Arsenal 0-1 Newcastle United – The Final Inquest.

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The Bull - A horn in The Gunners side?
The Bull - A horn in The Gunners side?
If anyone had told me we’d be 5th in the table after 11 matches, I’d be lined up beside Toonsy getting my heart checked.

With only Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City above us in the standings, it makes you wonder how things might have turned out had we beaten Stoke and Blackpool.

Oh well, what’s done is done, but a clinical seeing off of Arsenal by the lads definitely has one or two of us constantly ‘deluded’ Geordie fans dreaming again. Rightfully so too, if we can consistently churn out performances like we did on Sunday, and against a top-four team to boot! The player’s superlative displays, are summed up below:

Tim Krul – Man of the match for me. Move over Steve Harper. This lad is absolutely fantastic. That stop from Nasri’s drive was an absolute cracker. And in my opinion, he had Fabregas’ freekick covered as well. Perfect quantities of calm, composure, and reading of the game. Had said a little while back that this lad was already a better shot-stopper and decision maker than Harper. He completely justified my faith in him tonight.

Danny Simpson – Great to see Simpson back at his best. This is the of form he displayed at the start of last season, which is what helped stabilize us at the time. Can see it having a similar effect here too. Found himself in the right place at the right time defensively. Good calm and composed tackling. Far more convincing Premier League material than James Perch. Didn’t put a foot wrong all game except for the one misplaced pass.

Mike Williamson & Fabricio Coloccini – Rock solid performance, if that does their performance justice. Superb once again. The best defensive partnership I’ve seen at the Toon in a really long while. In response to Toonsy’s article last week, there’s no way I see Steven Taylor breaking up this pairing. Would be a colossal managerial blunder. Great show lads.

Jose Enrique –The Bull absolutely lived up to his nick-name tonight. Thoroughly gored Walcott to be honest. Great defensive performance. Decided to fore-go his normal attacking style of play, and that was great decision making by the young lad.

Joey Barton – Even though he had a rather poor half, an assist (albeit a training ground ploy) looks great on the stats. Deservedly so too. Back to the form he has been showing for the most part this season in the second-half. Good game, all in all, but someone needs to give this lad a makeover, sharpish.

Cheick Tiote – Completely bossed the midfield. Marshalled it to perfection. I’m loving watching him play, and quite frankly, can see him being our player of the season. Yet again, he managed to break down play, control calmly and then try to burst forward in search of a counter attack. Uncanny resemblance to Makelele.

Jonas Gutierrez – On a day when it seemed that nothing could possibly have marred a great result, Jonas had an absolute shocker. Am amazed he was kept on for all 90 minutes. The only reason I can think of that would justify his being on would be that Chris Hughton didn’t want to break up a line-up that was doing everything right. Poor passing, headless chicken runs, no end product, and a misplaced pass that could have cost us dearly. Disappointing as he was in a rich vein of form. It’s probably just a one-off, but wouldn’t be surprised if he never loved again. He definitely fell for every single Arsenal player at least once during that game.

Kevin Nolan – In a whole new position, Nolan seemed to thoroughly epitomise the concept of Captain Cool. Controlled the midfield extremely well alongside Tiote, and broke up Arsenal’s play, thus reducing pressure on an already standout defence.

Shola Ameobi – Proved that he can contribute towards making the front line function like a well=oiled machine. Great little knock-downs and nice tight threatening runs at the opposing defense. Was good to see him play with a bit more confidence and swagger.

Andy Carroll – Great work rate from the lad.  Great performance at both leading the line as well as defending. Linked up really well with Ameobi. Good reading of Barton’s long ball in off the freekick. The dawn of a potent new strike partnership perhaps?

On another day, Ranger would probably have gotten one too, but then again, on another day, maybe Toonsy’s prediction would have come true. All I can say is, roll out the next team that’s set their eyes on our scalp. They’re in for a rude awakening.

Howay the lads!

Note from Toonsy – I know this is a bit late, but it’s still only a day and a bit after the match, and I reckon it will be nice to look back on our win against Arsenal. The delay is my fault, not Fernando’s, so I’ll hold my hands up”

And less of the cheek Fernando! ;)

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136 Responses

  1. This came from so its not original thought. However I have to say that IMO Tiote was still MOTM and he’s made all the difference to a newly promoted, yet naive, team making its way in the BPL.

