Time waits for no man but Shearer waits for us?

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Have a little patients
Have a little patients
So, as ever, the situation at St James’ is as clear as the River Tyne. One minute we hear Rob Lee lamenting the missed opportunity as Big Al is apparently certain to walk away in frustration. And already we hear those claims being rubbished on the same day by our favourite fellow ‘the source’.

The source said:

“There is no chance Alan will give up on becoming Newcastle United’s permanent manager. He will not walk away and he continues to wait for news regarding the sale of the club.”

Being brutally honest, it sounds like the wishful thinking of a fan. In fact, it’s not far off from what I’m thinking or at least hoping, despite a previous article in which I implied that Shearer will be reaching the end of this tether. After all, how long can Shearer sit around waiting for a decision one way or another before it gets just a little bit silly? Yes, he’s black and white through and through but that loyalty should not be abused.

The truth is though, in my mind, that he’s got the bug and the temptation is too strong. What else will he do? Punditry on a Saturday evening and golf every other day? A couple of corporate functions and the occasional charity event? If he has to wait a few more weeks or months and is unwilling to do that, how badly could he really want to be here?

No, Big Al is well up for this one and the fact remains, that he is sitting tight and waiting for his moment. His frustrations will be rooted in the fact that his job is going to be made undoubtedly harder because of the protracted nature of this sale. He will have little, if any, opportunities to wheel and deal. He has had minimal input, by all accounts, since the end of the season and therefore not been involved in the preparations for the season. That seems to be the only thing which is clear at the moment because neither of the statements suggests he’s been involved other than being kept abreast of any official progress.

There is the possibility that his frustration will lead to him walking away and turning his back on the chance to lead us from the current mire. But that seems doubtful considering what this job means to him both spiritually and financially but of course that makes the timing and nature of Rob Lee’s words all the more confusing. Who is closer to Big Al than Rob Lee and what motive does he have for coming out with something so potentially volatile? Unless he has been misquoted or the quotes lined up in a provocative way?

Like many former players, Rob fell in love with the club and it’s supporters and will probably now always consider us his club and therefore his comments could be purely sentimental as a fan without any motive whatsoever. Without a named source though, this latter statement from the the unnamed source, could be pure conjecture and therefore Lee’s words could be exactly how Shearer is feeling.

Shearer’s frustrations would be understandable, as we all share them but the irony is that nobody, other than the people making the decision, know whether Shearer will be put in charge. All the pieces fit and he seems like an obvious choice but we have no way of knowing what the current board or future board would decide. So until then he has to wait, along with us, for something to transpire and we can all continue to read and reflect on the same old stories in the press and inane ramblings of blog writers, such as this guilty party, until something actually happens.

But while it’s unconfirmed, people are going to speculate. It’s just a case of what to believe?
Should Big Al continue to wait patiently, then be installed as manager and lead us back into the light then it will add satisfaction to the situation, that he was willing to wait so long to help get us out of the brown stuff. Now if that’s not wishful thinking, I’m not sure what is!

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