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Does Mike Ashley have cruel intentions?

June 30th, 2011 | 38 Comments |

Brace yourselves
Brace yourselves
Mike Ashley’s ‘5 year plan’ is to create a self sufficient business model, this is the aim for his Newcastle United project. Now, this should be the aim for any business, and especially where football clubs are concerned with the financial rules set to take effect, and the current state of the economic climate. This of course will take time to achieve and will not happen overnight, but will it work at all with Ashley at the helm, and is long term success on the pitch part of his true intentions?

This ‘5 year plan’, which I assume has been extended every year since he took charge after some abject failings (like relegation in 2009), has some positive factors incorporated. I like the idea of young, home grown players running out at St James Park and the focus on youth and development should be welcomed by many of us.

If you refer to Ashley’s statement back in 2008 it declares:

“My investment in the club has extended to time, effort and yet again, money being poured into the Academy. I want Newcastle to be able to create its own legends of the future to rival those of the past. This is a long term plan. A long term plan for the future of the club so that it can flourish”.

I think we all want to see that don’t we?

Ashley has also created an extensive scouting network, spearheaded by Graham Carr and his band of merry men, instructed to scour France and the rest of the continent, in search of diamonds in the rough, unheard of players, those who’s career is in front of them and not behind them. In the same 2008 statement Ashley stated: (more…)