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Newcastle United: Phoenix Rising or Ticking Time Bomb?

September 27th, 2011 | 14 Comments |

Ticking time bomb.
Geordie paranoia? Or is it only a matter of time?
As the feel good factor continues around Tyneside, the question I keep asking myself is “Is this too good to be true?” The Toon has had it’s best start in years, the feel good factor is back, but just how long can this Indian summer last?

I wrote previously about the media’s relationship with the Toon in a previous blog. I get the impression that the eagles are slowly circling the club, awaiting the slightest tit bit in order to commence operation slide down the league.

The lads at work (an endless source of blogging topics, even though they are Leeds / Man U fans) expect that we will slowly start to drift down into a final finish of tenth. However one fella made a valid point; if we can keep our makeshift strike force fit we could really push on to Europe with a couple of lucky results. I personally think this a key point, the fortunes of Best, Ba and HBA will define our season.

It’s very difficult to not get carried away at this point, with Blackburn away in the Carling Cup we have a very real chance of getting to the last eight. The point I’ve been making for years is that NUFC need to slowly stabilise in order to improve, are we finally seeing our patience pay off? I just hope that come January, we don’t decide to sell half the team on after receiving “offers we can’t refuse” on HBA or Besty etc. What we need now is to invest strongly in the team, keep the momentum going but in the same manner that we have been quietly getting on with, ie the right player for a sensible price. (more…)