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Freddy Shepherd
Freddy attempts to make one last trophy signing.
£400,000, that will do nicely for players such as Michael Owen and Mark Viduka, as they walk away from Newcastle after playing little part in helping the club avoid relegation last season, or being available for a fraction of the games for which they could have been eligible. So as we say “adios”, we will all rest easy knowing they have a nice ‘loyalty’ payment due to cushion the blow while they find some other mug to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not their fault that the fat scrap man wanted to shower them with money. In their shoes would you turn down mega wages and very nice ‘loyalty’ payments? Would you not fill your boots if some idiot was waving large wads of used tenners in front of your nose and begging you to take it? So if it’s not their fault who’s is it?

Yes once again the spotlight inevitably turns on the great incompetents who have ‘managed’ our great football club. ‘Managed,’ to make them a laughing stock, and brought them into complete disarray. It seems barely conceivable that no-one appears to have considered the possibility of relegation while awarding mega bucks contracts to players signing for NUFC. This was a team playing in the lower half of the division for the past five years. They were clearly on a one way trajectory and it wasn’t in to Europe. It probably provides an insight into the thinking of the deluded fools who have managed our club. To think that no-one considered putting a clause into players contracts for a salary reduction if we were relegated, or to withdraw loyalty payments in the same situation. With some players due loyalty payments next year their salary will increase even though we’ve lost our top flight status and revenues have plummeted.

So as Mike Ashley walks away from SJP after his brief and costly sojourn into football club ownership having to stump up another £10m for players loyalty payments, and for those people who believe Freddie Shepherd should be given another chance, remember these instances to prove how completely unsuitable these people have been to hold any kind of stewardship of our great club.

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  1. It would be rude not to comment but again it leaves me fairly speechless and not a little irate that this could happen in the circumstances.