    “Newcastle’s genius came in the way they defended against Arsenal. They were compact – a difficulty in a 4-4-2 – and much was due to Tiote and the less heralded defensive work of Nolan. Tiote helped mark Fabregas while Nolan kept his position to deny any space for Arsenal’s captain. In fact both played as deep defensive midfielders – rarely venturing up the pitch unless to press while the full-backs denied the Gunner’s wide men space behind. Despite this, Arsenal’s best work still came from Fabregas and Wilshere also but not enough that was penetrative. The Gunners failed to get behind Newcastle’s tight defence. They had nine men behind the ball; eight in front of the box and Shola Ameobi dropping deep to make essentially 4-4-1-1 out of possession.

  2. Tiote has been immense for us , telling one of my mates sat night how good he was and too watch him during the game , mate texted me saying how well he played. Big fear is how long can we keep him? Im not suggesting we r selling club or anything like that but he could really develop into world class player

  3. Im not to bothered if they only get 1 point each, keeps them both below us. If we are still Spurs bogey team this season ill be well happy, another 6 points please ‘Arry. :)

  4. 1-1 Draw, no too fussed, but I’m not happy about Gyan’s recent scoring surge. As much as I hate to admit it, three goals in two starts is impressive.

    Ah well, Sunderland can scrape as many draws as they want, but the fact is our one win against Arsenal is worth all three of their hard fought draws with Spurs, Arsenal and United. Long may the form of the last 11 games continue.

  5. Haha like Chris Coopers commentary for the Mackems, ‘It’s a famous draw for 5under1and at White Hart Lane’ we just BEAT the Arsenal at the Emirates. What a clown. ‘I hope we’re still 7th come the end of the season, Milan here we come’. You’ve got no chance mate. :lol:

  6. “Johno Toon says:
    Tiote has been immense for us , telling one of my mates sat night how good he was …………Big fear is how long can we keep him?”

    This boy is entirely suited to NUFC as they’ll both grow together in this league, it’s the ideal partnership.

    Chiek Tiote – Lion King

    not forgetting this little fella

    Jeez just imagine what a freakin team we’ll have when HBA returns from injury :)

    Get well soon HBA

  7. I honestly feel when im watching Tiote that he could be playing for any of the top 4 in this country or even a big team in Milan or Spain and it’s the same feeling when I was watching Benny at Everton. It’s been along time, probably since Keegan, that we’ve had those sorts of players and it’s a feeling of elation but also a worry of can the team grow as a whole in time to keeps them or will they be off to greater things. I honestly think now is the most important decisions Mike Ashley has had to make since he came in terms of giving CH a contract and who he brings in next summer.

  8. I have read a fair few NUFC previews of tomorrows game and I must say I don’t like what I am reading. Too many are writing off Blackburn and dismissing them as cannon fodder. This is the EXACT type of attitude we always display before a double serving of humble pie. I just hope the lads perform at 100% tomorrow. We can’t let BSA spoil our momentum. Considering our record against them and our dodgy home form I will be reasonably happy with a draw.

  9. Tiote was MotM & Jonas was no where near ‘absolute shocker’, soz like.
    The rest i go along with generally. But, really can’t see how you can be arsed to single anyone out for ‘worst player’ after such an excellent team display & away win?
    Each to their own though.

  10. El Toro,
    agree mate.
    It’s that kinda attitude that partly did for arsenal at the weekend too.
    & it would be the absolute epitome of ‘typical Newcastle’ to waste this excellent situation we’ve fought our way into.
    NO EASY GAMES, especially at home so far this season.

  11. Dont no if theres any truth behind it , but word is capello was looking a caroll ( no suprise ) but also danny simpson, just a rumour but i thought i would share :)

  12. If i was capello, i wouldn’t look too long, AC will think he’s staring at him.
    “You lookin’ at me”?

  13. I wouldn’t be suprised if it is true about Simpson, Glen Johnson has been having injury problems and he may just draft in Simpson to further check him out and provide backup. Can’t see Cappello calling Neville up anymore considering his comments about Beckham and picking future players.

    With the England team being so sub-standard these days and Newcastle having a lot of English players and winning 3 in a row it makes sense a few of our lads will make the friendly squad. Again another thing that we haven’t been able to say for a while, is it just me or is this club getting back to where it belongs. :)

  14. I wouldn’t be suprised if it is true about Simpson, since G. Johnson sucks and we’ve got no one else. (yeah he’s good going forward but he cant defend, in reality he’s a decent right winger)

    Also, Blackburn will be a tough battle. Just like Arsenal, they’ve got their own style of playing, and if you let them play it you’ll be lucky to get anything from the match.

