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Maiga pursuit not dead yet

August 23rd, 2011 | 12 Comments |

Maiga remains a target for Newcastle United.
Still in our sights?
Newcastle United’s pursuit of Mobida Maiga continues despite threats of UEFA involvement and an alleged £10m price tag on the player.

There have been many twists and turns with this Mobida Maiga debacle and there’ll probably be few more before it has finished.

Yesterday it was reported that the striker may have ‘faked’ a knee injury to avoid playing in the next game but Maiga and Kevin Anin – another player seeking an exit (to Arsenal) and who was allegedly ‘injured’ – are both now back with the squad. Sochaux coach Mecha Bazdarevic had this to say:

It happens to be bullshit.

Although whether that’s in relation to the players’ actual injury claims, the press reports about those claims or one of Alan Pardew’s speeches is unclear.

Bazdarevic goes on to tell L’Equipe:

We had a very good exchange. They said they were injured, but are now better and that I could count on them.(more…)