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Pardew’s double-edged “praise” for Hughton in patronising lecture to fans…

September 23rd, 2012 | 15 Comments |

Alan Pardew and Chris Hughton.
Pardew: Damning Hughton with faint praise?
With today’s game against Norwich City seeing Alan Pardew’s predecessor, Chris Hughton, returning to St James’ Park for the first time since his sacking in December 2010, there has been far more of the usual pre match words from the managers on both sides.

On the Pardew side, amongst other things, he has been anxious to remind we fans that we shouldn’t get too carried away with any kind of appreciation for the man who returned us to the Premiership, not to mention bringing former Tottenham colleague, Graham Carr, to the club as his Chief Scout in the February preceding his sacking.

As with much of what Pardew says, there was a whiff of some kind of underlying agenda in his comments. In some double-edged words of “praise,” he sought to diminish Hughton’s contribution to the club as he not so subtly reminded fans of previous smear stories which circulated about Hughton, saying that much of the credit for leading the club back to the Premiership should actually go to Joey Barton, Alan Smith, Steve Harper and Kevin Nolan as it was they who were really running the first team after Hughton’s appointment. (more…)

Newcastle United 2011 accounts now online (£32.6 million profit after Carroll sale)

March 15th, 2012 | 53 Comments |

Newcastle United crest.
Newcastle United: £32.6 million profit after player trading.
Newcastle United’s annual accounts were finally released to the public today by Companies House.

These, of course, are the accounts which cover last season, our first since being promoted back to the Premiership at the first attempt. As previously announced in a PR statement by the club’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias, operating losses before player trading fell to -£3.9 million, which is significantly down from a loss of £33.5 million for the period which covered our season in the Championship. However, the club’s overall profit after player trading was a mighty £32.6 million. This of course was due largely to one man, not Mike Ashley, or Derek Llambias, but Andy Carroll, whose sale to Liverpool FC brought in a huge £35 million to the club’s coffers. This is up from a loss of -£17.1 million in the previous year. According to the report, this profit “has been transferred to the club’s reserves.”

Newcastle United debt

On the matter of the club’s debts the report and financial statements reports:

“The overall level of net debt (including shareholder support loans and net of cash) has fallen from £150 million to £130.5 million.”

Basically, this figure is a £140 million pound debt to the club’s owner, Mr. M.J.W. Ashley, minus a positive bank cash balance of £9.5 million. This is still significantly higher than it was when Mr. Ashley took over the club in 2007, when it was around £70 million. However, this £70 million figure did not include the mortgage on the ground which had to be paid off, which took the true level of debt to around £124 million. (more…)

Magical Magpie Memories: The 80s Part One (Promotion, Helicopters and Tearful Farewells)

February 10th, 2012 | 8 Comments |

“Going Up” – “Northern Life” special 1984.

30 minute Tyne Tees Television special programme from 1984, where David Burton reviews Newcastle United’s 1983-4 promotion season. Featuring Arthur Cox, Kevin Keegan, and some classic Keegan, Waddle and Beardsley goals from the days when the club had a front three that I’m sure quite a few Toon fans would happily include in their NUFC all time “Dream Team”. One telling point was the commentator looks back at when the club were ninth early in the season and had problems scoring goals, “but the signing of Tyneside born Peter Beardsley changed all that”. It certainly did. As well as being one of the club’s great goalscorers, he was also quite possibly the greatest goalmaker in the club’s history. Despite all the above though, the real star of the show for me is the old St James’ Park scoreboard with those daft little gadgies kicking a football across it.

Warning: As this is the eighties, these videos do feature lots of men running around in VERY tight shorts, and a streaker! (more…)

Barton reveals on “Ayatollah” Ashley, ultimatums, player’s committees, Hughton’s sacking and everything…

November 30th, 2011 | 21 Comments |

Joey Barton: Saying what he saw.
Joey Barton: Saying what he sees.
Well, Joey Barton did promise on Twitter that he would “tell all when the time was right” and he’s finally kept his word.

Speaking in a long audio podcast interview for the Queen’s Park Ranger’s ‘blog “Open All R’s,” he finally lifted the lid on his time at Newcastle United and his strained relationship with the infamous Ashley / Llambias regime. In the interview, he revealed what he felt were the real reasons why he and other senior members of the squad have been forced out St James’ Park, how the club tried to force him to sign a contract on a fifth of his old wage whilst he was in Walton prison, what he feels were the real reasons behind the sacking of Chris Hughton, how despite his profound hatred of Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, he still feels a strong affinity with the club and more…

Some (misquoted) sections of the interview have already appeared in the media and other ‘blogs, so I decided to make a more accurate and extensive transcription of all the sections which related to Newcastle United. I’ve have also included the mp3 podcast of the entire interview at the bottom of the piece.

Responding to a QPR fan’s question on what swung it for him to come to Queen’s Park Rangers, Barton began by outlining the reson’s why he had to leave his former club saying:

“I was obviously deemed by the board at Newcastle “Persona non grata” (Person not welcome). They didn’t want me because I asked questions. (more…)

Life in the Championship vs life in the Premier League.

July 1st, 2010 | 54 Comments |

One of THE memorable scenes from last season.
One of THE memorable scenes from last season.
Earlier on I found my mind wandering, as it often does, but this time the smutty thoughts were firmly on the backburner as I found myself thinking about the fortunes of my team, both past and present.

Newcastle United are back in the big time. But for for me, departing the Championship has left me with a tinge of sadness, and a tinge of fear as I ponder what is to come next season.

This is not a rubbishing of my teams chances in the Premier League next season, in fact I believe we have it in us to stop up without massive investment. Rose-tinted? Perhaps, but it is what I believe we can do in what I believe is a very much over-hyped Premier League. The point that I am trying to look at here is the change in mindset between life in the Championship and life in the Premier League, and which mindset is better from a fans perspective. (more…)