  15. @ Andy Mac: You’re lucky that we don’t live in the same country mate. Would have you in for slander & defamation. The entire report was conjured straight out of the cranium that belongs to yours truly. Irrespective of what anyone else may think. Feel free to disagree though… :P

  16. @ CLint: Mate, The purpose of the inquest is to objectively dissect our performance. Quite frankly, I think that when the team plays well, the odd poor player stands out all the more. Like Baldrick fitting in at the Guild Of VilIage Idiots VS Baldrick contrastingly standing at Mensa… :P

  17. Off topic – was just thinking which players will be sold in jan either by choice or because CH believes we no longer need them – anyway here’s my guess

    Ryan Taylor – transfer request
    Alan Smith – if we buy a replacement first then reckon CH will sell
    Lovenkrands – transfer request
    Lua Lua – loan extended

    Maybe Vuckic/Kadar out on short term loan deals they aren’t making the bench and need some competitive games imo

    Can’t see many coming in suppose it depends on how much we can get from player sales but I’d rather see one quality player coming in rather than squad players to warm the bench

  18. Agree about getting some of the younguns out on loans. Otherwise they are not improving by not playing and none of them are prem class yet.
    I’m sure Hoots/Beardsley etc are not stupid, and will have plans for their ongoing development.
    Its difficult this season, as the most important thing is survival in the prem this season, and ongoing stability at the club.

  19. from the article far too harsh on Jonas. Played for the team closing down and helping Jose. His play in the final third suffered because of the lack of people we put in the box. Nolan and Ameobi played a lot deeper in midfield.

    I always thinks the bench reflects how strong a side you have and I cannot understand how Lovenkrands gets ahead of the others. He has played two premier league games and in each he has been the worst player out of the 22 on the field. Vuckic and Xisco before him in my pecking order. Vuckic had a stormer against Arsenal then is binned. Don’t get it

  20. 4411, what about Steven Taylor? Think would should sell him then bring kadar into first team squad, think he’s better anyway.

  21. I think Jonas was playing to a plan, which was awkward for him, but which worked. Tonight he will be different as we will use his unpredictable runs to break down B’burn, and getting free kicks/pens.??? lol

  22. Simpson was my M.O.M on sunday, i thought he shaded Tiote due to the importance of at least two tackles I can remember him making, one in the 6 yard box. Add to that he’s just back from injury, and up a division in class, and he’s still unfazed. Can’t see Hoots replacing him with Perch, or indeed S. Taylor.
    He’s also got something going with JB down the rhs that has totally balanced the whole side, as I’ve mentioned before. We now look potent down both flanks in attack, and solid when not in position.

  23. Something else I noticed on Sunday…whenever one of our attacks breaks down in the final third, watch who is the first person almost every time, who seems to appear out of nowhere to close down the quick early ball. Tiote.

    Once that ball is stopped, he drops back again and lets Nolan or Barton or one of the fwds press the player in possession.
    And that’s on top of all the other stuff…accurate passing and successful tackles. Positionally he’s also awesome.

  24. Have you seen the pen name of one of our bloggers – “the player in front is a Tiote” – GENIUS! Have to agree this player is proving a wonderful acquisition and I believe is the main reason along with Hoots for our success so far. I have to say I am also concerned about tonight. There is, I sense, an expectation which has in the past been dashed so often that I have that sense of foreboding that will not go until the final whistle and Blackburn have been despatched. HWTL!

  25. Aye,
    Jonas was also marked out of the game because arsenal obviously were scared of him.
    & like someone said earlier, there was no one in te box at the crucial point most of the time.
    Also agree with what others have said re: Simpson-england. G johnson is one of the shitest supposed RB’s i’ve had the misfortune to witness, chronic.
    He’s an ambling RMF with a decent shot, when he gets it right. :)

  26. Hopefully tonight it will be uppermost in the players’ mindset that there’s a potential bananaskin with B’burn/FSA. If we acknowledge we have to put a shift in, then we can go from strength to strength tonight and on Saturday…but we all know what can happen if we’re complacent.

