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Newcastle to outsmart Spurs for Raul?

November 16th, 2009 | 154 Comments |

You mean you're not THE Raul?
You mean you're not THE Raul?
Yes I know, the headline is as subtle as a brick but it may as well be the Raul, because the latest rumour is that we’re after Espanyol hotshot Raul Tamudo, capped by his country, all-time top goalscorer for his club and generally the sort of fella that a) we’ve been told we’ll not be going after and b) would extremely unlikely to get, if we were.

It might explain things better if I mention that the story comes from the Daily Mail. And to add interest to the speculation, he has been close to ripping up his contract with Espanyol, but has now turned to the board to plead that he be loaned out for the remainder of the season. That being with a view to a permanent move in the summer. Contract issues and a season long loan? Seems like an unnerving combination of the hassles we had with Gutierrez and Gonzalez.

If that wasn’t enough spice, our old foes (by this I mean the baffling ill-feeling that seemed to exist between the two clubs over the last few years), Tottenham Hotspur, are apparently after him as well. The insinuation being though that Redknapp’s desire to sign a centre-forward may be determined by his ability to offload Pavlyuchenko. Apparently Wigan were also after him back in the summer but are no longer thought to be in the reckoning. (more…)