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Where will the big tests come this season?

September 22nd, 2011 | 11 Comments |

Who cares what the goblin says?
The goblin is worried
Newcastle United have had what can only be described as a strong start to the season but where will the real tests come and how will we respond to them?

The one good thing about having no expectations is that you can’t be disappointed. But notice I wrote ‘no’ expectations instead of ‘low’ expectations, so that also means you can’t be elated either.

But no expectations is just what I had at the start of the season. I suppose I must concede that even amongst a general lack of expectations I’m pleasantly surprised at our 4th place, but it’s early yet and in terms of a finishing position, anything from 8th to 18th wouldn’t surprise me. 6th or 7th – and likewise 19th or 20th – probably would surprise me a little, but I can’t say I’d be stunned, shocked, awed, gobsmacked or any other converted past participle adjective of a similar nature.

So what do we make of things so far?

Well, personally, I’ll take 4th at any time in the season. I’d prefer it next May but I’ll take it now. I’ll also take the fact that we look like a gritty, determined, hard to beat team, which is handy because it compensates for our lack of polish and poor passing. (more…)