to play for the toon.


    Well that’s ok then. If he’s injured he can go around punching everyone. In fact I’ve got an elderly Granny who could do with being knocked down a peg or two.

  7. Thanks bowburn but conscience says I must cough up – the bit about Tiger was courtesy of a short letter in the Grauniad!

  8. Poor lad!

    It’s such a shame that he’s blessed with such a reputation and all because of a few misunderstings!

  9. No Marlon King. He should have been ‘fighting’ Joey for the top spot with his sexual assault and breaking a woman’s nose. That’s not the only thing on his CV either.

  10. Excellent point, well made worky.
    But it’s not getting the same high profile, saturated, media spread that uncle joey gets.

  11. Sorry about the delay in this reply nzed. I actually lodgged off after my last posting… I live just south of Perth… Take it easy mate….