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Newcastle United 5-1 Sunderland – The Final Inquest.

November 1st, 2010 | 52 Comments |

The Boys Are Back In Toon!
The Boys Are Back In Toon!
Apart from having headlines telling you that you had just won the lottery, isn’t a 5-1 drubbing of the unwashed the perfect reading material?

A certain amount of trepidation had begun to creep in on the generally buoyant Geordie spirit after a series of mixed results. At the same time, there was a lot of paper talk that the club had decided that Chris Hughton’s time at the helm was quickly approaching an end. The club promptly went out, decided to be more vocal (about time too), and stated where they stood regarding the situation. With the expectations higher than ever, the need to put more points on the board, and a manager clearly favoured by the board, the excitement surrounding the always enticing ‘Tyne-Wear Derby’ had now reached fever pitch.

In fact, I wonder whether Chris’ contract talks are already fairly advanced and more lucrative than before. For a man apparently working for peanuts, that was a pretty sharp suit he was wearing.

Anyway, the player’s fairly outstanding performances, are summed up below: (more…)