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Independent article accuses Newcastle United’s fans of anti-Semitism towards Mike Ashley

July 21st, 2013 | 77 Comments |

Mike Ashley.
Fans accused of anti-Semitism towards Mike Ashley.
Newcastle United have threatened legal action over a piece by Jim Armitage in the Independent newspaper.

The piece is a sickly hagiography of Mike Ashley entitled “Is Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley the best boss in the world?” In it’s original version, it alleged that Newcastle United fans had abused the club’s owner on the basis of his Jewish background, despite the fact that he isn’t even Jewish..

On the club’s official Twitter page they tweeted:

“The club is aware of the article in today’s Independent and has referred the matter to its lawyers. Thanks to fans who have raised concerns.”

There is also an image of the original tweet below. To get to the meat in the sandwich though, the anti-Semitic parts of Armitage’s piece were rapidly edited out, but it was too late for the Independent and the original part of the piece which made the slur is preserved below.

It read: (more…)

Confessions of a Newcastle United fan (Part one)

February 27th, 2013 | 118 Comments |

Old Newcastle United programmes.
Ahhh the memories…
Going against my parents wishes was nothing strange to me, but the day I am about to describe where I did just that definitely set the course of my life.

I was born in Brunton Park, Wideopen, to Cynthia and Bert, a firm upbringing but nontheless loving. I mostly had a carefree childhood ’til my little brother came along when I was 4 and everything was my fault from then on! Then, for some strange reason, we moved to Jesmond and without realising it, that was the start of love and despair following the glorious Black and Whites.

Perhaps my parents fell on tougher times, I never found out or even asked the question. However we arrived at Clayton Park Square, just behind the Brandling Park. I’d settled into my new school, made some mates, and managed to get to seven years old without too many scrapes. As with most young tear-arses, I was up to all kinds when one Saturday morning, I was playing with all me new mates in the Exhibition Park who were all alot older than me because I was always very tall for my age, when they all decided it was time to “nick into the match”. Whats this aal aboot? I’d never even heard of “the match.” (more…)

Has the St. James’ roar returned to the Toon?

October 17th, 2011 | 24 Comments |

Newcastle United fans: Glory hunters?
Glory hunters?
It’s fair to say that during the last 5 minutes at St James Park yesterday the place was rocking, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I was reminded of times gone by. So the question is this, “Are the Toon faithful passionate, or are we just glory hunters who only really get behind the team when things are going well?”

Over the past few years I’ve been disheartened by the fact the for a team with supposedly some of the best fans in the world, St James Park has been a bit flat, on some occasions you can hear a pin drop, even when we were drawing the game. My theory is that the crowd was so nervous that we would concede we never really got going.

I’ve looked enviously at Stoke (never though I’d say that a few years ago!). Say what you want about them, but you can’t deny that the crowd is the 12th man at the Britannia Stadium. The noise levels are so loud that sometimes I have to turn the TV down to a lower volume. I think that they are one of the main reasons that Stoke have been so successful given their short time in the Premier League. (more…)

Ashley misses out on the best freebie yet!

June 6th, 2010 | 129 Comments |

Ashley needs to communicate more.
Ashley needs to communicate more.
It’s a simple concept really, one that is free to implement, and one that has actually made me agree with something that is written in the Sunday Sun!

It is of course the concept of communication, or the lack of it. First off, from my perspective of writing articles on here, a lack of communication and information is less than helpful over these quiet summer months, but that really isn’t the most important thing.

The most important thing has to be communicating with the fans. We know Ashley is a recluse, or so it has been said, which makes you wonder why he bought the 4th best supported team in England in the the first place, but look past that and you will see that he is also a successful businessman. I know what people will say to that, but the guy started off with nothing and has made over a billion pounds selling sportswear, which is impressive whichever way you look at it. His escapades at St James’ Park though are yet to match up to his success as a sportswear mogul. (more…)

Hughton’s three main priorities: Promotion, promotion and promotion.

November 21st, 2009 | 13 Comments |

Hughton: Promotion first.
Hughton: Promotion first.
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, has been talking about bringing players into the club, either on loan or permanently. His main emphasis seems to be on promotion first, leaving the onerous task of building a squad that is fit for another long spell in the Premiership and beyond until that objective has been achieved. The mangerial maestro said:

“We are a third through the season, so it is difficult to be thinking about the Premier League,”

“I know it will continue to be very tough. Our one objective is to get through this campaign and gain promotion. If we are fortunate enough to get promoted I think there are issues which can be dealt with at that time.”

Of course, the issue of how much control Hughton has on who comes into the club has been something the thorny issue for some fans since Mike Ashley’s statement on having the “final say” (as all owner’s ultimately do anyway). Touching on this, Hughton remarked:

“I have been told it’s for me to identify the players I want. (more…)