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No Newcastle game? That’ll be my weekend ruined then!

December 18th, 2010 | 204 Comments |

St Andrews earlier today.
St Andrews earlier today.
Not much to report today. Just the frustrating fact that this miserable December day has hindered football across the country.

Not that I particularly care that the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal are no longer playing their fixtures. The only fixture I really cared about was supposed to be taking place at St Andrews this afternoon.

The fixture looked as if it was going ahead despite the heavy snow fall in Birmingham. However, at around 12.00pm our game was called off along with several other games throughout England and Scotland. Grrrrrrrr! Luckily enough for myself, Toonsy and Jay Jay, we live in The Midlands so we didn’t have any problems transport wise. But I bet a few of you good people made it a fair way down before the game was officially postponed.

Considering it’s quite a trek from the North East to The Midlands the game was given the no-go a little late on perhaps. It wasn’t the state of the pitch that was the concern, but the persisting snow in the area made the game a health and safety issue. I hear that roads near the ground were closed and all sorts. (more…)