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Deep Throat says The Zog is keen on Toon return

June 8th, 2011 | 14 Comments |

N'Zogbia keen to rejoin Newcastle United.
Only left due to Kinnear
A source close to Charles N’Zogbia indicates that the player really wants to return to Newcastle United and only ever left because of Joe Kinnear.

According to The Star, Charles N’Zogbia is most certainly Newcastle-bound, which would seem to suit the voters on this particular blog. As our vote stands as I write this, 80% of readers want The Zog back at the Zoon, although only 33% would pay Wigan’s ‘special’, inflated £12m price for non-Champions League contenders.

The newspaper has sallied forth and hunted down a ‘source close to The Zog’, who had this to say:

Charles never really wanted to leave. It was Kinnear he fell out with, not Newcastle.

He has kept in touch with several of his former team-mates and told them he would love to go back.(more…)