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Pardew: Toon’s left-back backup plan will spring into action

August 11th, 2011 | 60 Comments |

Enrique's departure leaves a hole at left-back.
Square pegs...
The most unexpected transfer of pre-season is finally close to conclusion, with Newcastle United’s Jose Enrique getting his wish granted to strut his stuff in the UEFA Champions League next season by joining Liverpool. Wait a second…Are Liverpool competing in Europe next season?

Anyway, Mr Pardew has given a rare interview with the ‘Chronicle’ in regards to Jose’s exit and potential replacement to the left-back position. He rambled:

Jose showed no motivation to sign a new contract and when a player is in the last year of his contract it is a difficult situation when it comes to accepting a fee.

A replacement is ongoing as we speak. We need to put in place our back-up plan now but I think it’s unfair to name names in public.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting our Alan here, but “we need to put in place our back-up plan now” seems pretty obvious. I’d have thought we would already have a back-up plan done and dusted before we had agreed to let Enrique leave. I mean that’s just sensible, but we all know who’s calling the shots don’t we? In fairness, Enrique hasn’t exactly helped matters either by refusing to talk about his future with the board (allegedly).

I suppose our “back-up plan” was Neil Taylor a few months back, but Swansea ousted our attempts to lure him to St James’ Park and he decided to stay on at Swansea. (more…)