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Money money money.

September 14th, 2010 | 60 Comments |

Ashley - Paid for signings out of his own pocket?
Ashley - Paid for signings out of his own pocket?
Some fans said that last season was the most important for our club in a long long time. Other fans claim that this season is the most important we have had for a long long time.

I sit in the camp of the latter to be honest, although essentially both of those statements are correct.

If we hadn’t have got promoted last season then we wouldn’t have been able to say the second statement, so in that way they are very much linked. The importance of this season can’t be underestimated. Relegation would be dire and would set the club back a few years at least. Players that stayed around to “right the wrongs” of last time would be moved on, either by choice or neccessity, and I believe that it would be much much harder to bounce back should we end up relegated again. (more…)