  27. Aye ant,
    No complacency tonight.
    hackburn know how to hustle & bustle, & even cheat to win, what out for that little shit paedo-son.

  28. Alreet ant,
    i’m cool mate, how’s it for you bud.
    Some great games recently, hey?
    Particularly loved sunday, beating a proper team at their yard, the week before was a bit easier against a pretendy football team like.

  29. Off Topic…anyone else sick of all the media hype that surrounds players theses days. It’s happening here with Carroll, at Spurs with Bale…( Sky/Keys referring to Spurs at the w/end as Bale and co! )etc…just seems to be getting worse, and more divorced from reality.

    Short term uber-hype. Sensationalism. Sells subscriptions.

  30. Yeah, Clint, last week was sweet, this week even sweeter. Was blown away with the performance against s/land, but this week we showed more tactical nous than we have in the past, and didn’t overstretch.Two o/standing team performances…3 with W/Ham.

    Hopefully steady away tonight…see if we can get the first goal again, so we’re not chasing ’em.

  31. ant,
    totally agree mate, it’s got to the point where i can’t be arsed to watch/listen them, i have to mute any build up to games.
    It’s so subjective & lame.
    The commentary of games winds me up to, & their analysis afterwards.
    Oh! arsenal played shit, not we out played them & made them look shit, at home. For eg.
    Every game we’ve won so far this season, whether it be AV, everton, west ham, arse, 5’1and, chelsea, apparently, the other team didn’t show up & were shit, so we won by default.
    How lucky!

  32. Dunno ’bout the first goal thing so much.
    I was at the wetspam game when we went behind after 10 mins. You could tell immediately that the team got a kick up the arse & wanted it after that.
    Also, it broke the nervous start & made us play better.
    I reckon it’s more about just getting out there & take the game by the throat.
    So either way, we can still do it.

  33. This game could be one of those where getting the first goal could be worse for us.
    That’s the thing that might make us complacently sit back, relax & forget to push on at home.
    Then once the team get into an easy rhythm it’s hard to get out of that if the oppo get one.

  34. Yeah, I noticed that too. In fact, the only big deal they’ve made about us recently was the 4-0 home defeat our ‘reserves’ suffered to Arsenal in the cup…!

    Mostly just lazy journalism and stereotyping…ie, we’re all thick, fat, bare chested in the rain halfwits who think they automatically deserve to win something blah…blah…

    Have also noticed lately a MASSIVE effort in some sections of the media to destabilise us. Seems we’re ok to laugh at when we’re shooting ourselves in the foot every week like two seasons ago. Nudge nudge when we defy all odds/predictions and bounce straight back up…lets all watch the Toon fail again…zero investment…doomed ( see Andy Gray’s columns ).

    Then when we look like a half decent footballing side, get a couple of results, it’s let’s put the Geordie’s back in their boxes…who do they think they are, etc. Suppose it makes it all the sweeter to watch them choke on their predictions, but it does pee you off !

    Soz…rant over.

  35. Aye, Clint, i thought about that Re: 1st goal…it didn’t do us any harm at WHam…but I was also thinking about the two home defeats, where we ended up getting a bit desperate for the equaliser. Contrast the first goal v SLand…they wilted, crowd went mental, and we just went into another gear…

  36. ant totally agree with you @ 51 mate.
    andy gay is…Well i think he & us all know what he is.

    & @ 52,
    i think you’ve hit the nail on the head there.
    It’s all about the crowd at home, we MUST get well behind the lads & suck the ball into the net & make it impossible to lose.

    Howay the home crowd.

  37. And Wolves and former Sunderland manager Mick McCarthy has come out full of praise for both Newcastle and Chris Hughton today:

    “I’ve said here before about when a Wolves beats Manchester City or a Newcastle beats an Arsenal it’s often about how badly the one team have played,”“Well I thought Newcastle were brilliant on Sunday and nothing should be taken away from them.”

    “Andy Carroll and Ameobi were outstanding, with one dropping into midfield when needed, and Joey Barton has been absolute class in the games I’ve seen him.” “Tiote? Man of the match, absolutely ran it for them, he was fabulous.”

    “Nolan as well. They were better than Arsenal.” “Arsenal were beaten by a team who went down there, were well organised and played great. They thoroughly deserved it and it was nothing to do with anyone being out of sorts.”

