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Steven Taylor’s sweet tooth tempted by Toffees?

August 14th, 2009 | 14 Comments |

Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looking forward to a pan of Scouse?
Looks like a flashback to the ’80s as the notion of us being a selling club starts to become reality.This time it looks like Steven Taylor could be out the door. If not, then we face a battle to keep him as Everton are apparently prepared to pay £8m to offer him the chance of Premiership football next season.

Whether you rate him or not, Taylor represents everything that you want from a player other than ablility (obviously). Dedication and loyalty, which are borne out of his roots to the club. His exit at St James’s Park really would herald an era, in which anyone is prepared to love us and leave us for better things.

Perhaps in today’s game it’s asking too much of players to look beyond their own cause and instead put something back into the club. However, if one person symbolises the affinity you can have with supporters then it’s Stevie Taylor, who despite his flaws is always fully commited to the cause and loves the club as much as us because he was and remains a supporter as well as a player. (more…)