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Hughton: Focus was the key to win.

November 8th, 2009 | 14 Comments |

Still 2 points clear
Still 2 points clear
Chris Hughton claims that the team’s focus was the key to Newcastle United’s win over Peterborough yesterday.

Cardiff lost away to derby rivals Swansea and West Brom managed to beat promotion hopefuls Leicester, which means a bit of a gap has opened up between the top 2 and the chasing back.

After the game, Hughton said:

We have got a totally focused group of players who, from minute one, saw an opportunity for us to stay on top of the division, and very much took that opportunity.

We have got used to getting on with the job. There are things we can’t affect, but I am very lucky that I have got a group of players who are focused on one thing, and that’s on staying where we are at the right end of the table with the ultimate aim of getting promotion.

We are focused enough and it certainly hasn’t taken anything away from the victory.” (more…)

Poshovers, too Posh to push? – Newcastle 3 Peterborough 1

November 7th, 2009 | 7 Comments |

One Gutierrez, there's only....
One Gutierrez, there's only....
At one point during this game, I thought my match write-up might be best illustrated by a big daft grinning smiley. Because at one point, that seemed to sum up the sort of mood around the ground today among Newcastle fans despite all of the ill-feeling toward the current incumbent. This also despite the fact that we should really have finished off Peterborough in the first half and that we allowed them a fleeting glimpse of hope in the second when we took our foot off the pedal.

The truth is though, that this was nothing short of a walk in the park, give or take a few nifty saves from Steve Harper. In fact a viewer might have been forgiven for mistaking this as being a football lesson to the minnows by the professionals in the FA Cup First Round today. If you ignored the 40,000 people in the ground, of course……

Perhaps we shouldn’t get too carried away though, because Peterborough are now rock-bottom and should the remainder of the season follow current form, there will be a full division between these two sides come next season. However, let’s focus on the plus points because there were quite a few. (more…)