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Toon target top six!

July 24th, 2010 | 127 Comments |

Chris Hughton - Looking up.
Chris Hughton - Looking up.
Life at Newcastle is ticking along relatively nicely at the moment. There are still times of mild turbulence but certainly nothing compared to what we had to experience this time last year.

Come to think about it, the only real bone of contention this summer is over how much money we will, or won’t, be spending on new players.

New players, we have two of them. One of them, James Perch, would have probably come here anyway, regardless of whether or not we had been promoted, but he other one, Dan Gosling, wouldn’t have, no way. So why did he choose Newcastle then? Especially when you consider there was more than just us interested in the player. We don’t have a Kevin Keegan anymore, someone who can sell the club, the area, to a player and get them to buy into it, or do we? (more…)