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Carver: Having no superstars is one reason for our success

October 7th, 2011 | 36 Comments |

John Carver talks about the attitude of the Newcastle United squad.
Right attitude
Newcastle United Assistant Manager John Carver talks about the squad’s attitude and how it has helped us get off to a good start this season.

Team harmony, attitude and understanding is worth points. I’m not sure how many points it’s worth but sometimes teams that are ‘together’ and have the right attitude can get points against teams that might be ‘better’ on paper.

Attitude was something Chris Hughton was big on when he was Newcastle manager and it seems that Alan Pardew is following suit. Few players have any complaints – or at least none that they voice – and most are enthusiastic about competing for places and have only good things to say about their team-mates and the club in general.

Assistant manager John Carver has been talking about the bonds formed within the squad and says:

It helps that we’re winning, of course it does. When you lose, that is the first time your team spirit is really tested but there is a good atmosphere in the group.(more…)