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Ashley’s next big headache?

February 23rd, 2010 | 97 Comments |

Should Ashley sack Hughton if he gets Newcastle promoted?
Should Ashley sack Hughton if he gets Newcastle promoted?
I feel somewhat strange writing about this as promotion is by far from a certainty yet, although even the most downbeat fan has to be looking up at the Premier League and thinking a swift return looks more and more likely as the weeks and games pass by.

However, inspired by Simon Bird, let’s discuss what could possibly be one of owner Mike Ashley’s biggest problem should we go up. Do we stick with Hughton or do we change manager again?

Not many Toon fans wouldn’t pat current boss Chris Hughton on the back for the amazing job he has done in taking Newcastle United 5 points clear at the top of The Championship. We can’t deny it, it’s there in print, and despite a certain number of fans fearing the worst before the season kicked off, Hughton has slowly turned it around. We can look at individual games where perhaps things could have been done better tactically, Leicester away is a prime example, but what we do have to admit is that the majority of the time Hughton has hit the nail on the head and got the tactics right and earned the results we needed. (more…)