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Newcastle United vs Everton – What the managers are saying…

November 5th, 2011 | 3 Comments |

Moyes and Pardew: Mutual appreciation society.
Moyes and Pardew: Mutual appreciation society.
Welcome to our usual round up of what the managers have been saying in the run up to this afternoon’s home game against Everton.

For a detailed preview of the match with stats, team news, match details, thoughts on the upcoming game etc, please check out our comprehensive match preview. We will also be posting our regular “match banter” thread, where you can make comments, share streams for the game etc while the match is in progress. This should be going up around and hour before the kick off. Also, we shall be posting our usual report of the game some time after along with highlights when they become available.

Getting back to what the managers have been saying though, we start as usual in the black and white corner with Alan Pardew, who had much to say as always. Speaking in a fairly long interview on Talk Sport’s “Matchday Live”, he began by talking about the club’s excellent start to the season, starting on how both the squad and we fans are not getting too “carried away”.

He began: (more…)