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Last of the summer whine for Toon fans?

September 27th, 2009 | 34 Comments |

Save us from ourselves! That is the plea you hear from various quarters with regard the behaviour of other Newcastle fans in recent months, notably recently, in response to the anti-Ashley jeering which was evident throughout the Ipswich game.

The view taken by some supporters is ‘what will be, will be’ and we should get back to supporting the club. Other sections take it upon themselves to communicate their dislike of the current owner and will do until he’s gone. Personally, I say it’s a free country, but it’s not free to watch the Toon and so there are two good reasons, you should be able to say what you want.

However, even I found it a bit bizarre that we celebrated two of our goals with anti-Ashley jeering. And I guess it would have been nice to have got through a special occasion with Sir Bobby without that issue detracting from it. But it’s done now and we should move on, together. Except we can’t, at least for now but hopefully only until we’re sold and we all try to start getting on again. (more…)

Are Keano’s Tractor Boys wounded animals? Toon v Ipswich match preview.

September 26th, 2009 | 28 Comments |

Keano walks his dog.
Keano walks his dog.
Kick-off Portman Road, Saturday, 5:30PM [live on BBC1].

Firstly of course, Newcastle United’s Championship clash with Ipswich will be another game overshadowed by the memory of the great Sir Bobby Robson, who managed the ‘Tractor Boys’ for some thirteen years, building the Suffolk team patiently and taking them to the heights of both domestic and European competition. Before the game commences, Portman Road’s North stand will be officially renamed the ‘Sir Bobby Robson Stand’. In a further tribute, both teams will play in a special commemorative kit for the occaision. Incidentally, the last time the Magpies faced Ipswich (at SJP in 2002), Sir Bobby was manager and the teams drew, 2-2, with Ipswich taking the early initiative, and Toon equalising twice to grab a point. The word is that Ipwich have sold 25,000 tickets for the occaision, and a 27,000 full house is almost certain as Ipswich fans pay tribute to probably their greatest manager, alongside that other titan of the England dugout, Sir Alf Ramsey.

Unfortunately for Ipswich, they have being having a right old mare of a season so far with Keane. They are currently second bottom of the Championship, with no wins, four draws and four losses. In the ‘vale of tears’ world that being a Magpie is though, this will only make things worse for us if they manage to rise like a wouded animal and pull off a shock victory. (more…)

Sir Bobby Robson – There is a secret to immortality…

September 21st, 2009 | 61 Comments |

Sir Bobby Robson 1933 - 2009.
Sir Bobby Robson 1933 - 2009.
Today we mourn, once more, the passing of greatness from us. We must also make room for some joy amid our sadness. The joy of his achievements, the joy of his words, the joy that we knew him at all. Tears will come, as they did that awful day in July, and their sting will be just as harsh…but smiles will not be far behind them.

If he were to hear the praise and plaudits, that will fill today’s service, doubtless he’d dismiss them humbly, quietly. He considered himself nothing special…just plain Bobby. “Plain”? Not to us, never to us. Not to the people he inspired, not to the people whose lives he changed forever with his honour, dignity and fortitude. While many others would have crumbled, when faced with the mountains he had to climb, Bobby did not. He set about every challenge with an unfussy stoicism that confounded circumstance, and inspired love.

He’s been written into legend now, and that is where he will remain. Not just a legend written in black and white…but one blazed across the football firmament like a glorious comet. He’s everyone’s Sir Bobby, a legends legend. To see him greet the players, at the charity re-enactment of England vs Germany, was to witness a hero battling unbelievable pain to fulfill a promise. The players faces said it all, barely able to contain their love and admiration for this colossal man. (more…)

How fans can honour Sir Bobby.

August 2nd, 2009 | 17 Comments |

Sir Bobby at the Freeman Hospital.
Sir Bobby at the Freeman Hospital.
What has struck me, and I’m sure so many others over the past few days is not just the huge deluge of tributes from professional footballers, managers, big wigs, journalists and commentators, but also the universal response and outpouring of love from fans of all clubs, demonstrating the immense affection and esteem Sir Bobby was held in.

However the stories that have driven home for me what a special man he was have been the tales from Joe Public, people such as the courier who went to deliver a parcel to SBR’s home had the front door opened by the great man himself and was invited in for a coffee and a chat about football that lasted half an hour, the ex security guard from NUFC who standing outside in the pouring rain while the players and Sir Bobby arrived for training found, five minutes later, Sir Bobby outside giving him a brolley to ‘keep you dry son’ while Sir Bobby got soaked himself. The stories are endless but make you feel proud of him and the values he stood for. I feel immensely proud that this great colossus of a man was associated with and shared our love for this club. (more…)

Newcastle United – News Roundup – 01 August 2009.

August 1st, 2009 | 5 Comments |

Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace
The news has of course been dominated by the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson, a man who managed to command universal respect and affection throughout the game and beyond. I will dedicate today’s news roundup to some of the tributes to Sir Bobby.

There’s a nice obituary in The Chronicle. I like Sir Bobby’s quote about Maradona’s goal from the 1986 World Cup: “It wasn’t the hand of God, it was the hand of a rascal.”

The BBC has tributes from many football personalities (and the Prime Minister) but I think Sir Alex Ferguson’s is particularly good:

I was never too big or proud to ask him for advice which he gave freely and unconditionally. And I’m sure I am speaking for a lot of people when I say that.

In my 23 years working in England there is not a person I would put an inch above Bobby Robson. I mourn the passing of a great friend, a wonderful individual, a tremendous football man and somebody with passion and knowledge of the game that was unsurpassed.”

Alan Shearer paid his own tribute:

It’s a very sad day for everyone, especially his family, his close friends and anyone who’s ever worked with him.

Bobby was a people’s man. He could get on with anybody no matter what age they were and that says a lot about the kind of man he was and why he was so highly thought of. (more…)