    “The one thing was that Arsenal had played in the Champions League and it does make a difference. But let’s laud Chris Hughton and pat him on the back because I thought Newcastle were brilliant.” “It was nothing to do with others playing badly or being under-par – Newcastle were fantastic and well done to them.”

    This is from mick mccarthy.
    Ta michael.
    Gotta say, i agree with him, for once.

  38. I reckon we’ll be pushing back up to full houses with the crowd pretty soon, the way we’ve been playing of late. Thing is, you don’t want them on your back…

    I reckon we can get our place as much of a fortress as last season…we showed at home we can play attacking f/ball that will challenge most prem sides v S/land. I think the crowd and occasion got to a lot of their players also, and they froze a bit. Once we scored, they were’nt in it, and the atmosphere was electric.

    We could do that to most sides…obviously it’ll take a fair bit of consistency, and we’ll be below par in some games regardless of the opposition, but my point is that the likes of Spurs, even Chelsea won’t relish the idea of coming up here and facing us in front of these supporters, who now actually have something to shout about. We seem to have acquired a backbone…it showed last season, but wasn’t severely tested…this season, it’s standing up to a lot of testing so far…

    We can sense that Hoots, and the whole squad have something special going on in the team spirit dept…and also that since the beginning of last season, they’re doing it for US and us only. There seems to be a loyalty growing toward this club and it’s fans from it’s own players that used to only be reserved for the lucky few Geordies who have actually pulled on the B’n W stripes.

    That’s why we’ll be full-housing again regularly soon, and they’ll be more vocal than we’ve been used to for many a year. They’ve got something to sing about…even if we never win owt, at least we’re playing, and at the lads are showing bottle and effort…a long way from some of the teams in the past…

  39. Aye,
    i know mate, canny stuff that.
    Met a guy with his own brewery over in Austria a couple of years back.
    Wow! What great bier he made, took us round his place, drinking super fresh, straight outta the massive tanks.
    Great hit, super clean, no hangover, lovely bloke.
    Top fun.

    They do look like long beaked ducks though, at a glance.

  40. ant,
    bang on mate.

    Building a team is so much better than buying one, isn’t it?
    It’s a pleasurable experience.

  41. ref 51 aabove – off topic – does anyone know that big fat gadgie who TV keep showing jumping up and down with his shirt off. FFS!!! – keep it on!! – why to you think the rest of the country think geordies are all fat ugly thick bar stewards?
    i’m just amazed the big cnut can get a shirt to fit -(perhaps he doesnt- i’ve never seen him with one on)

  42. Aye thats one thing ya can say about the Germans/Ausrians they make a canny pint like……top tip,when ya oot with your lass and she thinks the barmaid is flirting with ya, divnt say to ya lass “divnt be daft, she’s way out of my league”…they don’t like it for some reason! :-)

  43. @63 – he was stood about 6 seats along from me on Sunday – had trouble keeping me pre-match pints down like – fcuking lifting!!!

  44. Lol ! Tattyheed @ 63. That’s why ! There’s none that fit…

    Clint @ 52. Aye…and you can’t buy team spirit…plus prima donna ego’s can’t play that way anyway…have you noticed how many players, mostly foreigners, who are caught in close up after say a shot, looking up and watching themselves on the big screen!?? Lol!! Aren’t I excellent…seems that it’s THEM who listen to all the Sky-hype !! W*nkers !

  45. richie,
    bad mistake mate.
    better off just saying: ‘Didn’t even notice pet’ or ‘your much better looking darlin”


    well they can’t do that at SJP, can they?
    Where’s our F*** off big tv’s mikey?
    The lads need to check their hair don’ts.

  46. Clint @ 68. LMFAO !!!

    Aye, just as well we haven’t got one…there’s some serious hair crime going on in our side, like…;0) They could all have Jedward’s for me as long as they upset FSA tonight..

  47. Posted this on the previous thread, but this one appears to be more active, so I’ll try again.

    Taken from
    “The bare facts remain though that Allardyce’s tenure at the Sports Direct Wonderdome or whatever it is called nowadays was too short for him to be truly judged. The notoriously fickle and self important barcodes mob can kick, scream and throw cliches round all they want but his track record at similar sized clubs to Newcastle such as Bolton and Blackburn speaks for itself.”
    It’s quite funny the shite that other fans come out with innit?

  48. Ice…speak then think that’s my motto :-)

    jay jay….the only way I’d have a spare is if wor lass decides not to go but she wouldn’t decide til probably the day before, will let ya kna tho.

