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Controversial advertising boards given the go ahead.

September 18th, 2010 | 72 Comments |

The Gallowgate - Soon be sporting three new signs.
The Gallowgate - Soon be sporting three new signs.
There has been a bit of a storm brewing at St James’ Park over the last few weeks, and it is six advertising boards that have been the in the eye of it.

Controversial plans to stick some advertising signs to the side of the St James’ Park were given the go ahead yesterday despite the plans attracting more that 23,700 objections, including objections from as far a field as Malaysia.

But now Newcastle City Council have agreed the planning application submitted bby the club which will see three new signs attached to the Milburn Stand and another three signs attached to St James’ Park on the outside of the Gallowgate End with the long term aim being to increase commercial revenue coming into the club. (more…)