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Are Newcastle fans now more realistic?

November 6th, 2010 | 65 Comments |

The 12th man?
The 12th man?
It’s an accusation that gets thrown about quite often, usually by the press in fairness.

The concensus of the media seems to be that we are a demanding bunch of fans who have aspirations that have been fuelled by a couple of years of heady heights under Kevin Keegan and a couple more years of heady heights under Sir Bobby Robson, and when they aren’t being matched we, apparently, turn against our own team, manager, etc.

Those nasty nasty Newcastle fans, eh?

But is there an element of truth in those accusations? The latest media frenzy regarding Chris Hughton’s position suggests that there might have been, to me anyway. Most of us are aware that the story started off in the minds of the media, and in particular a certain Anal Oliver, but it did get through to players and, rather ridiculously, some fans aswell. (more…)