  49. Still bricking it about tonight, just hope we’re up for it!

    Early goal, we’ll win 2-0

    No early goal, 0-0

  50. in the 70’s a young gay lusted after by older homosexuals , was called a chicken.
    these young men were taken to places called ranches.
    hence your new name on the blog “TOON CHICKEN RANCH”.

  51. Well, “Trojan”, I wasn’t around much in the 70’s – so I wouldn’t really know.

    You, on the other hand, seem to be quite the expert and, as your name suggests, it can only be a matter of time before you “come out”.

  52. MrT,
    they’re a funny lot down at Ewok park.
    Similar sized clubs-HA!
    Our 50k+ & their 15k+, very similar.


  53. aye its is a bit, tattyheed, int it.

    i’ve already been asked out for a scrap on here once in the last few days.

    sad really. very sad.

  54. tatty,
    just a reference to their daft claim of ‘similar’ sizedness, if that’s a word, & if not it is now.

  55. ice,
    hackburn are gonna have 2/3 players on AC the neet, so plan B or C required, me thinks.

  56. CLINT me thinks your reet,they have some big lads,wouldnt shock me to see red card like,just hope its a b/burn player :)

  57. CLiNT – I think we’re play better when they put 2 or 3 on Carroll cos all it does is rip huge gaping holes in the oppo’s defence for Captain Fantastic to waltz through and score.

    Exhibit A: The dirty mackem match! ;)

  58. lads I posted yesterday but got no response, anyone got any idea of how to get away end tickets for the spurs game? Impossibility? Any help much appreciated

  59. devon,
    depends how much you wanna pay mate.
    They take y’eyes oot at No hart lane or is that white flag lane?

  60. CLint – just taking the pish –

    by the way – i was in Barcelona last week and i went on a guided tour of the Neu Camp. Well it was shit. SJP is much better – made me feel proud like.

  61. Clint Flick, GENIUS quote in that article from Big Sam

    “If only is a big word in football,” said Allardyce

    if only he was still our manager, think where we’d be now!

  62. aye CLint – i loved it when he exploded and he was sitting there covered in puke and shit with bits of his skeleton hanging oot

    they divvent make films like that any more pal

  63. tatty,
    it’s an absolute classic mate.
    Y’right man, they don’t make them like that anymore.

  64. Shearer, speaking about southpaw to the chronicle:

    “It was my England debut against France too. We won 2-0 and I scored along with Gary Lineker in 1992. It would be quite ironic if he was to do the same.”

    Sorry Al, it would be COINCIDENTAL, not ironic. I can only assume he is an Alanis Morrissette fan – he probably is.

    I’m going for an edgy first half the neet, but a 4-1 win in the end: Shola, barton, Carroll, Williamson.

  65. ive just read the first para of this blog – so that accounts for where Toonsy is…. best of luck with that mate. I sincerely hope that theres nee problem. It makes you think of your own mortality when shit like that happens….

  66. tattyheed – aye the Nou Camp tour is a reet rip. What is it, €20 each or something, and its self-guided.

    Nee wonder they can afford to pay the best players in the world.

  67. i was reading one of the mackem boards this morning (work is f…in quiet) – nee word of a lie – it was before their match last neet – some scruffy dimwit predicted that “if we draw tonite and score one more goal than Spurs we’ll go 7th)!!
    what an in-bred nacka :)

  68. Aye,, mebbes 4-1 is a tad daft. It has the feel of the least pressurized game since the start of the season, mebbes because it’s midweek, so it will be interesting to see how the players respond, could go either way – lacklustre a la stoke or playing direct, intense attacking high up the pitch a la Villa/ smbs

    Nae – I’m gonna stick with my daft 4-1.

    HTL!!!!!!!!!!!!! toon, toon.

  69. A man goes into a brothel and says to the madam. “I’m a bit kinky, so how much for total humiliation?”
    £39.99 the madam replies.
    “Bloody hell! what do I get for that?”
    A sunderland shirt.!! lol

  70. AllthewayfromSingapore says:
    November 10, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    “hey guys, how much is a ticket to catch newcastle at sjp?”

    Depends whether you want cheap seats, fancy seats or something inbetween, AllthewayfromSingapore. There’s a link to the NUFC Ticket Office in the Links section on the sidebar of this site.