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Renaming hailed ‘a good thing’ whilst Northern Rock flips the bird at shirts deal

November 12th, 2011 | 61 Comments |

Northern Rock pull out of Toon shirt sponsorship.
To be replaced by Sports Direct?
Newcastle United’s stadium renaming farce has caused quite a stir, although a ‘top marketing consultant’ hails it a success. Meanwhile Northern Rock have pulled out of the shirt sponsorship deal early. Are the two events related?

A marketing gadgie called Jonathon Gabay, who is – according to his website – “trusted by some of the world’s top brands”, has hailed the St James’ Park renaming debacle ‘a good decision’. This might be expected because, according to The Journal, he was ‘unofficially consulted’ about the renaming by the club. Anyway, he said:

It’s a good decision because of what it’s going to do.

I couldn’t say what sort of company will come forward. That’s not for me to say but I think there will be a lot of brands that realise the opportunity.

I already believe sponsors will know what a great place the North East is – the region, the football, the fans – and being associated with that is a fantastic opportunity for brands.

If there were a suitable brand then I couldn’t see how it can be something that the fans wouldn’t like if the money would be put back in the club to help them do even better.

And with that last sentence he perhaps hits the nail on the head with: “if there was a suitable brand”. (more…)

Period of calm broken by a return to Ash-bashing

November 11th, 2011 | 34 Comments |

Ashley's plans to rename St James' Park go down like a lead balloon.
What's in a name?
Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley’s bright idea to change the name of St James’ Park to ‘The Sports Direct Arena’ is still dominating the Toon news.

Just as Ashley was seemingly gaining some ground with fans after a fantastic start to the season on the pitch, it seems he’s now off a lot of peoples’ Christmas Card lists again thanks to his idea to turn St James’ Park into a shrine to Sports Direct.

Ashley’s popularity is a bit like a game of snakes and ladders. We climb a few ladders here and there as things improve a bit, only to land on an enormous snake and go right back to the start.

Various newspapers, pundits, ‘blogs and of course fans have been having their say on the whole name change issue. Even the Council have said they’re not going to recognise the name change as far as they’re concerned. The Council’s statement read:

The name of St James’ Park has been synonymous with Newcastle United football club and the city for over a century.

It is recognised around the world and the decision to change it, without consultation, will upset the overwhelming majority of fans who loyally support the team week in and week out. (more…)