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The City result and where Newcastle fit into the PL landscape

November 21st, 2011 | 57 Comments |

Demba Ba remains upbeat despite City defeat.
Remains positive after defeat
How do Newcastle United fit into the Premier League landscape? And will the City result affect us?

Saturday’s defeat was disappointing, although hardly surprising. I’d be very surprised if any team takes points off Manchester City at Eastlands this season. The fact that we only let in one goal in open play, looked fairly solid for the first 40 minutes and even managed to breach their defence with a goal of our own are all plus points.

Manchester City look destined to join that ‘elite’ group of teams who will always be there or thereabouts over coming seasons. There’s the big money three of Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea; behind them there’s Liverpool and Tottenham – neither team being short of a penny themselves – and perhaps the more modestly budgeted Arsenal. Based on the past few seasons and the way things look at the moment, I would suggest that those are the teams most likely to occupy the top 6 spots. (more…)