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Newcastle need to guard against complacency tonight.

November 10th, 2010 | 49 Comments |

Hughton will need to gets his troops mobilized again.
Hughton will need to gets his troops mobilized again.
Life is good for Newcastle fans right now. Winning our last three games on the bounce has ensured that we have been walking around with a spring in our step.

Newcastle must ensure that we are doing much the same tomorrow!

You see, I’ve been waiting for the inevitable kick in the teeth to come along, but it hasn’t. We won away at West Ham, so I expected us to slip up against Sunderland. We beat Sunderland, convincingly, so I was expecting us to get a hammering at Arsenal. We won that, and, well you get the point.

Newcastle now begin a run of two ‘winnable’ games, starting tonight when Sam Allardyce brings Blackburn to St James’ Park, followed by Fulham coming to town on Saturday, and the first match of those two is ideally placed to give us Newcastle fans a massive kick in the teeth. (more…)

We need to keep our feet on the ground!

September 24th, 2010 | 73 Comments |

Abdoulaye Faye returns to his former club.
Abdoulaye Faye returns to his former club.
This past week has been pretty much fantastic from a footballing perspective.

Two good away wins at Everton and Chelsea have added to what was already a decent start to the season.

Newcastle now have the chance to complete the week (ok eight days, but you get the point) with a 100% win record in what I would say is a very winnable fixture at home to Stoke on Sunday. The problem for me is that the memory of the Blackpool game is lingering in my mind. The only way to get rid of that memory is by going into a winnable home game and actually winning. If we can manage that then it really has been a superb week.

I guess the mantra I am adopting is for us to not get carried away. Stoke present their own challenge but they are one of those clubs in bracket where we should be looking for three points from a home game against them. I mean that with no disrespect of course, I just think that we should be looking to take three points off of any team outside the top four, five or six at St James’ Park. (more…)