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In memory of Steve the “Bowburn Mag”

December 16th, 2011 | 15 Comments |

Bowburn Mag.
Steve: A very natural writer and a great human being..
It was four days ago when I learned of the tragically premature death of Steve Thompson, aka “Thomma” to his friends, and in the NUFC blogiverse, “Bowburn Mag”.

He was a writer on this site from it’s inception in 2009, writing a total of 234 articles for us in our first year. It is probably thorough his writing, and of course numerous comments on several different blogs and forums that most will know him. As well as being a genuinely nice person, he was also a natural writer who had the capacity to communicate his real humanity in words and genuinely connect with the reader, which is a rare talent. It was this which inspired me to ask him to write some pieces here when the ‘blog was about to start. Even though all I had to go on at the time were his comments on other blogs, his talent still shone through. Being a keen footballer himself, he also had a very good understanding of the game, and with both of these qualities I genuinely felt that he could have been one of the best sports writers around if his life had taken another path. Sadly that life is over now so we will never know, but he still left some great pieces of writing which encapsulated perfectly his passion for football in general, and Newcastle United in particular. (more…)

R.I.P Bowburn Mag

December 12th, 2011 | 38 Comments |

RIP Bowburn Mag
RIP Steve

I was shocked to learn that Steve Thompson, aka Bowburn Mag, has passed away and I’d like to offer condolences on behalf of and myself to his family and friends.

He was a great guy and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter we used to have. He will be missed.

It goes without saying that he was a passionate Toon supporter and he posted 234 articles here back in the early days of the ‘blog. He was an excellent writer, generally making his articles both informative and amusing, and he had a knack for great – and sometimes esoteric – headlines (“Haris, Haris who the Vuckic Haris” is one that springs to mind!).

Unfortunately, I never got to meet Steve properly, although we got to know one another well enough electronically that I feel like I’ve lost a friend.

A post such as this is hardly a worthy tribute but I felt the event should at least be marked in some small way.

R.I.P. Steve.